Novel info
Marvel’s Death Merchant
Alternative names:漫威之死亡商人
Genre: Sci-fi

Marvel’s Death Merchant

Coming to the multi-dimensional Marvel world, shuttles countless movies, anime, and television planes, based on Marvel arms giant Ambrella.

Predatory Terminator, Mechanical Octopus, Mechanical Enemy, Galaxy Fleet, Pacific Rim, Transformers’ high-tech technology to build a mechanical empire, devour and merge, Superbody, New Iron Warrior, Endless, Super Out of Control, Underworld, Naruto The power, genes and technology of tomorrow’s fringe …. established a steel empire belonging to the gods of science and technology, becoming the strongest arms dealer in Marvel history.

PS: In the real world, Marvel movies are the main line, with comics as the auxiliary. The protagonist takes science and technology as the main body and magic as the auxiliary.


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