Martial Peak

Chapter 7 Four layers of quenching, the birth of gas

Get up a few tickets early~~~

Although Yang Kai is only fifteen years old this year, since he experienced the great disaster three years ago, his heart is much more mature than the same year. It was because of that great difficulty that he had made his tough and unyielding character.

So Yang Kai quickly settled down, sitting on the edge of the bed, holding a black book without words, and carefully looking at the first page.

After confirming that this first page had no effect, Yang Kai slowly opened and turned to the second page.

With the previous experience, Yang Kai’s movements seemed to be very familiar, and a pair of eyes stared at the dark pages. After a long while, the hot stamping on the first page slowly emerged again.

"The proud bones: quenching articles!"

Yang Kai’s mood can’t help but have some ups and downs! Things really are as self-conceived, I am afraid that every page of this black book hides something.

I almost didn't even think about it. Yang Kaiyi's mind was all devoted to the second page of the black book without words.

In an instant, the hot stamp on the black book seems to have become a living fish. It has been smashed out of the book page and turned into a golden shadow. It straightens into the head of Yang Kai. When the golden shadow disappears, Yang Kai only feels There seems to be something more in my mind. And these things are exactly what the golden shadows brought.

After calming down the emotions of the heart, Yang opened his eyes and began to digest the knowledge in his mind.

In fact, there is no need to digest. The knowledge that comes with the golden shadows is clearly present in my mind at the moment. My mind has emerged from a moment of thought, and I understand the mellow and comfortable.

"This is the quenching article." Yang Kai muttered to himself, he found that this is actually a set of fists.

A set of seemingly simple and profound esoteric fists, and this set of time and practice of the fists also have strict requirements, it is necessary to cultivate on the occasion of the rising sun.

In other words, at most, you can only practice half an hour at a time.

Now it’s just getting into the night. If you want to go to Tianming, you have to wait for at least five or six hours. Yang Kai’s tossing one day, only eating a roasted hawthorn, hungry and screaming, although he is physically and mentally deficient, he has no words. The black book is such a baby, but the spirit is very exciting.

After a while, I couldn't sleep, and I began to study the third page of the black book without words.

But what disappoints him is that no matter how he investigates, he has never seen any changes on the third page. He looked at it and fell asleep like this.

When Yang Kai wakes up again, it is the sun before the rising sun, the darkness before dawn is the most deep, quiet, the entire Lingxiao Pavilion is quiet, occasionally the insects are called, but the birds are early Looking for food.

There was something in his heart. Yang Kai quickly climbed out of bed and went to the hut to stand up and take a few deep breaths to let the whole person relax slowly.

In the east, a smear of white fish is now, Yang Kailuan opened his eyes, and the set of fists and feet in the idea of ​​quenching the body has been practiced countless times, and immediately opened the way.

Hands into palms, the movements are gentle and slow, one left and one right forward, and then slammed into the chest, squatting on the chest, smashing everything in the palm of the hand, pedaling the land of China, swallowing the sun, the moon and the stars.

The left foot is taken, the ruler is the end of the world, the right foot is lightly moved, one step is the yellow spring, the breath, but the life is full of vitality, just like the spring blossoms, the spring is full, the spring is coming to the summer, the sun is faint, the lotus is bursting.

The autumn wind is bleak, golden fruit, and heart-wrenching. The wind blew, whistling and coming, smashing white snow, wrapped in silver.

Yang Kai’s look gradually became dignified, and the slow-moving fists seemed to have been crushed with tens of pounds of boulder, and they could not be opened anyway.

With a burst of squeaky sound, Yang Kai's face was white, slammed a bit and almost fell to the ground.

Although I have practiced countless times in my mind, I know that this set of fists and feet is absolutely not simple, but Yang Kai never imagined that this quenching article turned out to be such a mysterious.

Just a short moment ago, Yang Kai felt that the whole world was pressing on himself, but he could feel all the feelings in the world under this tremendous pressure.

This quenching body is not a fist, but the practice is the sorrow of the sea, the old and the sick, the practice is sweet and bitter, happy and sorrowful, practicing the joys and sorrows, the yin and the lack of. Slowly punching and kicking, all of them are affecting the power of the heavens and the earth, full of magical rules and mysteries.

Just now, Yang Kai only introduced six palms and walked out of three steps. It is still less than one percent of the progress of this hardened body. It has been difficult to sustain. The slamming sound, even from his own spine, made Yang openly think that his bones were broken.

I quickly felt it, but found that there was only some pain behind it, no problem.

After setting the mind, Yang Kai once again opened the posture and displayed the routine of the quenched body.

There was no psychological preparation, Yang was happy, and the feeling was still not clear. This time, with the lessons of the past, Yang Kai naturally breathed his breath and kept his heart. With the slow dancing of the fists, Yang Kai once again felt the original mood, and it was much clearer than before.

There is a lot of mischief in the chest, and it is impossible to tell what it is. Not only that, but with the development of the routine, his fists are getting heavier and heavier, as if he is at the bottom of the water, hard and difficult to unfold.

The sound of the cymbals is endless, and every movement of Yang Kai can make the bones burst like firecrackers. The pain of the heart is coming from all over the body. Yang Kai is unmoved, and the perseverance of perseverance is at this moment. show out.

The blink of an eye, Yang Kai will sweat out like a pulp, hands and feet shudder, just like the weight of heaven and earth are added to the body, heavy and heavy.

One of the hearts is sticking to the turmoil.

There was a warmth in the body, and it slowly spread, and the pain in the body was also relieved a lot in this moment. Yang Kai’s spirit was greatly enhanced, and he concentrated his efforts on his fists. He knows that this warmth must have been radiated from the body of the arrogant body that has been integrated into the body. After all, the quenched body is matched with the golden body.

The rising sun in the rising sun, in front of the most remote lodge in the Lingxiao Pavilion, the teenagers sweated and slowly practiced their fists and feet. The long martial arts began to seek today.

Half an hour soon passed. When Yang Kai suddenly felt that he was light and there was no such heavy force to add, he knew that he could no longer practice the quenching body at this moment.

The description of the quenching body is very clear. Only half an hour before the rise of the sun can the practice of this set of fists.

The strength of the whole body seemed to be drained. Yang opened his **** and sat down on the ground, taking a deep breath. A purple temperament was accompanied by a breath and was caught in Yang’s mouth and disappeared. In a flash, Yang Kai actually had some The sense of refreshment and refreshment, the body seems to be faint.

Yang Kaiyi, quickly and carefully felt, this Yang can not help but be surprised.

Feeling! I have already produced a sense of temperament, that is to say, I have broken through the three layers of hardened body, and have already set foot on the realm of four layers of hardened body?

The good news of this day made Yang open with a deep heart. Since entering Lingxiaoge, it has only been cultivated to the third floor of the quenching body for three years. However, the skill of the fists and feet of half an hour has been broken.

The quenching body has a total of nine layers, and the body is trained. The first three levels are just physical fitness, and there is nothing special, but after the fourth layer, the meridians will generate a sense of qi.

Only when the sense of anger is born, will we cultivate further.

Although this time has a sense of qi, but there is still no vitality in the body, only after waiting for the seven layers of the quenching body, the body will produce a small amount of vitality, until the end of the nine layers of the quenching body, the body runs through the big day, the vitality begins, and the opening The bridge between heaven and earth, breaking through to Kaiyuan, truly has its own vitality.

Kaiyuan is the beginning of a warrior.

Everything in the quenching environment is laying a preliminary foundation for the future road. This foundation is not stereotyped. As one's strength increases, the skin and skin will be repeatedly tempered until the peak.

At the moment, Yang Kai is just entering the four layers of the quenching body. It has a feeling of temperament. It is nothing to the outsiders, but for Yang Kai himself, it is a great news.

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