Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 329 What do you want to do tonight?

   Chapter 329 What do you want to do tonight?

   Shen Mu was very anxious as soon as he received the news.

  A major opportunity that can change your life and mine? You must hurry up!

   He just clicked on the link, really curious about the important registration that could affect their Pei's future, he was more nervous than applying for an IPO.

  After three seconds of lag, the link was displayed - 'The registration for the 10th National Calligraphy Competition is in full swing! ’

   Shenmu, "..."

   Then, another message from his president came.

  ╬ 氵隹鎶gゆ: Sign up for me.


  The Calligraphy Association did not have an exchange meeting today, and there were not many people at the meeting. Su Ji met a few old ladies with Lv Ailian, and also received an invitation to the reception tomorrow night.

  The old ladies were surrounding a man who was writing oracle bones and making a 'wow' sound at his writing.

  Su Ji can see that person clearly, isn't that busy person Bian Tong who has come and gone without a trace?

   He traveled around the three countries during the Chinese New Year, and only came back. Hearing that Pei Huai said that he was still a poor traveler, eating and drinking everywhere.

   saw Su Ji and greeted him politely.

  Su Ji walked to the same direction as him, read his beautiful handwriting, and joked, "The cost of any lawsuit is enough for lawyer Bian to spend a whole year abroad, why save so much?"

  Bian Tong wrote in a tidy manner, "I wonder if Miss Su understands the depreciation speed of global wealth."

  Su Ji, "?"

  Bian Tong, "Miss Su, listen to me..."

five minutes later.

  Bian Tong, "So the money I've saved now may be enough to buy a big villa in a hundred years."

   He is a very interesting person. Others spend half a year and a year, but whether he is an example or something, the unit of time is often a hundred years.

   But Su Ji felt that what he said was very reasonable, rubbed his chin and thought about it.

  The price of things has changed a lot now compared to thousands of years ago.

  Bian Tong said that she didn't need to save, saying that his brother Huai's family would be enough for her to spend at will in five hundred years.

   But Su Ji said no, people must have a sense of crisis and be prepared for danger in times of safety.

  The two people get together and cherish each other like this.

   Zhu Mingzhang came to look for Su Ji, and Su Ji left from Bian Tong.

  Before she left, Bian Tong had just finished a word.

   There was a lot of 'wow' from the old lady around, and Bian Tong gradually lost himself in the 'wow' from the old lady, and wrote one picture after another.

  Su Ji has never seen him have such enthusiasm and patience for any young girl.

   Zhu Mingzhang had nothing to do with Su Ji, except to ask her for calligraphy and painting.

   Isn't this a calligraphy contest soon? Zhu Mingzhang has been very diligent and hardworking recently.

   He invited Master back to his office. There were several newly written characters on a huge desk. The ink was still dry, and the back of the sofa next to him was full of characters.

  Su Ji took a picture and put it on his arm to see, "The progress is not small."

  Zhu Mingzhang bowed his hands and paid great attention to the etiquette of respecting the teacher and respecting the Tao, "Master, the vertical hook is my weakness, and I always bring in other fonts unconsciously. You can give me more guidance."

   The little assistant next to him came to serve tea for the two of them.

   The little assistant had long known that this great professor in his family had even worshipped a female star as his teacher.

   In addition to shock, shock.

  I once thought about joining Su Ji's calligraphy class to find out, but unfortunately her class was too expensive, so he couldn't get in.

   Seeing the real person today, the little assistant was really shocked, was only shocked by her beauty.

   remains skeptical about her calligraphy skills.

   But then, just after he set the teacup, he saw Su Ji casually pinching a brush, pinching the brush in a casual manner, fading the ink in the clear water, and then stacking a stroke directly on the corresponding position of Zhu Mingzhang's calligraphy.

   The assistant was stunned before it was too late to regret that Professor Zhu's original work was destroyed.

   The same vertical hook, the brush movement is the same, but when Su Ji writes it, it really has the taste of Huajin style!

   The little assistant froze in place with the empty tea tray, looked at Su Ji, and at the word she had changed, "..."

   And Su Ji's brushstrokes after the faded ink color were superimposed on Zhu Mingzhang's original brushstrokes. At a glance, Zhu Mingzhang also understood where his previous mistakes were, and nodded again and again.

   The little assistant came in full of questions, but when he left the office, he had respect for a young and beautiful master of calligraphy in his heart!

In the room, Su Ji raised his chin towards Zhu Mingzhang, "How are the preparations for the calligraphy competition?"

  Zhu Mingzhang, "Returning to Master, the champion is definitely no problem, but, given my position in the calligraphy world, I can't demand myself from the standard of an ordinary champion."

  Su Ji patted him on the shoulder, "Come on."


   On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the Lantern Festival was celebrated. The next day, on the day of the Lantern Festival, Xu Mingzhi cooked a bag by himself... Frozen Lantern Festival.

   Made two kinds, one fried and one boiled.

  The outer skin of the fried Lantern Festival pops open, and the sesame filling inside flows out. Just by looking at it, you can imagine the crispy sound and the super sweet taste bud feast after the entrance and exit.

  Su Ji prefers the fried bowl, Xu Mingzhi eats the boiled bowl.

  Xu Mingzhi blew the Lantern Festival in the bowl and asked her, "Baby, how is Xiao Pei's mood recently?"

  Su Ji almost blurted out 'What's the mood? ’

   Then he suddenly remembered the divorce of his parents.

   Pei Huai was completely relieved after Su Ji said 'we are a good match', but he specially reminded Su Ji that if Ms. Xu asked, try to be pessimistic, and only then could Ms. Xu put her with him.

  Su Ji bit a crispy Lantern Festival, and the sweet sesame filling flowed out, she said, "It's better than a while ago, but..."

  Xu Mingzhi expressed his understanding, "You can spend more time with him."

  Su Ji, "Oh..."

   In the morning, Su Ji went to Xu Ni's house as usual to treat her mother.

   She is determined to win this million.

   And through recent observations and adjustments to the treatment method, she feels that it is fast.

   Lu Ailian was very happy to see her coming. She didn't think that Su Ji could really cure Qin Bingjie's madness, so she wanted to use this opportunity to create a chance for Su Ji and her grandson to get along, and even asked the servant to bring fruit upstairs.

   Su Ji is 10 million people who have a crush on her, but Lu Ailian has a crush on her directly!

   Xu Ni had something on her mind today, and Su Ji knew it as soon as she entered her room.

   But she didn't ask, she gags her step by step, and then gave Qin Bingjie acupuncture.

During this period of time, Su Ji used four-pronged methods of scraping, acupuncture, cupping, and medication. Qin Bingjie is more and more awake now. In order to prevent her from getting agitated, Su Ji used acupuncture before treatment to make her fall asleep, which is also convenient for her to follow. Xu Ni spoke.

After 20 minutes, Xu Ni couldn't bear it anymore, and stopped talking about those useless things, and directly said to Su Ji, "My mother will also attend the reception tonight, and my grandmother said she is Mrs. Xu, and I won't attend outsiders on such an important occasion. It's easy to guess."

   "It also makes sense," Su Ji nodded. "She is basically stable now, as long as it doesn't irritate her, there shouldn't be a big problem."

   Who knew that Xu Ni said, "I'm afraid I'll irritate her tonight."

  Su Ji's acupuncture hand stopped for a moment, and a pair of smiling eyes looked up at her, "What do you want to do tonight?"

   (end of this chapter)

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