Martial Peak

Chapter 18 Good man rewarded

Get up early


Yang opened the boxing, and Li Feng whispered a row of eyes on the left side of the flower-backed spider.

The flowerback spider was horrified, and the only insane made it a fear to the **** and excited person in front of him. He poked the forefoot in Yang’s arm and tried to take it back, but he was stuck in the muscles of Yang Kai’s muscles. Can't break free.

Yang opened the second fist and screamed, and then exploded the two eyes of the spider.

The flower-backed spider screamed and screamed, and the body kept shrinking backwards. The feet that could move were swinging wildly, leaving a row of wounds on Yang Kai's body. The wound was not deep, but blood was also seen.

The pain made Yang Kai more and more excited, and it seemed to have a lot of strength. The corner of his mouth showed a cruel smile. He used his fists to attack the opponent like a fist. The fists became heavier and heavier. The forehead is cleft and the body fluid splashes.

The screaming screams continued to spread, and the flower-backed spiders were reluctant to sit still, and the spider silk was continuously sprayed from the mouthparts, and the Yang Kai could not be evaded and quickly wrapped up.

But at this moment, the flower-backed spider was also beaten, and the whole head almost exploded. If it was not a monster, the vitality was tenacious, and the dead could not die anymore.

Around this, after it spewed out the last spider silk, it gradually stopped struggling and eventually died under Yang Kai’s fist.

Yang Kai did not expect that he actually defeated a monster and easily killed it.

Even if it is only a first-class monster, it is not easy to deal with the five layers of quenching. Although it is not a serious injury, it is not a big deal.

It was confirmed that the flower-backed spider had already died, and Yang Kai pulled it into the forefoot of his arm and pulled it out. At the moment of pulling out, he brought a warm blood.

I didn't have time to check my injuries. Yang Kai three and five divided the spider silk that was tied to her body and hurriedly hugged the little boy lying on the ground.

The little boy’s father finally got out of the binding of the spider silk, and was flying towards it. When he saw Yang Kai’s blood in his arms and hugged his son, he quickly asked, “What happened to him?”

"Excessive blood loss, but also poisoned." Yang Kai answered.

When he went to the cave, Yang Kai put the little boy on the ground and ran out again, took his baggage back, found some herbs from the inside and chewed it in the entrance, and found some handed to the Orion: "Strive Chew, then feed him to eat."

The hunter lost his soul and heard the Yang Kai commanded, what hesitated, and quickly put the herbs into his mouth and chewed it.

At this moment, Yang Kai's mind is incomparably clear. The pharmacological properties of these herbs are presented in the mind, what herbs can detoxify, what herbs can heal, and what herbs stop bleeding, comparable to a proficient pharmacologist.

Not long after, Yang Kai took out the herbs in the mouth and applied it to the injured boy's arm. The hunter also fed the herbs in his mouth into the boy's mouth.

Under the gaze of the two men's intense expectations, the little boy's pale face gradually had a trace of blood, and his breathing was much smoother than before.

The hunter’s heart was finally put down, and he fell down on the ground, and the iron man screamed: “Fortunately, nothing, fortunately nothing...”

Yang opened a pot of cold water: "Not yet, my herbs are the lowest level, can only alleviate his symptoms, must go down the mountain to seek medical treatment, or I am afraid that will fall down the root cause."

The Orion listened to Yang Kaiyan and immediately said: "Then I will take him to see a doctor now."

"Not busy." Yang Kai stopped. "First wait for him to calm down and go."

"Oh, what Ngong said is." The Orion was in great difficulty. He had no heart and bones. Yang Kai said what it was.

After I finished speaking, I suddenly remembered that this kind of grace was also hurt, and I was worried: "Would you like to deal with your own injuries?"

Yang opened his hand: "No need."

"But you have so much blood, how can you suffer?" The hunter looked at him with shock.

"I don't know." Yang Kai stood up and jumped and jumped. "I don't know why, I feel good."

It feels good and I am very excited. Yang Kai estimates that this has something to do with his own arrogant body. How can he explain to a hunter? Recalling the battle that just happened, Yang Kai was full of blood.

This is the first time I faced the battle of life and death, but I didn’t have the slightest fear, but I still enjoyed the feeling of blood splashing, just like it was all commonplace.

"Right, wait a minute, I will come." Yang Kai suddenly picked up his own parcel and rushed into the cave again.

The hunter thought that he was going to clean up the body of the monster, but it was not.

Although the flowerback spider is a monster, its body has no value and the level is too low.

Yang Kaijin into the cave is to collect medicine!

When I was fighting with the flowerback spider, Yang Kai inadvertently found that there was a large purple flower in the cave. At that time, I didn’t have the time to look at it. Now I can’t help but think of it.

If you are not mistaken, the purple flowers are exactly what you need urgently!

The three-leaf remnant flower grows in a damp, dark, dead place with many dead bodies, and this cave is in line with its growing environment.

With a lot of expectation in my heart, I went back to the cave and Yang Kai almost couldn’t help but laugh.

Good people in the world have good news, and now it seems so! If you are not running to rescue the two sons of the Orion, how can you encounter such a good thing?

In front of this large purple flower is really the three-leaf residual soul flower, and the number is still quite a lot, roughly one hundred and forty-six, the purple flowers are connected into one piece, it looks like a gratifying.

Yang Kai did not hesitate, and quickly took out the shovel to collect these three leaves of the soul.

When I was busy, Yang was happy and satisfied. When I was about to leave, I saw a dark red mushroom-like thing on the corner of the cave.

Yang happy in the middle of a move, go forward and take a closer look, this thing probably has the size of the bowl, dark red color, some like mushrooms, and some like Ganoderma lucidum, Yang Kai does not recognize this thing, the bookkeeper of the dream treasurer There is no description of it.

What is the genius treasure? Yang opened his hands and tried to control what it was. He took it back and said it again.

When Yang Kai came out of the cave, the small parcel was full.

"Go, I will go down with you." Yang Kai waited for Orion outside.

"Thank you for your kindness." The hunter is grateful to him. He doesn't know where Yang Kai is afraid that they are in danger, so he has to follow.

"On the way, don't have to thank." Yang Kaihan snorted, and the Orion rushed down the hill.

Until dusk, the two talents came to the town of Wumei and quickly found a medical center in the town.


Guess, what kind of genius treasure is that mushroom...

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