Martial Peak

Chapter 6008 Creation

In the void, a big river ran across, the river was turbulent, and the waves blossomed.

Above the big river, Yang Kai sat in the void, stretched out his hand to stir in the void in front of him, and with his actions, the river suddenly panted and calmed.

The power of thousands of avenues fluctuates with the rush of the river.

It has been several years since Yang Kai returned from that forbidden place.

Thinking back to the absurd experiences of the past few years, Yang Kai couldn't laugh or cry.

On that day, when he returned from the place of taboo, all of his loved ones wept and greeted each other, telling the pain of parting, and then everyone returned to the star realm together. After hearing the news, hundreds of millions of Human Race were all cheered and encouraged.

During the eight thousand years when Yang Kai disappeared, all the memories of him were erased, but when he returned, the erased memories were revived. No one knows how powerful this was.

Only Yang Kai faintly noticed it.

After that, Yang Kai was put under house arrest!

That's right, he was a strong man who surpassed the Open Heaven Realm and reached the realm of unprecedented, with only one hand overturning the clouds and rain, was placed under house arrest!

It is Yang Siye and Dong Suzhu who put him under house arrest!

He was also placed under house arrest together with his ladies.

According to their parents, they are already old. It was a miracle that they worked hard to give birth to Yang Xue, and there was no way to extend more offspring, so the heavy task of continuing the incense for the Yang family was left to Yang Kai.

The old couple didn't have many requirements. How many wives would give birth to as many heirs, with an average of one child per person. When did they meet this requirement, and when did they let them go.

In terms of strength, parents are naturally not Yang Kai's opponents, and Yang Kai can run away if he is really willing.

But the father and mother also let the words out, if the unfilial son dared to disobey their intentions this time, they would smash to death on Lingxiao Peak!

There is no way.

According to his parents, Yang Kai has experienced many large and small worlds since his practice, and every day he has toiled around. Now that the heavens are calm, his own cultivation has reached the level, and there is nothing he needs to worry about in this world. At this time, it is natural to consider the continuation of the blood of the Lao Yang family.

Reluctantly, a few years after that, Yang Kai, Su Yanyu Rumeng and others were put under house arrest together on a lonely peak in the Lingxiao Palace.

It was not until a few years later that Yang Kai walked out of the lonely mountain with a tired face, his eyes were deeply concave and his face turned blue. And behind him, followed a large group of Yingying and Yanyan with big bellies.

Yang Siye and Dong Suzhu had a happy flower. Siye bluntly said that people were forced to come out. Before Yang Kai was asked to find a way to spread the incense, he used various reasons to prevaricate. He is under house arrest.

After completing this task, Yang Kai had time to reminisce with his old friends.

Mi Jinglun and others naturally knew what happened to him in the past few years, and they inevitably laughed after they met.

But soon, Yang Kai learned about the status quo of the Human Race from the Ninth-Rank.

With the end of that great battle more than 8,000 years ago, the Mo clan was annihilated, the heavens were settled, and the human clan has now become the master of this world.

But the devastation and pain of countless years of wars are hard to wipe out.

How prosperous the heavens once were, but nowadays, in addition to the universe of the Star Realm and the Ten Thousand Demon Realms, there are still some livable universes, the universes of all other big realms have either been completely eroded by the power of ink, or have long been shattered.

It can be said that the living environment of the human race has been greatly suppressed.

In the original big domains of the heavens, every big domain could see traces of human activities, but now all the remaining human races are crowded in the high heavens and ten thousand demon realms, among which the humans living in ten thousand demon realms account for 90% of the total. many.

Even because of the lack of cultivation resources, the two cradles of the Star Realm and the Ten Thousand Demon Realm have long existed in name only, because the human race dare not let too many people live in these two cradles, lest there be too many good seedlings. Resources to cultivate.

Once the number of people suitable for spiritual practice increases, but there is no corresponding material supply, then people will definitely fight for spiritual resources and cause chaos.

In today's Star Realm and Ten Thousand Demon Realms, there are very few human races living in them. It is even necessary to go through a series of trials and selections if you want to survive in these two cradles of the Open Heaven Realm.

This is the status quo of the human race, winning the war and losing the homeland.

But this is also nothing, the Mo clan has done too much damage to the universe.

However, the Terran did not have the means to repair those things. If things go on like this, the future of Terran will be worrying.

Fortunately, Yang Kai returned from the Forbidden Land.

At this moment, he is repairing the universe.

This is an uninhabited area. Perhaps the area was full of voices and prosperity. However, after being occupied by the Mo people for many years, there is only a dead silence left here, and all the universe is dead.

The huge river of time and space traverses the void. In that long river, the universe rises and sinks one by one, and the power of thousands of avenues evolves.

The power of ink that had eroded into these universes was quickly stripped away, and then was sent by Yang Kai to the gate of Xuan Mi, and then he evolved yin and yang to reconcile the five elements and give birth to all things.

The flow of time in Long Hanoi is different from the outside world. With Yang Kai's current cultivation base, the ratio of this flow has reached an extremely exaggerated level.

Perhaps in the blink of an eye from the outside world, Hanoi has been around for a thousand years...

The lifeless universe slowly regained its vitality in the long river of time and space.

A small figure stepped from the void, walked to Yang Kai's side, and whispered: "It's empty outside, there's nothing, it's boring."

Yang Kaihuo turned his head and stared at him fiercely: "It's not a good thing you did!"

The visitor immediately defended, "What does Mo Gan's bad thing have to do with my little eleven?"

The little figure standing next to Yang Kai at this moment was surprisingly Xiao Eleven, or rather, the little guy Yang Kai had seen in the City of Morning Light in the original world.

More than 8,000 years ago, he defeated Mo and sealed him with the help of the door of Xuan Mi, but as the oldest existence in this world, even Yang Kai could not completely eliminate him.

After all, that was the power that was born at the beginning of the heavens and the earth. As long as there are creatures in this world, as long as the creatures have a dark side, Mo's power will never be annihilated.

However, Yang Kai expended some effort to strip the consciousness that was born from this power from the door of Xuan Mi.

This is the little eleven standing next to him.

Strictly speaking, Mo is Xiaoxi, but the two are different.

So, what Xiao Eleven said is not sophistry. He is different from Mo after all. In ancient times, he fought side by side with ten martial ancestors to protect the human race.

Only Mu saw the problem, and before his consciousness was completely corroded by the power, he placed a ban on the first day and sealed him down.

Subsequently, in the hands of Mu left behind, Mo's origin was divided into three thousand parts and sealed in different universes, while his consciousness was kept by Mu staying around.

Different from Mu's methods, the current Xiao Eleven is not the little kid in the city of Dawn who has no power to bind the chicken, otherwise he would not be able to walk in the void alone.

Looking at the tumbling river ahead, Xiao Eleven was dazzled: "Speaking of which, what realm are you now?"

He didn’t know about the days when Yang Kai was in the Forbidden Land. After his defeat that day, Yang Kai sealed him off. He was suddenly free a few days ago, but he was surprised to find that Yang Kai’s strength was better than that of the last battle of the year. It is so powerful that it seems to have surpassed the scope of the Open Heaven Realm.

With this level of cultivation, Xiao Eleven felt that even when he was at the peak, he was definitely not Yang Kai's opponent.

"You are a strong man in the creation realm, can't see my realm?" Yang Kai asked not to answer.

Xiao Eleven shook his head and said, "My creation realm is fake. I was able to create the Mo Clan mainly because of the special power of Mo, not the realm, but you are different. Your current realm is indeed beyond the open sky realm. Category, so I’m very curious about what realm you are."

There was a problem with Mo's creation, Yang Kai had already noticed this, but at that time he had insufficient power and vision, so he couldn't tell.

At this moment, I heard him personally confess, so there are not too many surprises.

"My realm..." Yang Kai murmured and shook his head: "No one has reached this realm, and I don't know what this realm should be called."

With that said, he decided to change his hands, and raised his hand to grasp the long river of time and space in front of him.

He immediately grabbed the huge river in his hand, Yang Kai shook slightly, and drew in a low voice: "Go!"

In the next instant, the dark shadows were thrown out of the long river of time and space, and they were all heaven and earth.

These universes are all leftovers of the big area here, originally eroded by the power of Mo, lifeless, and even greatly destroyed in the process of mining resources by the Mo people.

But at the moment, these universes have changed without exception. Although there are no creatures to survive, every universe looks like new without the power of ink. The dilapidated universe has been repaired, and the power of perfect avenues fills them. In the universe, the vegetation is lush and thriving.

This kind of universe has already given birth to vitality, and it will not take many years to evolve the original life.

Even with the little eleven's insight, he was shocked by this magical scene.

The universe is not a secret treasure, it is not furniture, and it does not mean that it can be repaired by repairing, but these dilapidated universes can be brought back to life under Yang Kai, which is no longer human power.

"There is something out of nothing, magical powers of creation, magical skills." Watching the universe fly into the void and slowly freeze somewhere in the void, Xiao Eleven couldn't help sighing, only that Mo's sins had been eliminated. many.

Yang Kai raised his brows when he heard the words, and smiled slightly: "Then it's called the creation realm."

"What?" Xiao Eleven was stunned, and reacted quickly, muttering: "The Creation is appropriate."

As the saying goes, there was a universe furnace in the past, and now there is a long river of time and space creating the universe.

The long river of time and space itself is born out of the endless river in the Qiankun Furnace, and the endless river is the root of the entire Qiankun Furnace. All the universes in this world are evolved and created in the endless river. Yang Kai feels that his own long river of time and space will be there sooner or later. One day can reach the miraculous degree of an endless river.

"Let's go, the next place." Yang Kai got up and rushed to the next big domain, followed by Xiao Eleven.

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