Martial Peak

Chapter 27 Study it and not get pregnant

Power outage to the present... ask for advice!


Not long after, Su Mu’s house was surrounded by a group of sleepy Ling Xiaoge disciples.

"Su Shao, is there anything?" one asked in a blink of an eye.

"Nothing, it's still a matter of the morning." Su Mu tried to calm his mood. "Call everyone, that is, I want you to give me ideas, how can I report this hatred and solve my hatred."

Another humanity: "Su Shao, can't wait four days?" Four days later I went to challenge Yang Kai and promised to make him a pig."

Su Mu is not happy: "Can I wait until then when I ask you to come over?"

A group of people sleeping in the incense was quarreled, and now obviously has no spirit, Su Mu's words are no one to take care of, but it is yawning. Su Mu looked at their reaction and became even more annoyed. When he took the next table, he said, "Give me a good idea. If you can't think of a good idea today, don't go back to sleep!"

All people were shocked. It was discovered that Sumu was really angry. They were all sleepless. They quickly ran their brains and made plans.

In a short time, a disciple of Ling Xiaoge, Li Yuntian, turned his eyes and thought of a good idea. He spoke to Su Mudao: "Su Shao, we can do this..."

As I talked about it, I went over to the ear and said something about Su Mu. How can I do it?

Su Mu listened with enthusiasm and patted Li Yuntian's shoulders: "Not bad, this idea is good, this matter will be handed over to you!"

"Su Shao assured!" Li Yuntian is also smiling.

"Go back to sleep." Su Mu waved, everyone's heart loosened, and quickly dispersed.

Looking at the dark night outside the house, Su Muyin laughed: "Yang Kai, Master Yang, let's walk in the sky!"

After a while, Su Mu fell asleep with satisfaction.

On the following day, Yang opened up and practiced the quenching of the article and went out to sweep the ground.

Yesterday, I used the incense burner to cultivate a day. Although I was tossed and died, I have been backache so far, but the effect is quite remarkable. The most obvious result is that when I practice the technique of quenching the body, I clearly feel the change of the day. Smaller. It is also very well understood that the incense in the incense burner gives him a lot of pressure, and the same pressure is exerted on the cultivation of the quenched body. Once you adapt to one, you can naturally adapt to the other.

Incense burner is a good thing! Yang is happy and excited, and wants to finish his work and continue to practice.

Only Yang Kaicai swept halfway. Suddenly there was a person blocking the way. Yang opened his head and looked at the other side. He felt that he was familiar with it. At this moment, the man was looking at himself with a smile.

Li Yuntian gave Sumu an idea last night and got the errands of today. Although he had plans in his mind, he did not dare to carelessly. He believed that Yang Kai believed that he was ten-and-one. Now the main purpose is to let the other party be fooled and let him Do it yourself.

Fortunately, when he went to trouble with Sumu yesterday, he hid behind the crowd. At that time, he did not say anything. This Yang Kai should not notice himself, which is convenient.

Early on the road to Yang Kaisweeping, Li Yuntian waited for a moment, and he saw Yang Kailu, and smiled at the moment, revealing the harmless expression of humans and animals.

This face of yourself should be good enough now! Li Yuntian cheered himself up.

"Is this younger brother having something?" Yang Kai is not polite. Anyway, the disciples who are now quenching their bodies are all their own younger brothers. Don't look at their low realm. This entry time is also good. People who see the quenching environment can Claiming to be a brother.

"Are you a brother Yang Kaiyang?" Li Yuntian knows why.

Yang Kai nodded: "Yes."

Li Yuntian was overjoyed: "It really is you! Yang brother, long-awaited big name, see you today, really worthy of the name!"

Li Yuntian said that he felt disgusted, but he had to express his sincerity and see it.

"It is serious and serious." Yang Kai knows his family's affairs from his family, and his name is very loud among ordinary disciples.

Li Yuntian’s performance was quite familiar. He took Yang Kai’s big hand and shook it vigorously: “Yang’s brother, I heard that you learned the Zhao Hu yesterday. It’s really a big heart.”

"Why, do you have a hatred with him?" Yang Kai looked at him.

Li Yuntian’s face was cold: “It’s a bit of hatred. This person’s face is benevolent, mean and shameless, and once insulted me.”

"Then you will not take revenge." Yang Kaiqi said.

"I dreamed of revenge, but..." Li Yuntian sighed: "Yang’s brother probably knows that there is someone behind Zhao Hu. I am not in the eyes of a Zhao Hu, but the people behind him are Not that I can provoke."

"Also." Yang opened his nod, and Su Mu was on the head, and the usual disciples did not dare to provoke.

"So, Master Yang taught Zhao Hu yesterday, and it really made a bad breath for the younger brother." Li Yuntian was grateful.

Yang Kai smiled and said: "It’s just a matter of collaborating with the door. It’s nothing."

Li Yuntian said again: "Yang Xiaoxiong can win Zhao Hu, and it is not too weak to think about strength."

Yang opened his hand: "The insects are small and insignificant."

Li Yuntian sneered in his heart, thinking that you actually said the truth, yesterday, if you are not using the meter, where will Zhao Hu be defeated? However, he did not dare to show it on the face. If you let Yang start to be suspicious, it would be bad.

"The brothers are modest. Come and come, I am the best person to discuss with Li Yuntian on weekdays, and Yang is good at me. If you run into it today, you can't miss it." Li Yuntian went around for a long time and finally found a chance to come out. meaning.

Yang Kai smiled: "You want to learn from me?"

Li Yuntian nodded fiercely: "That is natural. I also hope that the brothers will not be enlightened, so that the younger brother can see how the brothers learned Zhao Hu yesterday, and it solved my heart."

This reason is really a bit far-fetched, Yang Kai shook his head: "Forget it, I usually do not fight with people."

Li Yuntian was anxious: "That can't be done. Brothers, you promised to promise today, and you have to promise not to agree."

Yang Kai smiled at him.

Li Yuntian’s heart suddenly burst into a sigh. He was eager to speak, and his voice was careless and heavier. He quickly smiled and said: "The younger brother is a good Wu Cheng, and he will not be able to learn from the people in a day.

"Not good." Yang Kai refused.

"How is it bad?"

"This is for no reason..."

Li Yuntian saw Yang Kai seem to be interested in moving, and quickly hit the railway: "Teach the same door, mutual verification, what is the reason? Friendship and learning, and you and me are good."

"Though this is said, it can be... still not, no, no." Yang Kai waved his hands.

"Don't be a brother, I will not be pregnant when I talk about it." Li Yuntian was anxious in his heart, but he didn't dare to reveal his points. His mind turned around and seemed to think of something. He said: "The brother is afraid to lose the contribution point." ?"

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