My Cunning Little Wife

Chapter 399

In the evening, after Luo Yi coaxed her son to sleep, she was about to collapse. She handed the child over to Aunt Fang. She remembered that the clothes she brought back from the hospital today had not been put away. There were some personal things in them, so she didn't ask aunt Fang to clean them up.

When she put most of her clothes out of the wardrobe, she put them in a small bag and put them in.

He took it down, touched his hair and thought about it seriously.

As soon as Mu Cheng entered the bedroom, he saw her standing in front of the wardrobe and whispered, "who let you get out of bed!"

As soon as Roy turned around, the whole person was picked up, and the man looked down at her, "what do you want to take? Won't you call me? The doctor said you can't get out of bed yet! " Just after giving birth to a child, I still have such a rambling attitude.

She pouted. "You mean me?"

His attitude is a little bit bad, and he will be accused of being fierce. Mucheng has been used to, "I enjoy your body, and I don't have the sovereignty to protect it yet?"

She looked at the man's serious face and raised the clothes in her hand. "Didn't I lose this coat?"

"It's back."

"Are you short of clothes?" There is a cloakroom downstairs, which is specially for their clothes. Although his clothes are all in the same black series, each one is valuable.

"Not bad." Mucheng took her to the bedside and put her on the bed. Roy reached out and grabbed his collar. "If you are poor, I won't buy a big diamond ring."

A few days ago, in the hospital, when he had nothing to do, he asked people to send the style of the wedding ring. Instead of buying it, she didn't like it. It was better for her to choose it slowly. This was his original intention. The surprise of marriage proposal would not happen to them. He wanted to spend the rest of his life quietly.

Mu Cheng raised his hand and rubbed her head, "what are you thinking all day long?"

"I really like big diamond rings, but if you don't have money, it doesn't matter. Just buy a smaller one."

The man seemed to be laughing, sitting on the bed, looking at her serious expression, he felt very funny, "don't worry, no matter how poor you are, you can support yourself. If you marry me, I will only make you better than before."

The goose face of the woman appeared puzzled, "then how can you pick up clothes from the trash can?" She never thought that he would pick up the clothes from the garbage can at that time. He was very generous to her at ordinary times, but she still wanted to accommodate him more when they lived together.

"You bought this coat for me. I like it very much."

"You talk nonsense. If you like it, why don't you wear it?" The label on it hasn't been removed yet.

Mucheng took the coat in her hand, got up and went to the wardrobe, hung it up, "it will wrinkle." If you don't wear it, it won't wrinkle.

Luo Yi stares at his generous and slender figure and asks, "are you really not poor?" Since I was with him, she seems to have spent a lot of money on him. If he is always poor, is she too much?

The man closed the door of the wardrobe, turned to open the bottom cabinet, walked towards the woman on the bed, and said in a low voice, "the passbook, the bank card and the real estate are all here." This is just one of them.

She picked up a passbook and opened it. There were lots of zeros behind it. She said with a smile, "you're quite rich."

Without calculating the amount of the bank card and the value of several properties, the number of these bankbooks alone is enough for her to spend a lifetime.

He coagulated a woman's delicate face and said, "it's yours."

She looked up in surprise. "My what?"

The man naturally said, "the money I earn is not for you. Who else can I give it to?"

There is no doubt that this sentence completely pleased Roy, she straightened up, hands around his neck, kitten like coquetry, "husband, you are very good to me."

"No, how can I tie you?"

The wedding was held two months later. At this time, it happened that she was not long after her birth, but her figure had recovered as before. Her waist was slightly plump compared with that before. She was wrapped in a white wedding dress. She was generous and decent, but at the same time, she was a young woman.

In the most famous church in Ancheng, at the end of the red carpet stands a man in a standard suit. Under his short hair is a handsome face. His hands naturally fall on his side, and his deep eyes stare at the women who are walking towards him step by step.

Luo Yi is led by Luo Xiaotian, who is formally dressed. Her veil is draped on her forehead, showing a soft and beautiful face. Her big eyes can't cover the expectation and joy in her eyes.

Different from other women, she held the wedding only after she had a baby. She always felt that she would not be nervous about the ceremony, but now it shows that she is still excited and excited. How many women are as lucky as her to meet the man who loves and loves her.

She always believed that the arrival of the feast of love would only be late and would not be absent.

The soft white fingers with gauze were placed on the palm of the man's hand. Luo Xiaotian looked at the handsome man in front of him and said with satisfaction, "Acheng, I gave you my most precious daughter. You should take care of her and love her forever."Mucheng's reply was modest and polite, "Dad, I will always take care of her and love her."

Xu Yun stood under the stage, holding the child. Although she was not allowed to see her son-in-law, she was moved at this moment. Her daughter's happiness is more important than anything. Maybe she was wrong before.

Luo Jingchen one hand holding Dongdong, one hand holding his wife, "Mu city is completely planted."

To flower side over face, pick eyebrow to see him, "after the man marries is planted?"

Mr. Luo's consciousness is very high, "wife, I planted on you voluntarily."

"You know, I can always change my red book into a green one." Divorce this stem, she can say for a lifetime!

"Wife, I'm wrong."

On the stage, Mucheng put the shining ring on her middle finger, and then knelt down on one knee suddenly in the sight of the public. The stars lit up in her black eyes, "the first half of your life is the daughter of the noble Luo family, and the second half of my life I will let you be a happy Mu wife."

Four simple words of happiness, but they have to use their long life to practice.

With no scruples about the bride's shyness, Roy threw himself into his arms and whispered in a warm applause, "there is gold under the man's knee."

"I have all my money with my wife. I'm already a poor man."

Woman Jiao smile more than, "your wife let me tell you, she loves you!"

"I know You tell her I love her more Then he picked up the woman's face and gave it a deep kiss.

The ultimate aesthetic and romantic wedding, lingering in the air is the taste of sweet happiness


in my heart, the story has no ending and will continue to be interpreted in different forms.

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