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Marvel: Starting From the Dimensional Demon God
Alternative names:美漫:从维度魔神开始
Genre: Fan-Fiction

Marvel: Starting From the Dimensional Demon God

Li Chao, dressed in Marvel, was lucky to become a dimension demon.

Unfortunately, the dimension area is too small like a coffin, and it is difficult to even turn over.

After three years of hard work, the system finally awakened, and the Myriad Realms Treasure Chest can be drawn by consuming emotional points.

Li Chao’s purpose at the beginning was just to survive and replace himself with a larger dimensional room.

But gradually, as Li Chao continued to create various events in order to obtain emotional values, the style of the Marvel Universe began to become wonderful.

Frieza and Thanos compete for the emperor of the universe, Thor and Anilu sympathize with each other, Cassel College is about to rise up to destroy the Holy Master, and the Transformers universe emperor is eyeing the earth…

(Behind the scenes of this book, not the scriptures of the Virgin Mary, not the Virgin Mary)


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