My Husband Hides His Beauty

Chapter 25

Chapter 25

When the battle is over, cleaning up is important.

More so in the North. Because demon tribes must leave something when they die.

“Here it is.”

A soldier picked something up from the floor. There was a light that sparkled when she received it.

Leticia asked.

“What’s that?”


The soldier came up quickly and showed Leticia. It was the size of an adult’s fingernail.

“Life Stone, Ma’am. When Stone Golem dies, it falls off the back of their necks.”

He continued with a faint smile.

“It makes a lot of money.”


Leticia immediately searched the floor.

The old ladies are already rattling away.

There should be a total of 100 life stones in here.

Of course, there were other trophies.

Leticia found a piece of paper in a campsite at the White Knights. It was a map showing the route to Halstead Castle.

There was also a big cage there, which had life stones in it.

“Golem Birds, let’s get them to communicate.”

Casaro explained.

“No matter where they fly, they will go towards the opponent’s cage. If we have this cage, the communications team from Kurak’s will fly here.”

“That’s good!”

Leticia glanced up at the birdcage.

I took all the life stones, the telecommunication tools, the cages, and all the other valuable spoils, and it became a big burden.

Eight people came back to the carriage. She hurried back to the castle in excitement., and it took a whole day.

The captain of the guard was hanging around the courtyard of the castle. When they came back, they were greeted with a halo.

“Have you been well, Madam?”


Leticia replied.

At the same time, the soldiers plumped down the sack. The muzzle opened and things poured out of it.

It was Stone Golem’s life stone.

The captain of the guard and the soldiers were so surprised that their eyes popped out.

“Isn’t this?”

Other people gathered when they heard the buzzing sound.

It was piled up like a mountain, not just a stone or two. It meant that tons of Stone Golems were dead.

“What happened?”

Everyone looked at Leticia with puzzled faces.

The guard asked with a blink of an eye.

“Where the hell did you come from?”

“It’s nothing. It’s just that we were stuck on a road…”

Alexa replied in a calm tone.

“I’m back from killing the Stone Golem White Knights.”


Everyone was shocked.

There was a tumult throughout the castle.

“Did the Mistress annihilate the White Knights with five soldiers?”

“Well, the three old grannies were there with me…”

“But how is that possible?”

“It’s true anyway! That’s the proof of all that life stone there is!”

The news naturally caused a huge sensation. No one knew what the hell happened.

That’s all they knew. There were all sorts of speculations. This story had inflated and even more, above the excited sky of Halstead.

Suddenly a shrill metallic sound of birds rang out. The excited people stopped talking and looked up.


A strange bird is flying in. It seemed to be made due to the life stones.

It was a communication bird sent by Kurax.

The bird flew straight into the cage at the window of the command room of Halstead. Leticia quickly locked the cage.

I thought it might not be able to come because of the fog of oblivion, but it was a useless worry. I couldn’t win even the homing instinct of the bird finding its place.

“Let’s see.”

Leticia unraveled a message tied to the ankle of a bird.

Kurax, who is leading the advance team, wrote and sent the note.

He must have thought that the White Knights would receive this message.

The White Knights are already wiped because of Leticia, and the birdcage moved to Halstead Castle.

How on earth can Kurax guess that?

Leticia rolled up the letter of Kurax and put it on the corner of her desk.

“Shall I meet this guy, too?”

“That’s not possible.”

Three grandmothers were dissuaded in unison.

“Kurax has a terrible grudge against Halstead, isn’t it? We shouldn’t test our skill in gambling our lives. He’ll try to hurt you.”

Bastian told me her insight.

“Think about it. The White Knights, the main force of this battle, have already been wiped out. All we have left is the advanced team. If that’s the case, we’re going to be able to…”

The four exchanged glances for a moment.

‘It’s worth a try.’’

They all had the same idea. The Kurax and Stone Golem warriors are of course strong.

However, it is not necessary to wage an all-out war with them. All they have to do is defend until Erden returns.

He is bound to keep his promise. He’ll be back on time. The castle of Halstead will hold out until then.

They have to hang in there.

Leticia and three grandmothers wrote back to Kurax. There was nothing to say for long.

Stone Golem’s handwriting was imitated as much as possible, and when they finished, she then tied the message to the ankle of the communications bird that had been taken away from the White Knights.

I’m afraid the bird doesn’t know how to talk.

If he knew how to speak, they would probably need a spell so it could speak for Kurak.

“The most ridiculous pen pal in the world.”

Leticia kept exchanging messages with the other side with the same thought.

Kurax knew nothing and gradually fed information about his movements.

In addition, the operational maps are in hand. Thanks to this, they were able to grasp the enemy’s approach to Halstead Castle as if they were looking into the enemy’s movements.

Seven days are left.

Six days, five days…

As the days went by, there was an atmosphere around Halstead castle.

“We have to make it through somehow.”

“We have to protect our castle.”

The soldiers resolved. The Stone Golems, the scariest creatures, had already disappeared. The fact is conducive to fraud.

“For the Stone Golem, this is rat medicine.”

Bastian came for a black sack from the arsenal. Rather than a sword, it was a huge bayonet that should be called an iron plate or a lump of metal.

“The Lord swung it around and broke those stone heads. They’ll remember that nightmare.”

Leticia was looking up at the bayonet when Casaro ran.

“Madam! Let’s try this, too!”

What she found and brought was a small bottle. There was a powder that sparkled in a strange light.

“What’s this? It’s not the spices found in the kitchen.”

“It’s an amplifying agent that enhances the power of the artifact shredder. I don’t usually use it because I might overload it, but isn’t it going to be over in a few days anyway? It’s okay to use it now.

“That’s true.”

They injected amplifiers into the artifact shredder.

Immediately the fog rolled out. A thicker fog formed and surrounded the castle.

The castle is now surrounded in complete oblivion, the outside world is completely blocked now.

It only touched the message of Kurak’s carried by the communication team.

〈Strange. I can’t find Halstead. Only thick fog.〉

〈Continuing to explore.〉

〈The fog has not cleared for the past seven years. The devil intervened as well.〉

〈Continuing to explore.〉

The Stone Golem warrior is circling the area, wallowing in mystery all by himself. It would be amazing from his point of view.

‘Yes, keep wandering.’

Leticia gave a moderate answer. The White Knights also made people believe that they were waiting around the thick fog for Kurak’s orders.

〈I will find it. If you send a signal, we will attack.〉

After such a message came, contact was lost. Two days passed again in a precarious atmosphere.

Finally, the day I promised, Erden came.

Leticia stood by the window and looked out.

Will Kurax lead the warriors and continue to wander beyond the fog?

Then the guards came running.

“Ma’am! I can see them!”

“They must have found it!”

In the end, what came had come.

Kurak’s tenacity is too strong. He broke through the powerful fog of Tarua.

“Here! I see the wall!”

“This way!”

A shout was heard from beyond the fog.

“We found Halstead!”

Thick fog simmered down and the Stone Golem warriors rushed.

At the forefront of this overwhelming enemy was Kurax. He led the way and swung the iron whip with all his might.

‘It started!’

Kurax’s roaring orders resounded.

“Shoot! White men at the rear! Charge!”

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