My Infinite Wings

Chapter 1264


When I heard this word, I immediately understood what the plot was.

However, familiars and so on are really useless to me...

"Um... can I summon it myself?"

"Eh? Jin still summons?"

Everyone expressed surprise, and I shrugged without pressure.

"It's okay to visit, as long as you don't disturb me."

So, I used the night scene of the campus on the spot to arrange a magic circle for summoning.

"Engraved, your soul is bound by me, and my will guides your journey. If you are confused by your past, if you are hesitating about your choice, then respond to my command! Form a bond here, and I give it to the world. God of all joy, I am the devil who scatters all misfortunes in the world, and binds you from moment to eternity, come from the other side of order—O unknown guest star!”

"This spell..."

"Unheard of..."

"Speaking of which, this summoning formation is also..."

Tacheng Hakuin, who was slightly raised, exchanged glances with Xiaoye and other girls in the dressing room, while Akeno and Xenovia, who knew me a little because of the conclusion of the eternal contract, smiled and said nothing.

Of course, Rias, who was the master, was more dignified, and Kurumi Tokisaki, who was hiding in my shadow, observed my actions from the subspace with a little curiosity.

By the way, Tokisaki could only hide in his own shadow originally, but after making an eternal contract with me, even if he has not yet had the closest relationship with me, he has acquired such a weird "new ability". - The summoning circle emits a dazzling light without any suspense.

Well? This breath is similar to the demon power in "Cat Ear Attributes"? As for the vague outline in the light, it should be a human figure...

The light of the summoning formation seemed to shine for a little longer, about three or four seconds longer, and then a small animal that was a little bigger than a domestic cat and dog appeared there.

Big black eyes, flawless white fur, and nine big fluffy tails.

Oh, the white nine-tailed fox...

Tsk, wait, isn't it a humanoid?

Forget it, is it good to carry it as a scarf?

The Gremory family are the most human demons, and their relatives are no exception, not to mention that most of the women in the second dimension have no resistance to cute little animals.

So this nine-tailed fox of unknown origin soon won the favor of the girls by acting cute and cute...

"Could it be that you summoned the monsters from Kyoto...Is it impossible?"

After Rias murmured and immediately rejected such absurd conjectures, my "familiar" was confirmed.

However, since it is not from the beast forest of this plane, my familiar can't "counter-summon" it back...————The dividing line of space and time————

"Hmph, although they can't see it, I can sense it - the breath on your body doesn't belong to this world!"

When I found a free time, I separated from my family, found a dense forest in a park, set up a barrier, and took the nine-tailed fox off my shoulders.

"The demon power is not huge, but it can be regarded as pure-enough to support you to transform into a human form, so don't act cute in front of me, how about a human word?"


The snow-white nine-tailed fox didn't say a word immediately, but looked around, as if to confirm the effect of my enchantment, and then a soft white light appeared all over his body.

Almost in the blink of an eye, the cute pet disappeared, replaced by a charming and charming super-class brunette beauty.

Of course, the beauty had fluffy fox ears on top of her head, and nine even larger fluffy fox tails were still trailing behind her, each almost as long as her height.

In addition to the animal ears and tail, the pair of orange-yellow-golden eyes, and the tiny tattoo-like red marks on the back of the cheekbones, also fully proved that the woman in front of her was not a human being, but a dangerous monster.

"Well, it seems that you haven't realized the ability to transform clothes yet?"

I smiled and looked at the other person's figure, naturally I would not let go of the towering twin peaks and the secret valley hidden by the slender legs.

Sure enough, the human form of the nine-tailed fox must be a peerless beauty...

Fortunately, I have a wealth of experience, so naturally I won't be gifted by the gods because of this level, but it doesn't prevent me from appreciating beautiful things to the fullest, doesn't it?

"Don't stare at people like this, Master..."

The fox spirit made a soft and greasy voice, an ordinary sentence, but it sounded like the woman who had been dialed by Chungong was in Shenyin, and strongly stirred up the target—that is, my heart fire.

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