Master Meow

Chapter 85 Extra extra

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It is rare that the three children come back together on holiday. On weekdays, they rarely come back together, this one is free.

After Lu Qiu heard the news, he let the cleaning robot clean the house in advance.

The rooms are larger and larger and take longer.

Lu Qiu took the elevator up and down, and he checked the room by heart without worrying.

After the room was cleaned, she looked again at the rockery in the yard.

This rockery was originally intended to facilitate Russ up and down, and also used as a play tool to exercise the body.

When several children were young, they often raced on rockery, but after so many years of wind and rain, the rockery grew a layer of moss, and the face (color) is a dirty dark green (color). A large piece of black (color). Putting it in this place is very annoying.

When the child is not at home, Wells doesn't use the rockery much, and Lu Qiu wonders whether to remove this place and clean it up.

"The rockery is too shaded, so you can remove some flowers or put some climbing frames here."

Wells did not have any opinion on her decision and immediately said: "Then move away."

Lu Qiu made a circle around the rockery and found something still lying on the ground near the foot of the mountain.

A little familiar, she stepped forward to dig out the thing, the accident was not heavy, gently patted the thick dust on it, only to find out that this thing turned out to be back from the dilapidated laboratory behind the underground laboratory Carving of that turtle.

At that time, Rus brought it back together, and after taking it back, he placed it next to the rockery, because Yan (color) was very similar to the rockery, and no one noticed it.

If she didn't see it today, she had completely forgotten that this thing still exists.

Lu Qiu carried the turtle into the house to carefully clean it (dry gan), and cleaned all the depressions on the back of the turtle with a small brush.

These lines looked strange, and she couldn't tell what kind of turtle it was.

Wells called out and moved into the room when he came.

Seeing what was in her hand, I didn't remember what it was for a while: "Where did the turtle come from?"

Lu Qiu smiled: "You also forgot. It was the one you came back from the experiment base when you were working in the laboratory. This is a turtle that has been passed on for thousands of years, antiques, I actually left it outside for so long."

Wells also remembered this matter, took the turtle and turned it upside down and looked at it. The turtle was sculpted beautifully. If it wasn't odorless, it thought it was true.

"Place it on the windowsill."

Lu Qiu nodded and took it, pulling the tortoise's tail smoothly. This short tail was also very real.

However, I didn't expect an accident to happen at this time.

Just after she pulled the turtle's tail, the turtle's back suddenly cracked open, a prototype hole appeared in the center of the back, and then a light flashed away, and then the turtle's back closed again.

Lu Qiu was stunned by this scene. His hand shook and the turtle fell to the ground.

Wells reacted extremely quickly and pulled her back to her side, kicking the turtle to the wall with one foot.

I don't know what material the turtle was made of, so it was unscathed after being dropped like this.

"There was just a light, did you see it?"

Wells nodded, his expression dignified.

After appeasing Lu Qiu, he immediately contacted the planetary testing center of the giant rock star

Although it was something thousands of years ago, it is not guaranteed to have any impact, and it can never be a small toy.

The unknown is the most dangerous.

Now that Felik was absent, he did not hand over the old underground laboratory to Longfellow when he abdicated. He sealed it directly, and there are no people who can ask now.

The news came back quickly, and nothing unusual happened (fa).

Wells stepped forward to pick up the turtle and pulled his tail again, but there was no white light again, it seemed that there was no electricity, and the turtle's back did not open again.

Lu Qiu comforted: "Don't worry, maybe it's a toy for children."

Wells let out a slam, and slammed it against the turtle's back. The turtle was motionless and extremely hard.

He was okay with so much effort. Quirky, not made from existing materials.

Wells frowned and put away the things, so he had time to check them out.

It didn't take long for the three children to return, and the tortoise was temporarily left behind.

I have n’t seen it for a long time. Lu Fei is about to graduate from school. The first company he started did n’t make money. Instead, he lost a lot of money. Fortunately, he grew up with a lot of pocket money.

Lu Chen studied literature and history, and now he is following an old professor in learning. It is very low-key in school on weekdays, but there are still a large number of animals who show love and chase after him.

Fortunately, Lu Fei is here. You can help suppress one or two. You all know that he has a fierce brother, and those suitors have stopped a lot.

As for Lu Qingqing, after entering the military academy for a few years, all the hair on her head was cut short, and she did not dye her hair anymore. People looked at Yingzi Sashuang who was very strong and not handsome.

She is really tall again, and now she is similar to Lu Fei. The two are standing together. It is called a handsome man (强 qiang) (强 qiang) united.

I have n’t seen him for a long time, and Lu Qingqing and Lu Fei face to face again. The brother and sister are still not quite dealing with each other.

Practice, practice.

Lu Fei raised his eyebrows.

Lu Chendi cleverly held the bowl to eat, and sat between the two, as if he didn't see the intense atmosphere at all.

"Brother eats (meat rou) and sister eats too."

"Thank you younger brother, thank you Chenchen." The two who had just sparked, immediately gathered their provocations and gave Lu Chen (Lu) a sweet smile.

Lu Qiu couldn't help laughing when he saw this familiar scene.

This time I came back because the most important reunion festival of the Yan Beast Empire is equivalent to the Spring Festival of China. All schools around the country will have holidays.

But they do n’t spend much time at home, just four or five days.

After eating, the family walked downstairs to chat and talk about what happened this year.

The scene is very warm.

At this moment, a white light suddenly appeared in the sky.

A very strange spaceship quickly fell from the sky, getting closer and closer, and finally landed outside the stone castle.

Lu Fei and Lu Qingqing stood in front of them, watching the spacecraft alertly.

Wells pulled Lu Qiu and Lu Chen behind.

"Who? Come out!"

All the hidden weapons around it are automatically activated and aimed at the spaceship.

The spacecraft door slowly opened, and two people came out from inside.

This is a man and a woman, both of them have dark hair and black eyes, and the woman is beautiful (yan), the man is handsome, and they look around curiously.

It's strange that Wells didn't smell the breath of living beings on them. Despite the heartbeat, the two people tasted cold, like a bunch of machines.

"Are you ... a robot?" He asked uncertainly.

Although the Beast Empire has many types of robots and a wide range of applications, almost every household has robots, but the robots here are just machines with simple logic and reaction. The closest to Kaizhi animals are medical robots and medical robots There is no self-consciousness.

So in the face of these two robots, he was quite puzzled and not sure.

Seeing them, the two were also curious. The woman was very tall, and after looking at Lu Qiu, she smiled friendlyly at her.

The woman nodded: "Yes, we are indeed not humans but robots. Hello, my name is Cheng Yilan and he is silver. We only came after receiving the signal transmitter from Cheng Gui. It was a turtle (Mo ) Kind of thing. We have nothing malicious, this transmitter has been around for many, many years, and is still being activated for the first time, so just come over and see what happened. "

Although her voice is rhythmic, she can hear some mechanical sounds. The imperial language pronunciation is not accurate, fortunately it can be understood.

I heard that it was a turtle. Lu Qiu and Wells looked at each other and thought of the white light flashing on the turtle.

Although the other party said that there was no malice, the people still did not relax their vigilance. The two looked at ordinary people, but they felt dangerous.

Lu Fei and Lu Qingqing directly returned to their original form, staring at them like two door gods from left to right.

Cheng Yuanlan watched with interest the process of their transformation: "Is this now the orc world?"

"You know? Where did you come from, what do you mean?" Wells asked calmly.

"We can elaborate on this. Can't you please go in and sit down?" The woman said. The man next to him didn't seem to like talking very much. He was silent all the time, and most of his eyes were on the people around him.

Once again confirming that there was no danger, Wells nodded and led the two into the yard.

Lu Qiu always felt that Cheng Yilan gave her a very special feeling.

Not to mention anything else, the name of this person is very Chinese. Except for them, outsiders rarely seem to be so named.

Lu Chen went upstairs and brought down the turtle who was still in the corner.

Seeing the tortoise, Cheng Xianlan cherished it in her arms: "I didn't expect to see it. Thank you."

Lu Qiu asked curiously: "Are you all self-conscious robots? Your shapes are so realistic."

Cheng Yuanlan smiled again, and her smile was as mechanical as her voice.

"To be precise, I am a robot with Kaizhi. He is not. He is a robot. He has a human brain. The body is composed of special parts. This body is simulated skin. The heart and blood vessels are also made of artificial materials. "

Lu Fei is quite curious about this, and the empire has not studied this aspect yet.

Wells asked quietly, "Where are you from?"

There is no such technology in the entire Beast Empire, and these two are definitely not the people of the empire.

"We came from the Rhine Empire of the Hei Yao Galaxy. To be precise, it is another distant galaxy. We can pass through the wormhole. But you can rest assured that the coordinates of your galaxy are not exposed."

Several people were shocked and could not sit still.

Wells remained calm: "What do you want to do here?"

Seeing their nervousness, Cheng Xianlan explained: "Just come and take a look, get this thing back and leave soon. We have been to this galaxy thousands of years ago, and the planet was not this one at the time. , That should be called the central star. Several of our children accidentally came to this galaxy through a special space channel, this planet, settled here, and later, with the help of the aborigines here, a new country was established. "

Wells heard this inner shock.

It is the central star that has been destroyed. The information at that time is no longer available. Everything about that time and the origin of human genes in animals have become a mystery.

"The central star was destroyed thousands of years ago, and the planet is long gone."

Cheng Yuanlan seemed to have known this for a long time, and was not too surprised. "That planet is indeed approaching the threshold."

"You said that your children have built a new country?" Wells glanced at the two robots with his eyes fixed. This is really strange. How can robots have children?

Silver, who had not spoken next to him, said at this time: "It is my children, but they were not born normally."

The thing is very simple. Silver was originally a man-made gene warrior, and he was very strong (strong qiang). Later, an organization funded a research project to take him as the mother and put his genes together with various animal genes to study A bunch of half-human and half-animal monsters emerged. But except for a child who can become a human, all others can only maintain animal form.

Later, the organization was destroyed, and these animals were adopted by two people and raised as children. Later, after continuous study and experiment, they finally found a way to make animals into people. However, in the world where the two men are located, it is a pure human world. Later, robots opened their minds, and humans and robots lived in peace. Animals are just ordinary animals, and no other intelligent animals exist.

Therefore, these animals that can transform into humans are all aliens. They hide their identity and live in that world as humans. Until a certain point in time, they think they are dead, but they actually pass through a special space. The passage came to this galaxy.

This planet with only animals and no humans opened the door to another new world by them.

So the human genes in most animals go back a long way, and it can be said that they basically come from silver.

Cheng Yuanlan and Baiyin are robots and robots. They are immortal and immortal. They didn't know the existence here at first, but they also tracked down after many years.

It turned out that the truth that had plagued all animals for so many years was like this. Several people in the field were shocked for a while.

"How do we know that what you said is the truth." Lu Fei is skeptical.

Cheng Yuanlan smiled: "Do you believe that there is no (guanguan) system, we just say that. I did not expect that this galaxy has completely transformed into an orc world, it is quite interesting."

The two did not have a long-term idea, holding the turtle annunciator and planning to leave.

Lu Qiu watched them turn around and left, suddenly trotting and chasing up.


The two turned around.

Lu Qiu walked in front of Cheng Yilan and suddenly tried some authentic joke in Mandarin: "My name is Lu Qiu."

Cheng Yuanlan turned back in surprise and replied in Mandarin: "My name is Cheng Yuanlan. Are you too?"


Lu Qiu couldn't help but stepped forward and hugged her: "I've been guessing for a while, but I dare not admit it."

Cheng Yuanlan also hugged her with great joy and lived for so many years. This was the first fellow she met.

The two immediately opened the recognition site.

"What year have you been?"

"In 2019, it has been more than twenty years in this world."

"I have been a robot for too long, and I have cleared the memory several times, but I don't remember clearly. I checked. I was probably in the early twentieth century, when the mobile phone was already a smartphone."

"Me too, then our time should not be too long." Lu Qiu said with excitement. "How did you come here?"

"I died unexpectedly and wore it when I woke up."

"You wear it. I climbed the mountain and fell off the cliff. I didn't expect to be here when I woke up. I was wearing it. I'm too weak here. I almost died several times."

"That's still hello, I haven't even my body (shen), I'm a robot, and I only have a head and arms, which is miserable."

"Wow ... you are indeed a bit miserable."

Rarely met fellow, the two immediately snapped excitedly.

Wells has heard Lu Qiu say some things in the past over the years, but every time she talks about the past, her face is lonely (color), and she has never been so excited like now.

He glanced at Bai Yin, and the two neglected beloved wives, demon (lu), had a similar expression, and they sat together and started chatting day after day.

Cheng Yuanlan didn't leave for a while, and the two began to reminisce about the old with words that others could not understand.

The three children looked left and right at the same time.

This chat was in the evening.

The native language that is about to be forgotten is from jerky to proficient.

Finally, Lu Qiu asked a question: "Have you found the earth?"

Although she had no idea of ​​going back to life, she still wanted to know a little news about her hometown, still thinking about the development of the motherland and what happened there.

Cheng Yuanlan shook her head a little bit lost: "I have been looking for so many years, but it is still not. The universe is too big, the earth is just a little bit in it, and the places we explore are limited. But I believe that one day You can find it, you can go back and see. When you can find it, invite you to go back together. "

Lu Qiu nodded his head expectantly.

After adding terminal friends, two unexpected visitors left.

Although I don't know if I can have a chance to meet again, Lu Qiu is suddenly full of hope for the future.

Even fellows can see, what else is impossible.

Long stride stepping house, she shouted in a very good mood: "Eating and eating, all talked about forgetting to eat, so hungry!"

Wells smiled and caught up: "Did you forget something."

"What else?"

"Forgot to teach me your native language."

"Huh, haven't I taught?"

"you have not."

"Teach slowly after that, our time is still very long. Let you experience the pain of learning new language.

"It depends on how your teacher teaches."

"do not underestimate me!"

"Mom, I have to learn too!"

"I also want."


There will be a long time to come. You may meet new people, new things and new scenery.

But no matter what kind, it is a beautiful experience that is worth remembering forever.

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