Misplacement Game

Chapter 140 Fan Wai: When the horror game player meets the NPC husband who has strong dog food

Fan Wai: When the horror game player meets the npc husband who has strong dog food

The experience of Xu Ziyue after converting into data is somewhat peculiar. His database was wrapped in the data of the main system, but it was split and not falsified by other data.

In fact, the most want to tamper with Xu Ziyue's data is his own... for example, the size of the height... but everything has been modified by the main system, so the most you can only play the data, free to go to those In the copy world.

But because it has been in the main system for a long time, no matter which copy world the Xuzi goes to, the edge npc that is just out of the frame and copied and produced in large quantities can't help but move closer to Xu.

On this day, Xu Zi went into a copy called "Midnight Cemetery."

In the space of the main system, whether it is Xu Ziyue or the main system, it appears in the form of data. To become a human being, it is necessary to enter the copy. So compared to the system space, Xu Zi prefers to live in the copy of that one.

The copy of the midnight cemetery bossnpc is the guardian of the grave. After Xu Ziyue intervened, the system automatically added an npc quota. The identity of Xu Ziyue became the "companion of the grave guardian."

Unlike the usual stewards, the older men are different. The boss here is a young man with a white face. After Xu Ziyue promised to convert to data, the main system would be happy to make a hobby in every copy game - I like what you want.

This time is no exception.

Young people have deep eyes and look at Xu Ziyue's eyes full of love. His facial features are three-dimensional, with sharp outlines. His narrow eyes make him feel more distant, but when he is facing the side of his body, he will squint his lips. That a sense of indifference disappeared without a trace.

"Hello..." The players who had already communicated with each other couldn't help but interrupted Xu Ziyue's warm gaze on the new look of the partner. The headed player twitched and said: "We are the intern... ...what should we do?"

He is not a very small person, but he is just a normal person.

Standing in front of a cemetery that is dark and inaudible, and the only light source around it is only the flashlight of the npc mobile phone, it is impossible to be a bit unscrupulous.

The most experienced in the field has only experienced two games.

As npc, and is the npc that has been given the maximum permission of the game, the panel of these players in front of him is clear in front of him.

Their task is to follow the gravekeepers to understand their work for the next three days, and their work is summarized in the cemetery. In addition to the first night, there are cemetery leaders to understand the route, the next two nights They need to implement it themselves.

In the past three days, there was only one way to clear the customs, that is to find an empty tomb. Of course, a tomb can only have one person who passes customs. The only thing that knows if the tomb is empty is that it can only be known at the place where the ashes are stored.

An empty casket represents an empty tomb. Even so, how difficult is it to find the corresponding tombstone in the cemetery of a thousand acres of land that only points to the approximate location?

Not to mention the casual opening of the ashes containing the ashes, which may surprise you.

The difficulty of this level is not too small.

The twenty players in front of them, because of the specific customs clearance method, are companions and opponents. Players don’t even dare to tell others the empty casket they found...

All in all, Xu Ziyue is worried about them.

The answer to the players' problems is the cemetery boss who is not willing to be interrupted.

"Follow me on the night."

The player's setting is for students who come to the cemetery for internship. However, this group of players seems to have a look from the teens to the fourteenths. Therefore, Xu Zi feels that some settings are ignored.

The cemetery is large, and their original location is in front of the most important cemetery in the cemetery.

The cemetery boss holds the most common flashlight, wearing a uniform of guards, looks very handsome, and is not easy to let people associate with the identity of the grave guard.

"The first thing we patrolled was this cemetery. The main check was whether anyone stayed in the cemetery." The man’s voice succinctly described the guiding words. "Follow me, I will not go after losing." Yours."

Xu Ziyue was standing next to the man. He saw the man intending to turn around and lead the way. He had not yet joined in to catch up. The man extended his hand and handed it to Xu Ziyue. The tone was soft and soft. "Lead me, don't lose it." ”

The players who are whispering are suddenly quiet, just subconsciously looking over the past...

What happened to these two npcs?

Player Li Xi has experienced two games and has successfully cleared the game. He is good at observation, but this time the game will clearly put the customs clearance in front of the players, do not need to find it yourself, just do it step by step. But the difficulty of this is still not small.

Like the novice guide npc, and the npc around the grave guard, maybe there is information he can dig out... He thought so, after seeing the behavior of the grave guard, he silently filled it up. A note: These two npcs are a bit strange.

There are very few words about the grave guard, but the player has been whispering behind. Xu Ziyue is not very clear, and wants to join - it is obvious that the players said how to let him participate.

The Xu, who couldn’t stand the tickle, tickles the fingers that are held in the palm of his hand.

The name of the main system can be arbitrarily shouted. Xu Ziyue sometimes even shouts and then sees if he can react.

The way, and a super brain-higher than the reaction speed, Xu Zi is definitely not successful once.

The main system feels that the original Xu Zi is very good, so Xu Ziyue's various data are kept in the same way... So, he still does not feel that he is smart because he becomes data.

Shen Shen side over the head, slightly lowered to see Xu Ziyue, a low smile and a slight smile, and then responded to the general is also in the Xu Zi more hand hooked fingers.

Xu Ziyue stayed for a moment... The feet on the steps were lowered, and if he didn’t pay attention, he would fall down.

Shen Zi grabbed Xu Ziyue and helped Xu Zi to stabilize.

"Wow - I thought I was going to fall and disfigure." Xu Zi looked behind the stairs with fear.

Shen shook his head and shook his head. "If you are not careful, don't do small things."

"Cough... This should blame you for attracting my attention..." Xu Ziyue found a very stubborn reason.

Players feel that the atmosphere of this pair of npc is too special, not as weird as it used to be.

Even a little active feeling?

So Li Xi tried to ask: "That, I can ask how long we have to go this way?"

Seeing that the tomb guard who was incomparably gentle to another npc turned back, his eyes were obviously cold, "all have to patrol again."

The black lacquered cemetery is large, and after the cemetery is finished, they have to go to other locations, such as the ashes storage place and the morgue. Of course, the most important thing is these three.

It takes a while for the entire cemetery to go down.

And these intern players, only when they are internship at night, can go to find the casket... Of course, if the necessary patrol tasks are not finished, there will be bad consequences - these are not mentioned, in the moment, They just want to recognize the layout of the cemetery a little faster.

But the more they have, the more they feel that the atmosphere of the first two npcs is different... because they stopped talking all the way like this:

"There are mosquitoes biting me! Why are there mosquitoes!"

After a few seconds of silence, the tomb guard said: "I don't know if the saliva can be disinfected."

"?! Shouldn't the mosquitoes disappear?"

"...I think I can use the method I just said."


"I seem to see a wildfire..."

[The player whispered: "I saw it too."

The tomb guard leaned down and asked, "Are you afraid?" Waiting for another person to answer him, he continued: "Don't be afraid, I am."

"...No, I think I am a little excited."

Tomb guard: "..."

There is also this:

"You look good in uniform... sucking ~"

The grave guard confused: "What strange tone is that?"

"That is to describe that I can't help but drool when I see you!"

"I think so too." The grave guard chuckled. "It seems that I am wearing it."

"This is great too! I love you!!!"

And this:

"I feel so tired... I can't walk, I don't want to go..."

The grave guard asked: "This is work... then... want me to carry you?"

Then the cemetery squatted in front of another npc, and took the npc back and walked all the way!

Players are wary all the way, but all the way to safety, is the npc's style is not right, otherwise they feel that this copy is not triggered in the early stage is high?

Until a player can't help but ask.

"That... I want to ask if the job in the cemetery is...?" The meaning is to ask Xu Ziyue's npc identity.

Xu Ziyue looked at Shen's remarks and waited for him to reply. The remarks were not too indifferent, and even some people told the players: "He is my family."

"... Is that your brother?" But even if it is a younger brother, I feel like holding hands, and what about saliva, seems to have been some?

Shen Shi shook his head and denied: "No, he is my lover."

Players collective: "???"

Is this hiding the spur line? Deliberately set this in the game?

Thanks to the fact that every character in the game has their existence, the players have not felt uncomfortable despite being forced to stuff the dog food all the way. Because this is probably what is hidden...maybe.

For example, one of them is hurt and the other is mad?

In short, the players are so envisioned for the time being.

After being told about the relationship, the pair of npcs will not converge even more.

In the ashes storage place, the family npc said: "The casket is so good."

The grave guard said: "Well? Is there anything I look good?"

"You vinegar is too much... but of course you still look good."

The grave guard got a satisfactory answer and turned to look at the casket. "What style do you like? We can choose one and put us up."

Then the players collectively look at the past.

Xu Ziyue: "...no, I don't really like cremation."

Shen Shen nodded and continued to speak amazingly: "Then we will continue to sleep."

So the players who just relaxed their vigilance have all warned the pair of npc husbands...

One night was in a safe situation, and players who were forced to stuff dog food overnight were sent to the arranged staff quarters.

Then Xu Ziyue followed Shen Shen to the room where they lived.

Back to the room, Xu Ziyin put himself on the bed, sighed comfortably, and then asked: "Are you closing the game?"

When he resigned, he raised his hand and pulled the tie and released it. Then he went to the bed and kneeled on the bedside of Xu Ziyue's side, leaned down and kissed him without saying a word.

The slightly hot kiss ignited the body temperature of the two, and it seemed that the temperature in the room also rose.

Shen Zi loosened the palm of Xu's head, and slowly let go. The tone also said with a stock of stocks: "I am afraid that you will scare and cry."

Xu Zi has licked his lips with a sigh of relief. "I won't be, and you are not by my side?"

"Lie." Shen Qi squeezed the nose of Xu Ziyue. "I obviously also at that time."

"Cough... That's not the same. Because at the time I didn't know you were a big man. Not to mention... you are big now~"

"big" in all senses.

Shen Zi picked up his eyebrows and accepted Xu Ziyue's teasing.

All in all, it’s up.

As for those players... After the first night of calm, the horror and panic that must have been experienced in the horror game that should have been experienced.

But some players have found a rule, as long as they can endure the process of stuffing the dog food in front of the gravekeeper npc, you can get security.

But this is not able to pass the customs - the peace of the game can be very satisfying.

After all, dog food and safety, they choose to eat dog food.

This phenomenon frequently appears in the copy of Xu Ziyu.

Players believe that this is probably the maliciousness of the designer to the singles.

The author has something to say: The last one!

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The creation **** gave a prophecy to the reformers, and there will be a child who will destroy the world in the future... Halfway through the prophecy, the dying person was crossed.

Creation God:...

After that, God created a prophecy and said: As long as you cultivate well, the world will not be destroyed.

At first, the cultivators did not believe that they would remove the “destroyers” directly, and then they could not succeed because of “accidental” or “carelessness”.

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