Mountain and River Pillow

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    Changyue responded, and then he rode his sword and crossed the entire battlefield, rushed into the Huajing City, and said loudly: "I am the servant of the Wei family, the master of the family invites all the elders, If you have the power to fight, bring a knife and a hoe, and fight with us!"

    After this shout, one of the big men carried a long knife and said angrily: "I have wanted to kill the enemy for a long time!"

    "Yes!" Someone responded: "They have been intimidating for so long, it is time to let them know that they are great!"


      Three civilians helped a Chu army, and the battle situation was reversed in an instant.

    Chu Yu watched from a distance, looking at the soldiers and people fighting on the battlefield, she couldn't help but smile.

    The sun rose completely from the east, and the sun filled the entire Huajing. The iron cavalry roared from the sunrise in the east. Chu Yu turned back quickly, and then saw a "Song" flag flying. From the top of the mountain, it slowly rose. Not long after, two jujube red horses appeared in everyone's sight. Jiang Chun and Song Shilan kept pace, leading the soldiers to dive down from the hillside.

    "Song Shilan is here."

    The voice of the eldest princess could not be restrained, and it was full of excitement.

    If the participation of the common people turned the tide of the battle, then after Song Shilan's army arrived, the victory and defeat would already be overwhelming.

    Chu Yu quietly looked at Jiang Chun beside Song Shilan. She was wearing a long Tsing Yi dress, and she had a bit of arrogance that she did not have in the past. It seemed that she noticed Chu Yu's gaze, and Jiang Chun raised her head.

    Under the sun, Jiang Chun smiled and nodded towards Chu Yu.

    And then she and Song Shilan swooped into the battle.

    "Can we enter Beijing?"

    The eldest princess observed the battle, Chu Yu was silent, and after a while, she calmly said, "Enter the city."

    After finishing speaking, Chu Yu got into the car and the eldest princess also got into her phoenix.

    Chu Yu's chariot followed the eldest princess, and two luxurious chariots drove slowly from the battlefield to the gate of Huajing.


    In the dungeon, Gu Chusheng heard people cheering and scolding outside, he got up and said, "I'll go out and have a look."

    Speaking, Gu Chusheng went out. After a while, he returned happily and opened the door: "Ayu has led the troops into the city! Wei Yun, come, I will carry you to see her."

    When Wei Yun heard Chu Yu's name, he was stunned. Gu Chusheng carried him on his back, and then greeted the dumbfounded Shen Wushuang: "Shen Wushuang, hurry up! Let's go."

    Shen Wushuang's eyes fell on Wei Yun, Wei Yun smiled: "Wushuang, let's go."

    Shen Wushuang lowered his eyes, Gu Chusheng said happily: "Forget it, we'll come back to pick you up."

    He then ran out, but Shen Wushuang stood there for a while before running out.

    Wei Yun was carried by Gu Chusheng, and when he walked out of the dungeon and the light shone on him, he finally realized who he was going to see.

    He was so nervous that he suddenly grabbed Gu Chusheng's shoulder: "Brother Gu."


    "I can't see her like this."

    Gu Chusheng was stunned for a while, Wei Yun smiled: "You and I are like this, how are you suitable to meet your sweetheart?"

    Gu Chusheng finally reacted, he thought about it, and laughed: "Yes."

    Speaking, he carried Wei Yun on his back and said, "Let's change clothes first."

    Now the palace is in chaos, and almost all the Beidi people have left the city. As soon as Gu Chusheng appeared, he quickly found a eunuch, found a side hall, and prepared his clothes.

    After the three of them washed briefly in the side hall, they changed into Chinese clothes and jade crowns, and wore sachets and jade pendants. Then Gu Chusheng found a wheelchair for Wei Yun and pushed him to the palace gate.

    The news of Chu Yu and the eldest princess entering the palace has come, and the battle situation outside has been decided.

    Gu Chusheng led the servants and servants in the palace, along with Wei Yun, behind the palace gate, the palace gate opened little by little, and the faces of the people on both sides gradually showed from the cracks in the door, as if the scrolls were slowly spreading spread out.

    Chu Yu and the eldest princess stood side by side outside the door. They were dressed in gorgeous clothes, with straight backs, elegant and beautiful postures, as if they were the beautiful mountains and rivers of Da Chu, gentle and noble. Behind them stood blood-stained soldiers, Qin Shiyue, Chu Linyang, Song Shilan, Jiang Chun, Changyue, Wanyue...

    These people are lined up, their battle clothes are stained with blood, and their swords are sharp.

    After that, it is the soldiers, the common people, the common people, and the new life and future of Da Chu.

    In the palace city, Wei Yun and Gu Chusheng stood and sat, Wei Yun was wearing a white jade crown, and Gu Chusheng was wearing a red crown and a golden crown. Wei Yun's whole body was terribly thin. Except for his face, all the leaking parts of his body were covered with scars, which shows how cruel he had been treated.

    They have gone through the hardest road, but they are still calmly welcoming everyone at this moment.

    Chu Yu's eyes kept falling on Wei Yun, his smile was gentle and calm, as if a spring sunshine fell on the window edge in the afternoon, reflecting the peach blossoms with warmth.

    The city gate made a dull sound and finally opened completely. The two teams looked at each other quietly, and after a while, Gu Chusheng suppressed his excitement, led the crowd, and slowly kowtowed.

    "Chen, Gu Chusheng," he said with a cry in his voice: "Welcome Her Royal Highness to Beijing!"

    Gu Chusheng took the lead, and everyone knelt down. The eldest princess looked calm, she turned her head to look at Chu Yu who was staring at Wei Yun blankly, pushed her and said, "What are you afraid of!"

    Chu Yu came back to her senses, she smiled hard. Then, under everyone's attention, she walked forward and stopped in front of Wei Yun.

    She had a lot to say, but she didn't know what to say for a while, Wei Yun looked up at her, but smiled lightly.

    "I knew you were coming to pick me up."

    He said softly: "You picked me up from here when you were fourteen years old. Look, you are here today."

    Hearing this, Chu Yu finally couldn't hold back any longer, she squatted down and hugged him tightly.

    For so long, all the fears erupted at this moment, she gritted her teeth and held tears, but she did not dare to speak.

    Wei Yun raised her hand and brushed it over her hair, with tenderness in her eyes.

    "Ayu," he said softly, "We can go home."


    Chu Yu said hoarsely: "Let's go home."

    From the age of fourteen to the age of twenty-one, along the way, they supported each other, pulled out the light in the dark, and went upstream in the desperate situation.

      She accompanies him for the rest of his life, and he protects her for the rest of his life.

    If you don't promise, you will live your life.

    At the end of the autumn of the fifth year of Yuanhe, due to the heavy taxation, the constant wars, and the people's hardship, Wei Yun, the marquis of the town, was forced to take matters into his own hands and established himself as King Ping. The "Ten Books of Asking Sins" questioned the emperor, and the world was shaken, and the princes responded.

    For a time, the Song clan in Qiongzhou, the Chu clan in Luozhou, and the Wang clan in Huazhou established themselves.

    In the spring of the sixth year of Yuanhe, Bei Di and Chen Guo joined forces to commit the crime. Bai, Qiong, and Huazhou suffered a great epidemic. Bei Di colluded with the thief Zhao Yue and went straight to Huajing. In Beijing, Wei Yun, the king of Ping, would not surrender, and the whole world felt the integrity of King Wei, and fought desperately. Mrs. Wei, Chu Yu, sat on the battlefield as a surrogate, and commanded the right general Shen You to lead the Beidi enemy troops to the Xueling to be buried in an avalanche with gunpowder. She also ordered the left general Qin Shiyue to defeat the Zhao army, and then joined the Luozhou Chu clan. , Qiongzhou Song clan allied, the three armies took down Huazhou, and the long princess entered the capital. Because the long princess was the daughter of Emperor Chunde and was pregnant with the son of Zhao clan, she was promoted as the female emperor, assisted by Wei and Gu, and acted as the regent of the emperor. , changed the year name to Shunping.

    The first year of Shunping, June.

    Wei Yun finally put everything together, and gathered enough dowry gifts to be hired.

    After the appointment, the family of the two parties set a wedding date. June 16th is the day when the two get married.

    That morning, Wei Yun combed his hair and went to Chu's house early. Chu Yu stood in front of the mirror and combed her hair, her belly had grown, and her wedding dress had been changed a lot. Chu Jin combed her hair behind her, and Xie Yun cried quietly behind her.

    "I don't know what your fate is, why you are so bitter. You marry with such a big belly, and I don't know how much bullying you will suffer..."

    "Okay, mother," Chu Jin became a little impatient, she said: "Wei Yun has a deep affection for her sister, everyone in the world knows it, mother, don't say this anymore. It doesn't matter."

    "It doesn't matter?" Xie Yun raised her head: "How dare you tell me? Look at your face, your reputation, what did you do in Fengling when you were idle? Are you still willing to marry you? You won't let that hairy boy Han Min marry you. Oh, if he wants to marry you, I am thankful! But even if you are kind to others, they won't spend your whole life on them, right? "

    "As for," Han Min's voice suddenly came from outside, and said happily: "I don't mind!"


    Chu Jin smashed the comb out and said angrily, "It's none of your business, go out!"

    Han Min smiled, waved his hand, and quickly shrank his head and pretended to disappear.

    Xie Yun didn't expect Han Min to be outside, and was a little embarrassed for a while, Chu Jin put a phoenix hairpin on Chu Yu's hairpin, and heard the voice of a maid salute from outside, and then saw Jiang Chun walked in.

    Jiang Chun came to the room, looked Chu Yu up and down, Chu Yu smiled and said, "What are you doing?"

    "Come and see the bride."

    Jiang Chun said frankly: "Originally, Alan and Wei County wanted to come, but they didn't come because they were afraid of too many people."

    "How's the Princess Wei?"

    "It's pretty good," Jiang Chun laughed: "As soon as the battle was over, Qin Shiyue's idiots went to the Wei Wang's mansion and knelt at the gate of the Wei Wang's mansion to ask to marry the county master. The county master listened. After that, I panicked and ran all the way from Baizhou to Qingzhou, and I heard that the palace of Wei Wang was almost set on fire, and then the two got engaged there."


    "Come on."

    Chu Yu has a big belly recently and can't walk around. She doesn't know as much news as Jiang Chun, so she continued: "Shen You is better?"

    After Shen You was dug out of the snow-capped mountains by Wang Lan, he said that his legs could not go, so he stayed on the bed all the time. Wang Lan took care of him every day, and it looked a bit strange.

    Jiang Chun said Shen You and laughed: "He has already recovered, and he is coaxing Alan through Shen Wushuang, but Alan is not stupid, he has known it for a long time, just don't say That's it. I guess," Jiang Chun thought for a while: "After a while, Alan's happy event will be near."

    "Shen Wushuang okay?"

    Chu Yu knew how Shen Wushuang had just been rescued, Jiang Chun sighed and nodded: "Bai Chang takes care of it every day, teaching reading word by word. I heard that I don't know what happened late, Bai Chang cried in the room all night, then jumped into the river, and after Shen Wushuang went to the river to pull people up, the two of them were fine."

    The phrase "the two will be fine" was used meaningfully, and Chu Yu understood that Shen Wushuang was not only healed, but he might have a marriage soon.

    Chu Yu felt warm when she heard Jiang Chun talk about everyone's affairs.

    Not long after, there was a noise outside, and the maid hurried in and said, "No, it's not good, Master Han and Master Wei are fighting!"

    Everyone was stunned when they heard this, Jiang Chun was the first to react, and quickly said: "Which son of the Wei family?"

    "Big... big son..."

    Before he finished speaking, Jiang Chun ran out, Chu Yu quickly took Chu Jin and others up, and saw Wei Lingchun and Han Min fighting **** the eaves.

    Han Min's skills are not as good as Wei Lingchun's, but he is very good at hidden weapons. Seeing that he is in a hurry, he is about to release hidden weapons when he rolls up his sleeves, Chu Jin hurriedly said: "Don't mess around. !"

    That is, at that moment, a red dress suddenly swept up the eaves, grabbed the collar with one hand, and threw it directly to both sides, the young man's face was like jade, and he said with a smile: "I On a big day, what to play?"

    Speaking, the other party turned his head and saw Chu Yu who was watching the play. Chu Yu was wearing a phoenix crown with her hands around her chest. She was leaning against the door and looked up at the excitement. Chu Yu was stunned for a moment when the young man looked at him.


    The two looked at each other quietly for a moment, and both laughed. Wei Yun pursed his lips, as if feeling a little embarrassed, and jumped down again. Gu Chusheng looked at him coldly and said, "Jumping around on big happy days, do you think you are a monkey?"

    Wei Yun smiled and said embarrassedly: "I...I don't think Ayu can't see?"

    Gu Chusheng snorted softly and turned to look at the Chu family.

    This time Wei Yun brought him to play, he wanted to refuse. However, at the last moment, he suddenly felt.

    If you want to say goodbye, at least you should say goodbye to the past thoroughly, cleanly, and without any grudges.

    He and Song Shilan stood behind Wei Yun, followed by Shen You, Shen Wushuang, Qin Shiyue and others.

    When the auspicious time arrived, the firecrackers remembered, the door opened, and the bride held a red silk and was led out. Wei Yun was a little nervous, and was led forward, holding one end of the red silk.

    For a moment, he suddenly thought, if this was the first time they met, and if it was him who betrothed her back then, would this marriage be better?

    He has never called her Miss Chu in his life, it seems that from the first time they met, they had a lot of identities.

    He suddenly wanted to call her Miss Chu, and hoped that he would meet her when she was a girl.

    So he held the red silk and said softly.

    "Miss Chu," he said, "be careful with your feet."

     Chu Yu laughed lightly when she heard the call.

    She understood why he was calling, she pursed her lips and said softly.

    "Wei Yun, in fact, I think it's better to marry you after I like you."

    Wei Yun was stunned for a moment, and that "like" dilutes all the bitterness and unwillingness.

    He quietly raised his head and looked at all the people who were looking at them with a smile. Shen You whistled happily, Gu Chusheng had gentleness in his eyes, and everyone expressed their blessings and joy in their own way.

    Every encounter is beautiful.

    It was wonderful to meet you at the best of times.

    I can meet the best you in time without any regrets.

    As far as Chuyu is concerned, she is very grateful.

    I am grateful to have this feeling, it is as delicate as the rain in the night and early spring, and it is as free and easy as the breeze travels thousands of miles.

    Heaven and earth are seats, mountains and rivers are pillows, where you are, is the rest of your life.

    "Wei Yun," she called softly, "Pull me."

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