My Chaos City

~ End of this testimonial

My chaos is made, three million words are out there, it's over!

In fact, there are many regrets about this book.

The second month after it was launched was still the third month. Because of family trivial matters, I was depressed for a while, lost the draft, cut off the update, and stretched the plot.

At that time, it was not considered to continue to write books.

Later, I reluctantly insisted, and there is no more passion at the beginning, and now I regret it when I think about it, and even more ashamed.

No matter what, the criticism of Li Hanqiang is over. Thank you for your continued support and company, thank you for every comment, and thank you for reading.

Special thanks to Qingyu Feather, Qin Shihuang X and other bosses for their rewards, and thanks to all book friends for their recommended tickets and monthly tickets!

The new book [Inspiration Proof] has been published, Xian Xia, this is a savage cultivating story. The protagonist relies on inspiration to explode in deduction of exercises, upgrade spells, and study alchemy.

With one thought, the technique was crooked.

One thought, the magic weapon was out of shape.

One thought, the spell is not some weird and interesting spells, magic weapons, pills, etc. will be produced, and the protagonist will be very strong.

The introduction is attached below:


Gifts of inspiration at the start!

With a trace of inspiration, divine mind speeds.

Lose a fight of inspiration and change your epiphany!

One day, Han Tiehu's brain sounded a system prompt, and he was inspired to cultivate immortals ever since.

No inspiration, no immortality.

Inspiration bursts, cultivation techniques are upgraded, **** pill is created, and Qibao is born!

One person gains the Tao, ascends tomorrow, and is inspired to prove the Tao.


I implore the big guys to continue to support and vote for more recommendations for the new book. If you have any suggestions, feel free to mention it, thanks!

Finally, I wish you good health! Happy life! Every day goes well!

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