Martial Inverse

v3 Chapter 986 Suppress the gold

"Is it so anxious to die?"

Jin Guang's figure laughed loudly, and his figure rose into the sky. Behind him, a pair of unusually large golden wings suddenly appeared. It looked like a god.

"Master Jinxun, let these indigenous people know what is the strong!"

As this figure burst, a loud noise suddenly broke out among the monsters outside the region. Obviously, this golden figure had a strong reputation in their hearts.

"Dare ants who are not even gods, dare to pretend to be in front of this seat?"

Jin Xeng sipped coldly, his wingspan moved, and in the next moment, he appeared directly in front of Prometheus. With a palm of his hand, the power of Xuan'ao's laws surged, and a golden horse screamed out, making the surrounding space all There have been dramatic fluctuations.

Feeling that terrible sense of danger, Prometheus' cold face was cold. She knew that there should be a gap between her and Jin Xuan, but she did not expect the latter to be so powerful.

Prometheus only had time to mobilize all his strength, condensing his defenses, and protecting his arms in front of him.


With a loud noise, under the shocked eyes of many Dragon Soul Alliance strongmen, with just one blow, Prometheus was blown out!


Seeing this scene, Rao Shi Yuanshi Tianzun couldn't help shrinking his eyes, this guy named Jin Xuan, really should not be underestimated!

"Huh, it's not dead yet?"

However, Jin Xun seemed a little dissatisfied with this. He frowned, his figure turned into a golden beam, and he flew away at the speed of Prometheus flying backwards.

"Dirty beast!"

Yuanshi Tianzun shouted, Immortal Fa surging and wanted to support.

"Old man, did you forget our black and white tiger?"

However, just as Yuanshi Tianzun wanted to rescue Prometheus, there was a cold voice in the black tiger's mouth. The next moment, the black and white tigers stopped directly in front of him, making the former unable to pull away.


Seeing this scene, all the strong players of the Shura **** clan all shot up. Qin Huang also snorted with a sneer, slashing at Jinxun with a sword.


However, in the face of the blockade of many strong men, Jin Xun just screamed, and the strong men of the Shura Protoss were swept out by the terrible sound, and Qin Huang's sword gas was shocked before he approached. Light dust.

Prometheus had a pretty face and cold energy, and the energy in her body was surging like a tide. Obviously, she was already planning to desperately.

Seeing his actions like this, Jin Xun sneered, without the slightest pity of Xiang Xixi Yu. In his hands, a golden sword with a thrilling heart condensed out. At the next moment, a sword cut off the beautiful shadow.

"It's over ..."

Seeing this scene, many strong men of the Dragon Soul Alliance couldn't bear to close their eyes. The power of the big demon outside the territory was almost desperate. Even the strength of Prometheus was crushed. They went up. Isn't it a gift? !

What's more, if all the people shot together, and whether it would work or not, would the outside monsters around them surround them in groups?


Prometheus took a sip and spurred on with aura, wanting to resist the blow, but the fluctuations from the golden lightsaber made her clear that the two were not at the same level. Contact, she may be defeated instantly!


Zeus and others can only sigh. The power of the big demon outside the territory is not something that the Dragon Soul Alliance can compete with!

Once Prometheus died, Yuanshi Tianzun would certainly be unable to turn the tide. This situation is too dangerous for them.

However, just as the golden sword was about to cut to Prometheus's defense, the golden lightsaber burst suddenly, and at the same time, a cold voice resounded through the world.

"My woman, can you hurt?"

The icy voice was mixed with an indistinct anger.

With the sound of this sound, the originally raging snow and snow suddenly solidified, and the whole world seemed to have fallen into a kind of silence.

Hearing this familiar voice, Yuanshi Tianzun and others were stunned for a moment, and immediately, a burst of ecstasy filled his eyes.

"It's Feng Hao! He finally came back!"

Zeus couldn't resist the excitement in his heart and laughed.

The Qin Emperor on the side also quietly wiped the cold sweat on his head. Why does this guy always like to play at the last minute? Fortunately, it finally caught up.

Under the gaze of the eyes, the space next to Prometheus was suddenly twisted, and a slender figure emerged out of thin air. What was even more surprising was that after a short moment, all the girls in Liu Xiaofei appeared in their bodies. Beside.

And Liu Xiaofei and others, whose strength is not so strong, seem to have an invisible barrier around them, which isolates the wind and snow from the sky and is not affected by any point at all.

"This thing ... actually brought his own face over? Doesn't he know where this is?"

Seeing Liu Xiaofei several people, Yuan Shi Tianzun's mouth twitched, and he felt nervous again.

Although Feng Hao is strong, compared with these extraterrestrial demon, I am afraid that it is also limited in strength. If I need to divide my mind to take care of several women, I am afraid that his strength will be greatly reduced!

"You are hurt?"

Feng Hao did not look at Jin Xuan in the distance, but looked at Prometheus distressedly and said softly.

"It's just a little injury, it won't hinder ..."

In the latter's gentle eyes, Prometheus only felt warm, and she shook her head slightly, and answered with a smile.

"Leave it to me next."

Upon hearing the words, Feng Hao smiled, and then raised his head. When his eyes fell on Jin Xuan, his expression was instantly cold.

"Say, how do you want to die?"

The icy voice, like the death sentence, sounded quietly between heaven and earth.

Although I saw the strength of Jin Zeng, but somehow, Prometheus did not feel that Feng Hao's words were exaggerated. It seems that the latter does have such strength.

Jin Xun frowned, and under the latter ’s gaze, he felt like he was trembling as if entering the ice cellar. However, under the gaze of many monsters outside the field, he still stubbornly screamed, "Where did the ants , Dare to talk to this seat like this? "


However, Jin Xun's words just fell, and an invisible force that could not be resisted was suddenly suppressed. With a muffled sound, his figure fell into the snowy mountains below.


Seeing this scene, everyone's eyes shrank, and they didn't see Feng Hao shot, how could this monstrous extraterrestrial demon who was so powerful a second ago lie down instantly? Is it touching porcelain?


Yuan Shi Tianzun exclaimed, others didn't notice it, but he clearly felt that at that moment, the law of heaven and earth directly suppressed Jin Xian, so that the latter had no slight resistance.

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