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My Mommy Is A Super Star
Genre: Romance

My Mommy Is A Super Star

Who is Shen Liangliang? In just two short years, a small Transparent who had stepped onto the path of becoming a superstar had become the top of the pyramid within the inner circle. People called him the Li Emperor. But one day, someone exposed that Shadow had given birth to a baby on his back, and that it was a cute little baby. However, why does this child look so much like … That one? Everyone said that the thin ice mountain was not close to a woman's voice, but one day, someone found out that the ice mountain seemed to have been … Arching? Reporter: "Director... Director... That thing on your neck, it's a mosquito bite, right? " The cold voice said: "The family is ferocious." Reporter: "Director Bo, may I ask... How did you get together with the Queen of Shadows? " The cold voice said: "She, say, covet my body." Reporter: "…" The next day, Shen Liangliang looked at the name of the first name floating on the headlines. He gritted his teeth and said, "Cool voice, I'm hungry for you!"


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