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May The Peace Be With You In The Golden Age
Genre: Romance

May The Peace Be With You In The Golden Age

In her previous life, Sheng Ning was ignorant and naïve. She was a “villain” with a horrible reputation ever since childhood. She was framed by her friend, betrayed by her beloved, and finally died a tragic death all alone. When she is reborn to the year 1983, she will open her eyes this time and recognize the true nature of the people around her. She will work diligently. In this life, she won’t let her younger sister die for her again. She will become the proudest rose of the Art Troupe. She will be an excellent female soldier, a pious daughter, and a qualified elder sister. Let’s watch how she burns her boats and saves her sister from her ill fate. She will turn the tides and lead her entire family to reformation, to become rich and live a prosperous life. With greed in her eyes, she swears to take down the stern-faced commander, the legendary devil incarnate.


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