Married to a Disabled Man in the 70's

Chapter 62: Last world extra

Su Jiao Jiao lived a life without pain and pain because of the pill-washing pill he earned from previous tasks.

She was very lucky to be able to die old in that time and space, so she had no expectations for being able to live once again. She was already satisfied.

Who knows... at the moment of death, she suddenly opened her eyes, thinking that it was back to the light, the actual eye is a computer screen that is playing a TV series, and people wearing costumes are fighting each other, noisy, noisy, various The interesting barrage drifted past, adding a bit of flavor to the whole plot.

Su Jiao was confused for a while, and looked at the strange room with a hint of familiar room, keyboard, and... code interface that hadn’t been closed at the bottom of the screen. All this was telling her, She... seems to be back?

It's a pity that time has passed so long that she has forgotten how this world looks like and what the date looks like.

What time is it now?

She thought that even if she came back, she should be in the hospital. After all, the field (lu) camp fell and did not know when it appeared in the tiankeng. She must be injured in any way. But what is going on now?

This unsolvable degree is the same as why she was wearing it.

Living in another time and space for nearly fifty years, when Su Jiao died, the age was actually years later than her original time and space.

Suddenly came back, Su Jiao Jiao fainted for a long time, only to recall some content.

This is her lodge.

Her parents were not young. They were senior engineers when they were young. After she could support herself, she retired early. She took a not-for-money fee every month, played around, and stayed away from home all year round.

There is only the elder brother-in-law at home. After all, she and her elder brother are not really a family. There will always be various frictions when they live together. So after the university began to pay for the manuscript, she moved out.

The house was given to her by her parents. The two rooms and one hall are only 90 square meters in area and a small nest.

After graduating, she concentrated on being a housewife at home. Occasionally, she would go out for a long time to find inspiration. It was similar to the life in her last life. The difference was that there was no one around her.

"Song Qinghan..." Su Jiao Jiao murmured and got up suddenly, quickly found a familiar cell phone under the pillow, and at a glance, she was stunned again.

She still remembers the time of crossing, the May Day holiday in 2018...

But now it’s April 30!

Su Jiao's heart sank. Isn't May Day tomorrow?

Is she going out tomorrow?

Suddenly, the brain felt a little pain, and the feeling of rising pain seemed to have something to burst the head.

Su Jiao Jiao frowned, her hands were shaking, and quickly opened the chat software to check all the way, but she found the girl who had called herself to go to (Lu) Camp, but found that their dialog remained on April 28, all the way After reading the chat history for a long time, I recalled a lot of things, only to find that they have not discussed going to the (Lu) camp at this time?

Su Jiao's eyes were black, and his heart was sore and painful, and the blood (color) on his face disappeared.

She was trembling with sweat all over her hand, and insisted on sending a message: [Will we go to the camp on May 1st holiday?] 】

The other party responded in seconds: [Yo, your dead house is finally coming out? 】

Su Jiao Jiao twitched her lips, her smile was ugly, and there seemed to be a problem with the time node she traversed back.

【just go? I'm bored at home. 】

The other party: [I think too, but this May 1 my mother forced me to go back to the blind date, hey, it's miserable, I really envy you * mother's policy for your stocking...]

A lot of nagging, Su Jiaojiao's face (color) is getting whiter, trying to call the matchmaker system, but there is no response.

Suddenly she throbbed, rolled her eyes and fainted.


Su Jiao Jiao woke up again and was rolling on (bed chuang).

The 23-year-old girl, with a slightly tender eyebrow, looks like an 18-year-old young (female nu) with white and tender skin and full collagen.

A pair of slender legs lifted high before the owner opened his eyes, and did a bicycle pedal in the air. The (sleeping Shui) pants he wore were childish sponge babies, cute and lovable.

Suddenly, the legs in the air froze.

(Shen) The master of the body sat up violently, rubbed his hair, and ran to the computer with a broken face. Then he opened a bunch of software that had not been closed and looked at it for a long time. Finally, he cried in mourning: "It’s over, Laozi's full attendance!!!"

"Why did (Shui Shui) pass by yesterday?"

"It's terrible!"

She uncomfortably covered her heart and silently looked at the half-coded interface and the TV series that she didn't know how many episodes she had put on her face.

When I was hungry, Su Jiao rubbed her stomach and always felt that she had forgotten something very important, but at this time there was nothing more important than making up for full attendance.

She decisively took out her mobile phone and ordered take-out. She didn't choose it carefully. She used the previous list and ordered another one. Then she began to review the context, then came up with the outline and thought about the plot.

It's just a surprise: she actually has the help of writing, just like getting through the second leg of Ren Du. Looking at the turning point of this designed outline, she can imagine all kinds of (thorn ci) excitement with a little thought in her mind. Plot.

Su Jiao took a deep breath and began to code.

This move is more obvious.

The text that appears on the screen is also not the same as her previous feelings. The essence is similar, but it is obviously more advanced.

The wording is simple, concise, and just fluent.

Su Jiao Jiao was more and more surprised in his heart, but he didn't listen.

She has a good hand speed, and now her brain speed is up, even faster, but within an hour, a chapter can be done.

Finally check it again, and send it after confirming that there is no problem.

After a while, a lot of reader comments: [Hey, suddenly became better! 】

Su Jiao Jiao: "..."

To be honest, she was a little scared, wouldn’t she be ghosted?

She took out her mobile phone, shook her hand, and cried and called her mother. When the other party connected, she shouted, "Mom, where are you? I'm going to find you... No, or you come back, I'm so scared." !!!!!!"


Song Qinghan thought he would die. He was very happy in this life. (Dead si) death was a long-prepared thing. Regardless of the party involved, his lover, or his son, he could accept it calmly.

He is indeed dead.

He was feeling the moment he was about to die.

But the next second, he woke up in great pain.

Upon opening his eyes, he found himself in the hospital.

A few faces (colors) stood beside him who were concerned about the person watching him. When he saw that he was awake, he was overjoyed: "Frightened me, Qing Han. Don't scare your mother so much in the future. What's so good about drag racing? Yeah?"

Song Qinghan: "..."

He seemed to understand the other person's meaning, but he didn't understand it, but he was very calm, thinking about what was going on in his mind, he wanted to go back to find his wife, would it be impossible to die again?

Song Qinghan stretched his face, without saying a word, silently glanced at his (body shen) body, young and youthful (body shen) body, but looked like he was when he was young, he also adapted to this (body shen) body.

It's really a strange state, is this what the daughter-in-law's novels said before-through?

Seeing that he didn’t speak, the middle-aged woman slowly stopped her lesson, sighed, and turned stern: "Your car has been confiscated by me, and I will also hold my driver’s license. When you leave the hospital, there will be A dedicated driver, honestly, have you heard?"

Still no response, the man next to the middle-aged woman patted her shoulder, comforting: "The child just woke up, let him rest first."

The men in suits behind them were silent.

The middle-aged woman looked at the young man lying on the bed (chuang), the head was still wrapped in gauze, the handsome face was cold and silent, his eyes seemed strange, different from before, but the feeling was still that feeling, holding that After a trace of life and death, her son's sensible hope, she nodded and turned to go out.

Soon the ward was quiet.

Song Qinghan was lying on the bed (chuang), leaning her head to look at the things on the bedside table, thinking in her mind: No fruit knife?

He wanted to kill (sha) again, after all, his daughter-in-law was dead, and it made no sense to live.

[This is your previous life, obsession took you back. 】(Milk Nai) Mengmeng's voice like a five-year-old child suddenly appeared in his mind.

Song Qinghan's eyes froze, and his heartbeat seemed to stop at this instant.

The voice quickly said: [I am the matchmaker system! The host, because he returned to the original world, lost his bond with me. In order not to leave, I (strong qiang) system is bound to you, and came along with your last obsession! 】

Song Qinghan: "..."

He moved his lips, and the matchmaker immediately said: [You can do it in your heart, I can capture it. 】

Song Qinghan said: [Where is Jiao Jiao! 】

Although he and the matchmaker system can't communicate, they have lived together for decades. After knowing it, they didn't worry at all. The calmly death-seeking mentality instantly turned to looking for the embarrassing and indifferent eyes. Light up.

The matchmaker system silently vomits: just know that!

The two of them are very Buddhist in their old age, and they don’t care about everything. The couple are more and more like each other.

[Adult host has returned to the original place. 】

original place?

Song Qinghan remembered the address that Su Jiao Jiao told him firmly, even now he never forgets it, even if the original time and space, there is no such place.

He immediately lifted the quilt and wanted to get up, only to move, he found that his body and limbs, including his head, were all in pain, he had not straightened up, his head was dizzy, and he collapsed weakly and collapsed again. (Bed chuang).

Born to be loveless...

The matchmaker system reminds: [New host, your (body) body damage has reached 40%, you can’t get up for the time being. 】

【Oh. Song Qinghan responded indifferently, thinking about how to contact his wife.

The matchmaker system wants to drop things. It turns out that the host’s husband is even more difficult than the host!

[You can go to the host adult if you are well wounded. 】The matchmaker said that when she saw Song Qinghan’s bland eyes, a flash of joy flashed in her heart, and she quickly said: [But the host has lost her memory, she can’t remember you. If you want her to restore her memory, you must buy Magic pills. 】

Forgot him?

Song Qinghan's pupils shrunk, and he shook his fist nervously, saying: "How much? 】

Matchmaker System: [Obtain the love value of the host adult, you can buy the magical pills when the love value reaches 100%! 】

【it is good. 】

The matchmaker system tempted* to confuse: [You can buy magic spray for extra favorability. The injury of your body can be solved with magic spray. 】

Song Qinghan's eyes narrowed slightly, and an idea appeared.


Su Jiao Jiao feels very wrong recently.

It seems that I forgot something important, but I didn't forget the body.

She always unconsciously wants to call people when she is in trouble, her mouth is open, but the name can't be called out.

She would subconsciously go to the nest when (sleeping Shui) felt like someone was holding her there, and every time she was empty.

When she got up early, she was confused, and subconsciously thought about plucking her mouth to get over, but found that there was no one around.

When she woke up, her goose bumps rose to the ground in an instant.

When her mother came back and looked at her daughter with dark circles, she almost felt so distressed that she was about to cover her mouth and cry: "Ouch, my obedient, how come you are so thin?"

Su Jiao Jiao shook his head: "I haven't caught the manuscript recently (sleeping Shui), Mom, I miss you so much, will we (sleeping Shui) together tonight?"

"Okay." The mother-in-law nodded, looked at her husband who was behind her, and waved her big hand: "Hurry to prepare for cleaning. Are you hungry? Mom just passed by the supermarket and bought you carrots. , Cook hot pot now."

"Good." Su Jiao nodded and followed her mother step by step.

Only by following her mother can she feel comfort.

These days, it's really because (Shui Shui) didn't catch up with the manuscript, but it wasn't anything else, but she was afraid (Shui Shui) couldn't catch it. Just these days, I don't know why it feels so good, so (dry gan) just grab it Time code word.

She originally saved zero manuscripts, and now she has tens of thousands of manuscripts, and she can finish the book with no effort.

Su Jiao Jiao was both happy and scared of this situation, so her appetite also dropped, which made her thin.


The parents of the host family are not fat, the men are tall and thin, they wear glasses, they look like elegant university professors, and the women are also thin, with good looks, exquisitely curled hair, wearing necklaces and emerald bracelets, and wearing clothes All are beautiful faces (colors), the charm is still there.

The father-in-law is speechless, but he has to go to the hall and get the kitchen.

As soon as the mother-in-law confessed, he immediately took the photo, did not let him salute himself, and threw it directly on the sofa, then started cleaning with a broom and rag.

The mother-in-law went to the kitchen with the ingredients.

Su Jiao followed, looked at her to deal with it, and subconsciously helped, only to find that she actually had a strange progress in cooking, for example: watching her mother cook, she would think, this water is put Some are more lost, they should be less, otherwise it will be too waxy.

Of course she didn't dare to speak, just quietly helped.

With her parents present, Su Jiao Jiao is like having a centering bone, she is not afraid, her appetite naturally comes up, after a satisfying meal, the parents go back to the room to rest.

She also went to the room to start coding, and suddenly the news of editing came over: [Dear, some companies said they would make your book into a TV series! 】

Su Jiao Jiao: [! ! ! 】


After a while of excitement, Su Jiao Jiao discussed with the editor for a long time, and finally changed to add the person in charge of the company and directly discussed with the other party.

Because this book has to go through some adaptations in line with the market.

Sujiaojia understands that as long as the book is not adapted, it can be anything.

After she added it, she found out that the other penguin's name was actually: Jiao Jiao?

"What a coincidence?" Su Jiao muttered in a low voice, scratching his head strangely.

The other party passed immediately and sent a message: [Hello, I am your book fan. 】

Su Jiao Jiao blushed, and a little excited back: [Thank you for your like, it is an honor! 】

After talking and feeling (dry gan) Baba, I added an emoticon.

The other party also returned an expression package, and then sent a file.

The document was only a few thousand words, and I finished reading it in a while. Then Su Jiao's expression changed from shyness to excitement, and turned into a smirk.

The document says: [The author has one vote veto, and one vote to adapt direction...]

This right!

It's so big! ! !

Without saying a word, she said a few words in the past: [When will the contract be signed? 】


On the other side, looking at the Su Jiao Jiao who was done in just a few minutes, Song Qinghan complex (sex), with a silent sigh, and a little sorrow.

The daughter-in-law was always so simple, she was about to be fooled, she didn't even know.

However, listening to the rising favorability of the matchmaker system, he was relieved and he got better soon, so he could go to his wife early.

His eyes were slightly curved, and his hands were slowly typing: [Where is your home address? I sent someone to the door to deliver the contract. 】

A minute later, the detailed address was sent, along with her contact information.

His happy reply: [Okay, someone will sign the contract tomorrow...]

After the short chat ended, Song Qing turned off the phone with unexplained meaning. The happy voice of the matchmaker system in his mind seemed to jump in his head: [The host is great, the favorability is increased by forty, you can exchange two magic sprays, it can be cured (Body shen) 20% of his injuries 】

Song Qinghan nodded: [Exchange. 】

As soon as the voice fell, a familiar glass spray bottle appeared in his hand. He had seen this thing more than once, so he used it calmly and sprayed it on his head first. It seemed to be hit here, as well as on his legs. All hurt.

After spraying aside, Song Qinghan felt a lot of awake mind, so he made a call, the contact went to her city and signed a contract.

He has received the memory of the original owner. He is a wealthy second generation. His mother is a big player in the entertainment industry. He has a bunch of subsidiaries, so it is easy to buy an ip to start shooting.

Moreover, the works he selected have also been referenced by the people of the company, and indeed it has the potential to be used as an IP for development. The price given is only the price of the public, and it is not biased.

It was his move that made the mother of the original owner very happy. He came to see him again, and his tone was much softer than last time. He also said that if there is a script that he wants to shoot, he can send it over for reference.

After all, the online novel (group qun is too big, even if there is a special team to screen the works, it is not really able to see it. There are always works that are suitable for adaptation and are missed.

Song Qinghan agreed.

He didn't have many expressions, similar to the situation of the original owner, so the original owner's mother didn't realize that she was more happy to see her son willing to start contacting his company.

The original owner lost his father in his early years, and his mother had other boyfriends. The original owner was very repelled by this in his young age. Coupled with the guidance of the fox friends, he has always used the wrong way to attract the mother's attention.

The relationship between mother and child (Guan Guan) is very stiff, the original owner (sexuality) is arrogant, and he doesn't want to work seriously when he grows up, but likes to drag racing. It will make him feel good.

This time it happened that he was impulsively racing against others, racing in an extremely dangerous area, but the opponent got a black hand. He was in a car accident. Fortunately, there was no harm to innocent people. Only he was injured. It was also because the matchmaker system was exhausted. Energy changed his original state of direct (dead si) death into minor injuries.

Although he can only be paralyzed (bed chuang) now, the actual body damage has not yet reached the point of serious injury-more than 50%.


Su Jiao knows nothing about it and is immersed in the ecstasy of selling copyrights.

She looked down at the watch and recalled the time when she was back in the room to prepare the codeword. No channel was available: "Half an hour, I sold a three million copyright?"

Su Jiao pinched his arm.

Bai Nen* Nen's arm turned red instantly, and pain clearly came.

"It's not a dream!" she said definitively, then got up.

The surprise was too huge, Su Jiao was top-heavy, and the coded thoughts were suddenly gone. After standing up, he rushed directly into the father and mother's room: "Parent! I sell the copyright!"

The girl's voice was sharp, and at this moment she shouted so loudly, and there was a lot of movement.

Suddenly awakened the parents of the Su family who had just fallen into Shui (sleeping Shui), the two shook at the same time, opened their eyes, and the mother shouted with a black face: "Sujiao Jiao!"

The father-in-law quickly appeased her: "It's okay." Then he turned to look at his daughter gently and smiled, "You said what did you sell?"

Su Jiao Jiao sticks his tongue out and his face turns red, explaining: "I sold the copyright of film and television, and people will arrange the novels I wrote into TV dramas! Give me three million dollars!!!"

The mother-in-law reacted and smiled: "Yo, your child is amazing."

Sujiao Jiao laughed.

Father-in-law immediately praised: "Jiao Jiao is really good."

After receiving praise, Su Jiao satisfied her curvy eyes, closed the door again, and went online to show off to her friends.

But before she walked away, the conversation of the parents in the room came out: "You said, Jiao Jiao, this child is 23 years old, I was 23 years old, and I have a boss, and the boss also has a son, how is it? Don’t have any thoughts about making a boyfriend? He's hesitant all day long, just like a child, hasn't grown up, and is not sensible at all."

The father-in-law smiled and said: "Jiao Jiao will still make money. Which child can support himself by going to college?"

"That can't be so shocked, it scares me..."

The mother-in-law grumbled, she didn't hate her daughter, but she was just scared, and she had some thoughts that she hadn't grown up yet.

Su Jiao Jiao twitched her lips, grunted, and returned to her room. She decided not to accompany her (sleep Shui) tonight!

She didn't hear what happened later, and she didn't know that because of this, the mother-in-law decided to let her daughter blind date to try.


The signing of the contract was the contract signed by the person from Guanyu Pictures on the second day to Sujiaojiao personally, and brought a lawyer.

Because it was notified in advance, Su Jiao Jiao also found a lawyer friend of his own, fearing that he would be fooled.

Although Song Qinghan is better, he is not enough, so he can only chat with Su Jiao on the Internet. He is pretending to be his reader. Talked to her.

There is no ambiguity in the language, only the reader's great love of favorite.

Su Jiao did not realize that he was really a man.

After all, she wrote a novel about **** (sexuality). Who knew that a boy could study all these things, especially to discuss the plot and development with her?

Therefore, Su Jiao Jiao did not care so much when speaking, only when he was a good friend.

The contract was signed successfully, and the money went to her pocket.

This made Su Jiao Jiao sigh again, Guan Yu Pictures is really wealthy.

[Ding, Su Jiao Jia increases your favorability to you by 50! Five bottles of magic spray can be purchased. 】The Annunciation of the matchmaker system appeared: [Host, you can go to the host immediately. 】

Song Qinghan smiled slightly and looked at the progress report in his hand. He knew that he would be very happy to play the money decisively. He exited the page and clicked on Su Jiao's dialog box.


When the money came, plus the money saved by Sujiao, she took it directly to buy a second-hand house. The location is also super good, not for living, but for rent.

Being a charter wife is her lifelong dream!

From buying a house to paying a house, Sujiao spent a month.

When she recovered, she still felt like she was dreaming. This dream started from the copyright that day. It was not right. It should have started from the sudden awakening.

But soon, the mother of the mother ruthlessly broke her dream.

"Sujiao Jiao, tomorrow must be blind date!" Su Mu ruthlessly rejected her coquettish, and made an ultimatum.

Su Jiao was crying with a sad face, holding the real estate certificate in his hand: "Mom, do you think I have money and have a room, (gan) I still have a blind date? I can live well without marrying, when I am the right age , Isn’t it good to adopt a child? Anyway, you don’t want to help me with my children..."

The mother-in-law shook her head: "You are not suitable for a lifetime."

As a mother, she sees more clearly. Her daughter is spoiled, her body is indifferent, the grain is not divided, and she is a dead man who can stay up to three months.

Really want to live alone, maybe no one knows what happened to her one day.

"This is my friend's nephew. He is in Modu. He is a rich second generation. My mother is still a big boss. It is said that she watched a lot of TVs. She didn't write the script? Can you write the script directly in the future? It’s so good to sell it to my family..." The mother-in-law calculated for her.

Su Jiao Jia was wronged all the way. She didn't want to get married or blind date. She always felt... If she really got married, she would regret it. She seemed to be waiting for someone.

Seeing that the mother-in-law could not be convinced, (gan) said simply, "You cannot change what has been decided."

Su Jiao Jiao: "..."


Early next morning.

Su Jiao was caught by her mother and dressed up.

She wanted to dress a little simpler, and the mother-in-law would match her clothes directly. She wanted to make up, and the mother-in-law would get started directly. Finally, the old mother-in-law chose to compromise.

Anyway... Success or failure is not the decision of the other person alone!

Su Jiao followed her mother and took a taxi to the place they had agreed upon—a retro tea house.

"Mom, are you sure that the people you know didn't give the wrong address?" Su Jiao Jiao looked up, looking at the (plug cha) head in the high-end atmosphere in front of her, a little empty.

Is it really a big boss?

Looking at the people who came out of the teahouse, all of them were in suits and leather, or wearing gold and silver, the taste of money!

The mother-in-law calmly said: "Nonsense, not in such a place, how can you show the identity of others?"

Su Jiao Jiao pouted.

The two went in, and the pretty waitress in a costume was soft and asked softly, "Do you have an appointment?"

Mother-in-law: "Yes, Miss Zhou."

"Okay, please come here." The waiter nodded clearly and led them over.

Sujiaojia looked around with her eyes unconsciously. To be honest, she didn't feel that she was matched with people who often came and went in such places.

Pushing open the door of the original (color) wooden house, the eyes are a beautiful ancient screen. Bypassing the screen, you see a man and a woman sitting over there.

The woman is about the same age as her mother and the style is similar, but she is fat, with a good face and a smile.


At the age of about twenty-six or sixty years old, he looks like a head, at first glance, it is a bit fierce. Upon closer inspection, the other party is indeed white and beautiful. With the movement of getting up, the suit that just fits is a little tight. Body.

"Auntie, hello." The young man smiled slightly, with a polite and natural attitude.

The sound is deep and magnetic (sexual), very good~

Su Jiao: "..." lying trough! !

Heart it started to be disobedient!

Su Jiao Jiao lip smiled, his face (color) did not change, nodded cleverly and shouted the middle-aged woman aunt, then Yu Guang glanced at the young man who opened the chair without trace.

She had to withdraw that sentence.

She feels that she matches well with this handsome guy!

This young man seemed to be very interesting to her too. After sitting down, he asked: "Do you like black tea or green tea?"

Su Jiao Jiao is not interested in tea, so calmly said: "Anything, no choice."

The young man nodded and said, "I like the green tea here, and I will order one for you? They will also make some snacks here, and there are also matcha-flavored snacks that the young girls love."

Su Jiao Jia thought he was a little weird, as if he was not a young man, but he was in line with her aesthetic. Before he hit the thunder, everything was easy to say. Su Jia Jiao smiled and nodded: "Yes."

The young man turned to his mother-in-law: "Auntie, what do you like?"

As a person coming over, the mother-in-law and Aunt Zhou have been looking at the two of them, and naturally found that the two of them looked at each other's eyes. They were originally laughing, and suddenly they were cue. By the way, I have always said that I want to buy a pair of sandals. My shoes are prone to blistering after walking for a long time. A Zhou, are you going with me?"

"Okay, I just want to buy something." Aunt Zhou also nodded and said to the two children: "You play first, Qing Han, you can take the girl to watch the movie or something. I heard that I recently got a relaxing comedy, which is particularly beautiful. , Good reputation."

With that said, she was a little uneasy. Her nephew has always been a reckless (sexual) child, treating women even colder than men, never seeing him have any good face (color), if not this time Indeed, she was embarrassed to introduce her old friend's daughter.

In her heart, the old friend’s daughter is really good, and the family background is not expensive, but it is appropriate. The parents’ reason is better than anything. Coupled with the child’s cleverness, I heard that he has never made friends. Such a child is definitely a good child. Too.

Song Qinghan nodded obediently: "Got it, aunt, aunt, go slowly."

The two got up and sent them.

Aunt Zhou was afraid that these two children were unnatural, so she went out with him, and immediately left with her mother-in-law, and went outside, and then whispered, "My family must be in love with your girl, this is better, we Became relatives."

The mother-in-law also smiled and said, "I looked at my girl and was quite satisfied."

In the private room, Song Qinghan stretched his face and chatted with her properly. The two ate snacks, drank tea, and chatted for a while. After understanding each other, Song Qinghan said, "Let's add a friend?"

"Okay." Su Jiao Jiao nodded with a smile, took out his phone and turned it on.

But see the other party open the penguin?

She is a little strange, most people use it more now, but she is a penguin user herself, because her house lady, she likes two yuan, more friends on penguins, but rarely open, unless it is to be three yuan Connection.

Song Qinghan noticed her gaze and smiled: "I am used to using penguins."

Su Jiao Jiao blinked: "Well, by coincidence, I am used to it."

She broke the number.

After a few seconds, Song Qinghan said eccentrically: "I sent you a message."

Su Jiao looked down at the phone suspiciously, but saw that the person in charge of Guanyu Pictures previously contacted sent her a message: [Hello? 】

Su Jiao Jiao: "...It's really a coincidence."

But one thing I think is that his family is said to have started a company, or a company in the entertainment industry.

Song Qinghan (gougou) lips, unexpectedly said: "I didn't expect that we still have this fate, I like your novel very much."

"...Thank you." Su Jiao nodded.

Song Qinghan waited for the love value to rise.

Who would have heard the sound of the matchmaker system alarm in my mind: [Warning Warning! The host feels that the secret has been exposed (exposed) and is embarrassed. Now the favorability is reduced, and the love value is...40

Song Qinghan: "...!!!"

Just now the initial favorability has been 65, how did it become 40?


He grinned hard, trying to save: "I bought a movie ticket, shall we go to the movies?"

Su Jiao hesitated for a moment, she felt a little embarrassed, the feeling of the merger of the second and third yuan, but this was not happy for her, and some did not want to stay any longer.

She was about to object, but the young man on the opposite side looked at her straightly (gougou), somehow with a pitiful meaning in her eyes, she felt soft and subconscious by these eyes nod.

Song Qinghan immediately smiled: "Then go?"

Su Jiao stood up.


After watching a light comedy movie, both of them had a happy smile on the corners of their mouths, and they followed the flow of people together.

The movie eased the embarrassment between the two, Su Jiaojiao calmed down, but still intends to leave first.

Just before she said it, she saw the person next to her handing over her mobile phone and said, "This is the restaurant I have ordered. It is on the fifth floor. It has a good reputation. I have made a reservation in advance."

Su Jiao looked at the drooling pictures taken on the phone of volcano ribs, Mao Xuewang, roast duck and other foods. When he was ready, he swallowed silently. He accidentally glanced at the other party, which was simply pinched on her lifeline (hook gou) Move her forward!

The other person looked at her with clear eyes and blinked, as if in doubt, and said with a smile: "How?"

Su Jiao nodded: "... then go eat."

For a dinner, I don’t know if it’s tempting to be a male (color). Anyway, Sujiao feels that the food here tastes very good. I unknowingly eat a lot, and finally eaten it, and completely eliminated the last embarrassment and unnaturalness in my heart. Song Qinghan was considerate and supported her. After inquiring, she took her for a walk in the square and bought her a beautiful windmill for her to hold.

Matchmaker system: [ding, love value increases by 5 points, total love value is 75! Come on host! 】

Song Qinghan breathed a sigh of relief. Except for the first expected error, the others are currently progressing smoothly.

He and Su Jiao had no secrets before (Huaihuai)'s pregnancy. The husband and wife were frank. Later, when she wrote a book, even if she later wrote online literature and wrote online novels, she never concealed him. This made Song Qinghan here. On the one hand, the judgment is wrong, the rest is the same as before.

Greedy and easy to hesitate.

As long as the situation is strong, take her away, she can follow him.

And although she lost her memory, her previous favorability was not deceptive, so

After a date, Su Jiao Jiao was really satisfied with him. From the first impression of high affection to getting along later, apart from some uncomfortable integration of the two identities, others are very good.

Even to say marriage, Su Jiao Jiao thinks she does not exclude.

Song Qinghan sent her home to say goodbye, but before the farewell, the two also agreed on the time and place of the next date.


Pushing the door open, Su Jiao Jiao entered the house and immediately received the sight of the parents' gossip: "How is it? Feeling good?"

Su Jiao Jiao smiled, a little shy, but nodded generously: "Well! Very good."

The mother-in-law smiled triumphantly: "I will tell you, can my friend introduce me to the poor?"

Father-in-law immediately flattered: "Yes, or you are awesome, who do you see, how many people have been introduced to her maiden, did you succeed?"

The mother-in-law became more and more erratic: "Hey, I still have some outstanding stocks in my hand, or should I introduce those children? In case it is done, this is all merit."

"Yes." The father-in-law nodded quickly.

Mother-in-law: "Then I will call them and say something."

The forgotten Su Jiao Jiao: "..."

Suddenly I thought about the person who had just separated.

Thinking about it, the phone vibrated a bit, and when she looked down, she saw the person she wanted to send a message: [Look, someone just fired fireworks. 】

The picture is a picture, a picture of fireworks exploding in the air, I don't know where it is, this city has long banned smoking.

Su Jiao went to the balcony curiously and looked out.

But when I saw that it was quiet outside, someone suddenly called her down, "Here!"

Su Jiao Jiao bowed his head, and saw that the person who had just stood was lowered, his arms crossed with a suit, a white (color) shirt, and his slender legs stood overlapping, leaning against the tree (gangan) and smiling at her Beckoning, she could see clearly under the bright street light.

Suddenly a burst of sweetness came from her heart, and she waved at him and shouted, "Why don't you go back?"

"Let's go." Song Qinghan smiled and looked up at her again before turning to leave.

It's been a long time since I saw my wife-in-law...

He left reluctantly, although Su Jiao Jiao felt a bit exaggerated, but it was very useful, and the corners of his mouth were almost gouging to the corners of his eyes.

As Song Qinghan walked, he heard the sound of the matchmaker system in his mind constantly ringing: [Increase in love value by 10...]

[Love value increased by 5...]

[Love value increased by 5...]

[Total love value 95! Ask the host to make persistent efforts and it will succeed soon! 】

Song Qinghan was a little surprised. It seems that the past experience, even if there is no memory, but the remaining feelings are still strong enough. Thinking of this, his reluctance is much lighter. They are destined to love each other, don’t worry.

Su Jiao Jiao was also strange, but the moment she looked down at him, she was indeed very happy. She wished to run down and throw him in his arms.

At that moment, Su Jiao Jiao felt that he was the person he had been waiting for!

For a while, she always felt that there should be someone around her.

A few hours of shopping all the way today was the only time when I didn't feel that way, and at this time, there was indeed someone around her.

Very suitable, no trace of disharmony.

Realizing this, Su Jiao Jiao sent Song Qinghan to leave, just as if he had made a decision in his heart, and turned around with a stretched face.

Upon turning around, the two middle-aged people who watched the movie immediately fluttered their eyes and said with a smile: "Yo, this TV is so funny!"

Su Jiao rolled his eyes, quickly walked in front of the two, and reached out: "Mom, give me the account!"

Host parents: "What?"

Father-in-law: "Did I hear it?"

Mother-in-law: "...I think too."

Su Jiao's serious face suddenly smiled, but still said: "Mom, the account is for me, I want to marry him!"

Host parents: "..."


Song Qinghan, who was just getting in the car, was about to start the car, and suddenly he heard the roar of the heartbreaker in the matchmaker system: [Increase love value by 5! The total love value is 100! ! ! 】

Song Qinghan immediately came out of the car, his face stretched out and suppressed the excitement in his heart, saying, "Exchange!"

A few minutes later, Su Jiao, who just got her household registration book with her parents, heard the doorbell, she opened the door in doubt, and she saw sweaty Song Qinghan standing outside, the elevator did not open, he supported the wall, It's like climbing the stairs from the first floor.

The two met, and Su Jiao was ashamed: "How do you... Um..."

Something was thrown into her mouth, the entrance melted, and she had no time to respond.

Song Qinghan smiled and swiftly stepped forward to hug the person and whispered slightly: "Jiao Jiao, thank you for loving me so much!"

The memory swelled in my mind, Su Jiao was dizzy. After listening to this, he still instinctively kept up with the sentence: "Thank you for finding me..."

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