Martial Peak

Chapter 46 Waiting for no one...

For this woman's hustle and bustle, Yang Kai really has no good coping method, only to ignore it, Hu Meier can also see the openness of Yang Kai, naturally dare not tease again, just like this.

Following the direction of the induction of Yangyuan Printing, Yang opened for a moment and stood in front of a booth.

After a slight glance, Yang opened his eyes. He found that the things on this booth were really good, and most of them had their own appetite.

The piece is like a baby's fist-sized round stone, which emits a strong hot yang, which is much stronger than the one just above, but it is not that big.

The price should not be more expensive than that? Yang Kaiqi is uncertain, but the stall owner greeted with enthusiasm: "What does the little brother look like? My things here are good and cheap, don't miss it when you pass by, whether you use it yourself or buy it, it's all A profitable transaction."

With a hard scalp, Yang Kai asked: "How much is this stone?"

The stall owner looked down and smiled: "You said Yang Yanshi, not expensive, five hundred and two!"

Yang Kai’s face was black. Although he knew that the price was fair, he still shook his head: “It’s expensive.”

It’s just about five hundred and two homes.

The stall owner smiled and shook his head: "The little brother laughed. The things I have here are clearly priced. I will never open the lion. You can go to other booths and see what they are selling. I know how affordable I am." ”

This is also true, Yang Kai came this way, although he did not buy anything, but the price has been snooped a lot, knowing that this person is not expensive. But the sale, of course, is to cut the price.

In desperation, Yang Kai can only engage in a war with the stall owner, and wants the other party to make some benefits. However, the stall owner shook his head vigorously. When he talked about the final stall, he was also depressed. He had no choice but to say: "Little brother, this thing is not my own. It is sold for the gang. The price can only be sold more. Sell ​​less, otherwise I have to pay for it myself, so don't be embarrassed."

"Help?" Yang opened a sigh, turned to look at Hu Meier standing on one side.

There is only one gang nearby, **** help!

Hu Meier smiled sweetly: "Yes, this is my booth. Do you want these stones?"

Yang nodded.

"Promise me a condition, here a dozen stones can all be given to you!" Hu Meier's eyes turned.

"Miss..." The face of the stall owner has changed greatly. If the goods are lost in his hand, then his troubles will be big.

"Nothing, I will tell my father." Hu Meier comforted, and the stall owner heard this and immediately shut up.

"How? Just give me a chance to do it." Hu Meier’s eyebrows dance: "It’s a very simple thing for your men."

"Don't think about it!" Yang Kai categorically refused, thinking with his toes, and he also knows what Hu Meier played.

"You..." Hu Mei was screaming at Yang Kai, and her eyes were about to eat.

In fact, her interest in Yang Kai is not very big, but the temptation to conquer him that day did not conquer him, which made Hu Meier a little depressed, not only that, but also ate a small loss!

No man can be tempted by his own beauty! Hu Meier has always believed in this. She just wants Yang Kai to give in. When he succumbs, he withdraws and looks at his jokes.

If Hu Meier wants a man, there will be a lot of fingers on the hook. If there is no other purpose, how can she be so wronged? She is a slutty, but it is just a representation, confusing the appearance of outsiders.

I don't believe that you can't conquer you! Hu Meier’s heart is worried.

The eyeball turned and Hu Meier said to the main stall: "Buy it to him!"

The stall owner was crying and sulking: "This is not good!"

"I said to sell it to him cheaper!" Hu Meier bite the bite, and the chill in the eyes.

The stall owner is focusing on the head, but Yang Kai is waving his hand: "No, it's five hundred and two."

If you buy five hundred and two, you will not earn, but you will not lose money. It is the market price.

As I said, I took out the bottle and returned to Yuandan Road: "Can you change it with Dan medicine?"

The trade market here also has the rules of bartering, and the finished medicinal herbs are generally circulated.

"Yes." The stall owner nodded.

"This bottle has 10 capsules, almost five hundred and two, you can order." Yang Kai will return Yuan Dan to him, and then pick up a piece of yang Yanshi from the booth.

At the moment of starting, Yang Kai felt the power of a sturdy Yang Yuan. At the moment, he was happy, knowing that the sale was done right.

Hu Meier hated her teeth, and Yang Kai’s move was undoubtedly a refusal to owe her human feelings, which was equivalent to the hard work she had done.

The stall owner looked at the words and knew that the young lady who was not good at the wind was afraid of playing Yang Kai’s idea. Although the sale was just fair, the stall owner knew that the lady was not too happy and thought about it from the booth. Pick up a thing and say: "Little brother, if you don't give up, this seed is sent to you, and you can't sell a few dollars anyway."

"What seeds?" Yang Kai took over, actually felt a little yang from the seeds, but this yang is very weak.

"The seeds of Sanyang fruit, we found when we helped to explore Yangyanshi." The stall owner truthfully told, "The fruit of this fruit tree is the fruit of the prefecture-level product, but the growth period is somewhat long."

Yang Kai dumbfounded, thinking about what he wants to do with a seed? This kind of thing is going to be planted. I won’t be able to bear fruit in less than a decade. However, people have a good intention, Yang Kai is also not good to refuse, anyway, this thing is of little value, and it is harmless.

"Thank you." Yang Kai stood up and took the seeds and Yang Yanshi into his arms.

A bottle of Hui Yuan Dan has disappeared, Yang Kai is too lazy to stay here again, looking for a while Su Mu but they did not see people, Yang Kai will go alone to the black wind forest.

Hu Meier, who was behind him, refused to leave, just followed him like a tail, and his face was annoyed.

I have to find a way to get rid of her, or else she will be followed by Ling Xiaoge, and she may not know how others will look at herself. This woman’s reputation is not very good.

Turning his eyes and thinking about it, Yang Kai suddenly deviated from the avenue and walked over to the depths of the black wind forest. While walking, he turned back and sneered at Hu Meier’s sneer. The taste is self-evident, as if to say that if you dare to come over I will kill you first, then **** and then kill, and the feeling of evil is born.

Hu Meier was a little chilly when he smiled. Seeing Yang Kai actually went into the jungle, she was hesitant. She said that she is not familiar with Yang Kai. What if it is really going to follow up, how is it good? That day, she saw the strength of Yang Kai, knowing that she is not an opponent. If he is a big animal, he will not be able to wear scars.

After hesitating for a moment, Hu Meier suddenly stumbled and twisted and followed. She has an 80% confidence that Yang Kai is just scaring herself.

Seeing that Hu Meier really followed, Yang Kai was annoyed. The reason why he wants to do this is to scare Hu Meier, but he did not expect that this woman is not too small, let his intentions fall through, and from a moment of anger, from evil to evil, the heart will wait until no one else. Tell you to know my power.

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