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Chapter 162 October schedule

Looking at the discussions on the Internet, Chen Zijun was a little worried that there would be a guy with an explosive temper grabbing him and hitting him.

Send a blade? It's drizzling.

Zijin Magazine was very angry with Chen Zijun's actions, and...

I don't know which competitor took advantage of this incident, resulting in a large number of malicious comments and black materials entangled in Chen Zijun's body, which is quite vicious.

Many people deliberately spread rumors and abuse, which is a common problem for a popular cartoonist.

Chen Zijun is not worried about this. After a while, when it comes to the content of the next volume, the word-of-mouth will most likely be reversed, but the magazine does not know, and after thinking about it, Chen Zijun feels that he can't do nothing. Software issued a caution to your own readers.

"About this matter is just to pave the way for the following plot, please be patient, thank you."


Some comic friends specially comforted Chen Zijun about this matter, while some colleagues probably had a schadenfreude attitude, but Chen Zijun had an indifferent attitude and was painting as always.


There was news that Chen Zijun had to break away from the life of an otaku.

That is, the animation of "Five Centimeters Per Second" has almost been produced, so Zhang Zihua, the animation supervisor, sincerely invited Chen Zijun, the original author, to watch it.

They were in Hangzhou, and Chen Zijun took care of the matter, bought a plane ticket and rushed over.

This is an internal test screening, and it also allows Chen Zijun, the original author, to see if he is qualified. Although in the eyes of some supervisors, the original author's opinion is dispensable, but Zhang Zihua is obviously not, and he still attaches great importance to it. Chen Zijun just got off the plane. He came.

"Teacher April, Teacher April, here and here." Zhang Zihua shouted while holding a sign.

"Supervisor Zhang Zihua, hello."

"Hey, you don't have to be like this, just call me by my name."

"How is this possible? You are older than me, can I call you Brother Hua?"

"Of course there's no problem." Zhang Zihua glanced at Chen Zijun: "Come on, don't stand here, get in the car and go, now, no smoking."

"No." Chen Zijun waved his hand in rejection, and then followed him into the Jetta.

"Zijun, let me tell you about the arrangement first. It stands to reason that you have come so far to entertain you, but time is tight. Go to the studio first and finish your work. I will entertain you in the evening."

Chen Zijun smiled and said, "It doesn't matter of course."

Originally, Chen Zijun thought that he should be there soon, but the car took nearly half an hour to arrive. Zhang Zihua explained: "The studio is here, the rent is cheap, not as expensive as the city center, it is a branch established by our company. Since it is a branch, it takes up too much cost in the city center.”

Chen Zijun was stunned.

Walking in, some staff members saw Chen Zijun following Zhang Zihua, and they were very puzzled, but when they learned that this was the teacher 'April Breeze', they all had expressions of surprise on their faces. It seemed that Chen Zijun, as a cartoonist, There are also many fans in the animation industry.

"This is the production director, Zhu Junyuan."


The production director, Zhu Junyuan, is a slightly chubby boy in his thirties. He looks kind-hearted and looks naive. He looks very welcome to Chen Zijun's arrival.

"It is our honor to be able to ask the original author to give suggestions to our works. Every work is your child. We will listen to your opinions very carefully."

Whether it's true or false, but if it's a good thing to say, Chen Zijun is naturally very willing to accept it.

Soon, Chen Zijun was led into a 'little dark room', where he was all ready for the screening, which can be said to be a small version of the movie hall.

In addition to Chen Zijun, some producers, designers, and other people with positions also came to appreciate it, and Chen Zijun was arranged by them in the first row.

The movie starts quickly.

There is no opening LOG in front of the general movie, so the screening starts directly. Taking this opportunity, Chen Zijun took a few photos, also to facilitate his own promotion.

Although I don’t know how many times I’ve watched it in my previous life, this is the first time I’ve seen this animation of “5 Centimeters Per Second”. At the beginning of the picture, the style of the painting inherits the beauty of the comics, and every frame is like a wallpaper. enjoy.

Moreover, its exquisiteness far exceeds the previous life.

This is not a problem of Xin Haicheng's technology, but a problem of funding. When Xin Haicheng produced "Second Five" in the previous life, there were only 17 people, and the funds were not much. Such a beautiful animation can be completed with such a small cost and personnel. It's already great.

And Zhang Zihua himself is a well-known and well-known supervisor. The studio also attaches great importance to Chen Zijun's works, and the investment is as high as nearly 60 million. Therefore, Chen Zijun feels a strong atmosphere of the explosion of funds in the picture, not only The picture is exquisite, and the fluency is also top-notch.

Many original paintings.

Even if he knew the plot, Chen Zijun temporarily let himself forget it, devoted himself to the plot, and the rhythm of the storytelling and plot was quite comfortable.

"Five Centimeters Per Second" is not a long animation, even if it is adapted into a movie, UU reading www. uukanshu. com he ended in more than an hour at most.

"Very exciting."

"Even if." Zhang Zihua smiled bitterly: "Actually, the style of painting I wanted to make was not like this, but at that time, teacher, your "Five or Five Centimeters in Seconds" color comic came out, and I hurriedly asked for a design change in the middle of the night. Speaking of which, I There are also many parts that imitate you."

"It's normal for animations to use the original work." Chen Zijun shook his head: "Speaking of which, don't you know that you have plans for this release time?"

"Well, it has been confirmed. We need to refine some audio and video. It will take about a month, and it will be scheduled for October."

"That's not easy to win." Chen Zijun took out his mobile phone and checked it. Among them, there are three big IP theatrical animations scheduled for October, namely "Stardust" and "Broken Dawn", and "Under the Wild". It is a comic adaptation. The original works are all super popular works. The authors are all people at the level of the Four Emperors and Eight Kings.

Among them, "Under the Wild" was produced by Zhang Zihua's animation company.

Zhang Zihua said: "Our studio spent a lot of money to buy the copyright, and the "Under the Wild", which was produced with the funds, also insisted on releasing in October. It seems to be very confident. For this work, I have transferred a large number of people. It will be ready by five.”

"Actually, according to my thoughts, "Second Five" does not want to be arranged in this schedule, but the studio has to do this, and it is obvious that they will be released separately to get the most benefit."

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