Martial Peak

Chapter 49 Success

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Cheng Shaofeng is dead! Without warning, it was so dead in Yang Kai.

The last time Yang Kai war struck a group of disciples, Hu Meier also saw the end from the beginning, although knowing that Yang Kai this person's strength is amazing, but did not expect him to be so strong!

Cheng Shaofeng, who was on the first floor of Kaiyuan, only made a face-to-face with Yang Kai, and he was ordered to die!

What martial arts is that? Why is there such a powerful power? The hole in the forehead of Cheng Shaofeng is clearly burned by a thing that has just turned to the sun.

At this moment, Hu Meier’s heart panicked, and after seeing Yang’s violent murder, she realized that Yang Kai’s words were not a joke.

He really dares to kill and has the ability to kill!

Nu Tao is also extremely shocked. He just made a punch with Yang. The second move has not yet been issued, and his younger brother died in front of him. This change really made him stunned.

"You actually killed a younger brother!" Angry waves screamed, "What means do you use!"

The power of that finger is too strong. It is absolutely a martial art. There is some fear in the heart of the anger, and I am afraid that I cannot resist it.

"You have to die too!" Yang Kai naturally knows the truth of hoeing the roots. These two people came here today to kill themselves. In the face of such an enemy, Yang Kai will be soft.

This time, the situation is different from the last time. Last time, it was just a group fight. Yang Kai will still be merciful, but he can face the enemy who wants his own life. It is stupid to be merciful.

Seeing Yang Kai rushed toward himself, the angry scream suddenly screamed: "Less bluff, take your life!"

While shouting, the fists burst out and greeted Yang Kai. The other side only has a quenching environment, how much energy can there be in the body? The power of the previous move was huge, and the consumption was absolutely not small. That is to say, he could not use such means again.

Therefore, the anger will be fearless!

After knowing how to hand in, Nu Tao found himself wrong. This Yang Kai can still use his vitality. Every time he confronts him, he can feel a hot energy from his moves. This energy makes the anger repeatedly eat, and there is a higher level than Yang Kai, but it is fundamental. Can't suppress him.

Nu Tao took out a number of solutions, and moved around, and did not dare to confront Yang Kai. He only wanted to fight the war of consumption. When the vitality of Yang Kai’s body was exhausted, by then, the other party was the fish on the cutting board.

There are no mistakes in the idea and strategy of Nu Tao. This method is the most effective in dealing with the general quenching disciples. It can definitely win the enemy with the least cost. However, Yang Kai is different. He has just taken a piece of Yang Yanshi's full power of Yang Yan. The vitality in the meridians is full and it will continue to be consumed. Maybe it is the first to be exhausted.

Soon, the anger found that something was not good.

At the beginning, Yang Kai's performance was really just like a warrior in a quenching situation. Whether it is the speed or strength of the fist, although it is stronger than the average person, it does not exceed the scope of the quenching environment. However, with the passage of time, with the various injuries left in him, the strength of Yang Kai’s strength has risen steadily, and the punch is faster than the punch. The strength is also getting bigger and bigger. The anger of the anger is that the hot power attached to his moves is actually getting stronger and stronger.

It seems that as time goes by, the strength of this Yang Kai is also growing rapidly.

How is this going? A warrior fights, and with the consumption of vitality in the body, the combat power will only get lower and lower. How can he be the other way around?

Just a short sip of tea, the anger can no longer avoid Yang Kai’s attack by virtue of his body. A dodge is not enough, and Yang’s chest is punched.

The heavy force almost makes the angry gas out of breath, and the heat of intrusion into the body is fierce like a fire.

Looking at the red-eyed Yang Kai, the angry heart sprouted back!

With a sham of sham, the anger slammed away and hurriedly rushed to the distance. While breathing, he shouted: "Yang Kai, you killed the younger brother, you are dead!"

Kaiyuan is on the fifth floor and can't beat the enemy. But if you want to escape, the other party can't do anything. This is very confident, because in the previous battle, he saw that Yang Kai did not practice any body martial arts.

The anger was to escape, and Yang Kai couldn't stop it. He could only watch him pull out a dozen feet. Suddenly, Yang was happy, and the last drop of yang in Dantian flashed to his fingertips.

Immediately, Yang Kai extended another hand and pulled it on his fingertips. The sensational scene appeared.

This drop of yang liquid turned into a thin **** red blade like a flap in the blink of an eye. As soon as the blade was formed, it flew out under the drive of Yang Kai.

"嗖", a shocking blood shadow cut through the air, poured into the back of the angry waves.

The body of the raging rushing rushed to a stiff state, and slammed it to the ground.

There was a quiet silence in the jungle, and occasional insects called it, and Yang Kai gasped, and he was very embarrassed.

Hu Meier’s legs trembled a little, and she was cold, and her heart was cold. She has not left, just wanting Yang Kai to ask her for help when she can't support it, then she can achieve her goal.

But what she didn't think of was that the two disciples who came to kill Yang Kai were actually killed by Yang Kai.

These two people can all be Kaiyuan, one layer, one five layers, and jointly deal with a quenching of Yang Kai, and finally not only failed, but also took their own lives.

Everything is so unreal, so inexplicable.

Suddenly, Hu Meier looked surprised. She found that Yang opened her head and stared at herself with a kind of gaze, and there was a ray of murder in the depths of her eyes.

Hu Meier subconsciously stepped back a few steps.

"You dare to move, you die!" Yang Kai's cold voice passed over.

"I don't move..." Hu Meier's voice brought some crying, and the lower abdomen was warm and awkward, almost on the spot.

She was really scared, and she was not sure if Yang Kai was going to kill herself. It was a matter of life and death. What can she do with a girl? Although she is proud of her love, her strength is really not high.

Yang Kai did not take care of her, but rushed to the side of Cheng Shaofeng and Nu Tao, and searched on them. Not a moment's effort, Yang Kai found some silver two and two bottles of remedy.

There are not many left in the two bottles of medicinal herbs, but they are worth a few dollars.

Not a loss! It’s a pity that I’m condensed in the liquid, and now there’s nothing in Dantian. After the war, the true Yang’s vitality in the meridians also consumes most of it.

"Are you short of money?" Hu Meier saw Yang Kai robbing on two bodies, and could not help but bravely said, "I can give you, as long as you don't kill me."

Now, Hu Meier, who dares to make a slap in front of Yang Kai, show off the coquetry? Even talking is cautious.

Yang Kai looked at her faintly: "I am not a green forest bandit, what do you want for your money? I will earn money if I am short of money!"

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