My Second Life As A Secretary

Chapter 108 cycle back and forth

    Gu Siye didn't care about this, and said very casually: "You watch and deal with it."

    He Zining agreed and planned to call Fu Han after get off work, but she didn't expect the work to be one after another, and she was so busy that she forgot about it until I only remembered when I was having dinner with Wang Yaya.

    "Oh! My memory!" She patted her head angrily.

    "What's wrong?"

    "It's nothing, I forgot to do something." She quickly took out her mobile phone and looked for Fu Han's number in the address book.

    Seeing that she was going to make a phone call, Wang Yaya tapped the bowl with chopsticks and reminded her, "Hey, call after you finish eating."

    He Zining hurriedly gestured to soothe the other party's emotions: "very soon, just two words and it's over." As soon as he finished speaking, Fu Han's usual casual tone sounded on the other end of the phone: "Secretary He , what are you doing to me?"

    "Young Master Fu, it's like this..." She explained the matter succinctly and finally concluded: "Young Master Fu, can you do me a favor."

    The other party fell into a moment of silence, "Do you know why Lao Gu didn't come to me directly?"

    It seems to be true, obviously Gu Siye can call Fu Han directly, why add a process by himself? "Er? Why?"


    "Yes." He Zining only felt a headache, Fu Han couldn't help, so where would she find someone? !


    “Huh? Then I…”

    "What's wrong? Don't you love your job? It's good to have overtime pay."

    Why does this sound so familiar? She remembered what she said when she and Fu Han first attended the banquet. At that time, she was still addicted to work, and she once boldly told Fu Han that as long as there was overtime pay for this kind of activity, she would always be on call. arrive.

    "Young Master Fu didn't expect you to be very careful."

    "Don't talk nonsense, these are your original words, I haven't tampered with a word." It seemed that someone was calling his name. After a few words of conversation, Fu Han said again. He said to the phone: "The task your leader gave you, then you can toss yourself. I'll hang up first if I have something to do."

    "Okay, see you Fu Shao."

    Hang up the phone, He Zining sighed, this job is really getting harder and harder.

    Wang Yaya asked: "What's wrong? Are you having trouble at work?"

    "That's right." He Zining sighed again.

     "No matter how annoying you are, you have to eat, and think about it after eating."

    Wait, don't you have a good candidate in front of you? She immediately raised her head and stared at Wang Yaya with burning eyes. It was not bad, no matter how she looked or her temperament, she was the best candidate.

    "Why do you look at me like this all of a sudden." Wang Yaya was stared at him very uncomfortable, she reached out and patted He Zining's elbow: "Don't look at me like that, I'm afraid."

    "Yaya~ Would you like to visit our company's annual meeting? Didn't you say that you always wanted to see work life with your own eyes?"

    Wang Yaya asked her: "Can you invite outsiders to visit your company's annual meeting?"

     "Theoretically, of course not, but if you are our Boss Gu's female companion, won't you?"

    He Zining thought he would have to persuade the other party before he would agree, but Wang Yaya replied very readily. "Okay."

    "Wow, you promised so easily?!"

    "It's not a big deal at first, and going out to collect materials will also help me create. Besides, I've heard you talk about your leadership, and I'm curious to see it, but why did your leader let me Are you looking for a girlfriend? Doesn't he have the right person himself?"

    "How do you say it, you will understand when you see him. He is a person who only has work in his heart and doesn't care about anything else."

    "If you don't care, why are you looking for a girlfriend?"

    "This...I don't know, anyway, I will be by your side that day, don't be afraid!"

    So the matter of Wang Yaya coming to act as Gu Siye's female companion was settled. The next day, He Zining also told Gu Siye that he had found a candidate. Gu Siye didn't ask any more questions. The only thing is that there is no interest in it at all, as if looking for a girlfriend is just to deal with things.

    The annual meeting was arranged on Friday night. He Zining went home and changed clothes and waited for the landing to pick him up. After that, he went to the studio to receive Wang Yaya, who was doing styling.

    You can do whatever you want with dressing up, but Wang Yaya wants to be President Gu's female companion, so she has to dress up beautifully.

    Usually used to the appearance of the other party wearing home clothes without makeup, now that she has been carefully dressed up, He Zining almost didn't recognize her.

    "My God, are you still the Yaya I know?"

    "You are too exaggerated, you just put on makeup, how could you not recognize it?" She was originally from a good family and was no stranger to such occasions. It's totally unacceptable to look at painting at home.

    He Zining sneered: "I can draw again, I'm still pretty, and I have a temperament. Sure enough, people are more popular than dead people."

    Wang Yaya patted her head unceremoniously: "Stop talking sour here, I'm not doing you a favor."

    Arrived at the hotel, He Zining waited for Gu Siye outside the banquet hall, first introduced them to both of them, and watched them walk into the annual meeting together.

    The height difference between the two is just right. Gu Siye is half a head taller than Wang Yaya. From the back, the two of them look very matched. She pulled Lu Fang and asked, "Do you think they The two go well together."

    "It's not bad, you want to match them?"

    "Of course not, just say something casually." She now has a grateful and insensitive attitude towards all emotional entanglements. The thing is enough! "Let's not speculate on this kind of thing, everything will be fine."

    The seats of the annual meeting are divided according to departments. Gu Siye sat at a table with the board members, and Mr. Gu and Mrs. Gu also came today. Their president's office had few people, so they made a table with other departments with few people. At the beginning of the annual meeting, there would be a table for dinner. Since there would be a department performing shows on the stage, He Zining didn't need to perform. She will also pay attention to the situation on Wang Yaya's side.

    Mrs. Gu has been chatting with Wang Yaya, looking at the smiles on each other's faces, it seems that they are getting along well.

    During the period, people from a department also came to make a toast. The people who came to toast were usually colleagues who would be in trouble, and the female colleagues who came to toast were treated with tea instead of wine.

      Everyone acquiesced that the two of them were close to good things, and by the way, they would ask when the wedding would be held.

    This is something He Zining didn't expect at all, once or twice, it's okay, everyone feels a little embarrassed to ask her like this, Lu Fang won't think he's hinting at her, right? But looking at Lu Fang's expression, she didn't seem to be impatient, but she couldn't sit still.

    After a while, Special Assistant Zheng came over to greet her: "Long time no see, Zining."

    "Brother Zheng!" He Zining was very excited to see Special Assistant Zheng. This was the first time the two met after Special Assistant Zheng was transferred to another place. "It's time to call you President Zheng!"

    "What are we two doing so politely? I heard that you brought your boyfriend here. I was curious, but I didn't expect it to be Assistant Lu." Assistant Zheng and Lu Fang also As they knew each other, the two shook hands, "I really didn't expect that Zining is a rare good girl. You should cherish it, Assistant Lu." He Zining was moved by what Assistant Zheng said. The two are more than colleagues. , With a layer of relationship between seniors and seniors, Zheng Tezhu has always taken good care of her.


    "By the way, Brother Zheng, when will you be back?"

    "Let's see the situation, it's not sure yet." Zheng Te's assistant looked at Gu Siye frequently, and He Zining asked him to quickly greet Gu Siye. The relationship between the two must be deeper than the one he wanted to come here, but he didn't expect that Special Assistant Zheng would not be in a hurry, but instead asked about Wang Yaya's situation.

     "Mr. Gu's girlfriend today is very eye-catching, is she a new colleague?"

    "Oh no, she's my friend."

    "Your friend?" Special assistant Zheng looked a little surprised, "It's such a coincidence."

    "What's the matter? You know her? She's also a foreigner." He Zining had never heard Wang Yaya say this. In a word, I have a friend who also works in Zhenfeng.

    "Yeah, I'm an old acquaintance."

    Seeing that Special Assistant Zheng's expression became more and more strange, He Zining suddenly had a bold assumption, can't the ex-girlfriend of Special Assistant Zheng who studied art is Yaya? Can there be such a coincidence in this world?

    "Acquaintance, why don't you go say hello?"

    "Go, of course I'm going, I'll go first, I'll talk later." Zheng Te help sorted out his emotions, smiled and walked towards Gu Siye with a glass of wine.

    "Alas, tell me, will Brother Zheng and Yaya..."

     Before she could say anything, Lu Fang said, "There is a story, there is something wrong with his expression just now."

    "Don't interpret other people's expressions like this, it's like interpreting a prisoner." He Zining stabbed him with his elbow in dissatisfaction: "It's very impolite."

    Lu Fu explained: "Subconscious behavior, not intentional."

    "Then did you deliberately read my expression?"

    "No need to interpret, your emotions are easy to understand."

    He Zining pouted, this doesn't sound like a good sentence: "You mean I have no scheming?"

    "I think it's a good thing, don't you think?"

    "All right, no matter what you say, you are right, I can't tell you." He Zining saw that Zheng Tesuke had come to the table, and Wang Yaya also saw him, originally hanging on his face The smile also stopped.

    "A year is coming."

    "In other words, a new year is coming."

    "Yes, a new story is about to begin."

    Life is a cyclical process, with stories ending and new beginnings.


    "He Zining, He Zining." A voice with suppressed anger woke her from her sleep.


    While wiping away her tears, her sluggish brain began to work slowly, realizing that something was wrong. She obviously worked overtime at the company until late at night, and fell asleep at the end of the day when she got home. Who is calling her now?

      Why did you go?"

    School? which school? He Zining waited for her eyes to adjust to the surrounding brightness and opened her eyes impatiently. Seeing the surrounding environment, she was completely stunned.

    This is... a school?

    Isn’t it, can there still be a return to the scene?

    "What are you crying, you know it's embarrassing, right? Sit down!" The female teacher on the podium was very unfamiliar, He Zining was sure that she had never seen this teacher, so she should not have returned to the original In the world, it's just what the situation is now, she has to study it carefully.

    After she sat down, she turned over the textbook carefully, and her school bag to find some clues. The textbook is a mathematics textbook for the second year of junior high school. The name on the book is indeed He Zining, but it is not her handwriting. In addition to the textbook, there is only a bunch of keys in the schoolbag, a bus card and a coin purse, which only contains ten yuan. . The name of the city displayed on the bus card is City B, which matches the background of another He Zining, that is to say, he is still in this world, just back ten years ago?

      Thinking about the darkest days of the third year of high school, my scalp began to tingle.

    A class passed quickly, He Zining was thinking about what to do next, a girl with short hair and a round face came over and called her: "He Zining, are you not eating? Still sitting What are you doing here?"

    Only then did she realize that this was the last class in the morning, and the rest of the classmates had already left.

    "Oh, eat and eat."

    He Zining guessed that this girl should be He Zining's own friend. Although I don't know her name yet, but as an adult dealing with a child, there should be no problem with the news, right?

    She followed the girl out of school and went to a small alley nearby, which was full of all kinds of simple food and stir-fry shops. The sound of the spatula colliding was intertwined, and the air was filled with the smell of oil smoke and the aroma of various foods. This scene gave her a sense of familiarity. When she was in school, there were similar places near the school.

    The two of them looked all the way, and finally saw two empty seats in a ramen shop and sat in, one person ordered a bowl of noodles. It happened that there were other students in the class eating in the store, and after their conversation, He Zining finally figured out that the girl was called Liao Xiaoxiao.

     Halfway through eating the noodles, Liao Xiaoxiao suddenly asked her, "What's the matter with you today, so quiet."

    He Zining hurriedly explained, "I slept too late yesterday, and I was very sleepy today." After speaking, she yawned to cover up.

    Liao Xiaoxiao nodded understandingly, with sympathy in her tone: "You went to help your grandparents again, right?"

    "Yeah." She remembered that she had flipped through the album and saw the photos before. He Zining's grandparents set up a small stall selling some noodles, wontons, etc. Liao Xiaoxiao's help should be the meaning. .

    "No wonder, then let's finish eating and go back. You can take a rest at noon."

    "Um, ok, you're so nice."


    After the noon break, and after three classes in the afternoon, He Zining is worried about how to go back, she doesn't know where she lives, how to go back? Fortunately, Liao Xiaoxiao came to her and said that she had no food to eat at night, so she was going to her stall to eat, which indirectly helped her lead the way.

    However, junior high schools are divided according to household registration, and they are not too far away. After walking for about 20 minutes, Liao Xiaoxiao led her to a snack stall outside an old-fashioned community. When the old couple watching the stall saw He Zining, they were overjoyed: "I'm back, and my classmates are here too?"

    Liao Xiaoxiao immediately stepped forward to say hello: "Hello grandma and grandma! I'm here to eat dumplings."

    "Grandma cooked it for you. Ningning to eat or not, will I also give you a bowl?"


    After eating the dumplings, Liao Xiaoxiao went home first, while He Zining took out her homework and started to write. When her grandparents saw it and asked her to go home to write, He Zining couldn’t say that she didn’t know where to go. , just want to accompany them to see the booth. Soon the rush hour came, and the stall gradually became busy, and the second old man couldn't care to urge her to go home.

    The homework of junior high school is naturally not complicated, but a lot of basic knowledge has not been touched for more than ten years. Look, after so unknowingly, when the homework was finished, it was already dark, but the stall did not mean to end, she packed her things and went to help Er Lao.

    She is full of respect for He Zining's grandparents. The two old people do a little business to bring up the granddaughter. Seeing that the granddaughter goes to college, she will be able to live independently, and her own will be able to live a little. When he breathed a sigh of relief, he passed away again. This life is too impermanent and ruthless.

    It was not until eleven or twelve o'clock in the evening that the three of them collected their stalls and went home. After returning home, He Zining wanted to help wash dishes and chopsticks, but was driven to sleep by the second old man. The day was too bizarre. She was also physically and mentally exhausted and fell asleep quickly.

    She was thinking, maybe today's experience is just a dream, just wake up.

    But when the alarm clock rang the next day, she opened her eyes and saw that she was still in this strange and warm bedroom. She sighed and quickly accepted the reality. .

    School started early at seven o'clock, and she got up at six o'clock. By this time, both grandparents had woken up and were preparing for the afternoon stall. On the table was the breakfast prepared for her. Grandma was sitting next to her making dumplings, watching her eat breakfast, and from time to time told her to study hard and get admitted to a good university in the future.

    He Zining's family background is average, her grandparents are not literate, she can only guarantee her material food and clothing, but can't give much ideological education, it can be said that she does not grow crooked, it is rare, she must be too A lot of effort went into it.

    Based on this idea, if I don't study hard, it's too much to justify.

      Just to deal with classmates...

    Sure enough, this is the privilege of being young. She is full of energy all the time. All her classmates are loud and energetic. a quiet place for a while.

    But this is a school, where there will be a quiet place, even the toilet is a live broadcast of gossip. During the lunch break, students who were unwilling to be lonely also gathered to talk. Even though they were just two people, they could create the feeling of a group of Confucian debates.

    After a few days in a row, she was eager to attend class more than anyone else, because only during the class can her ears clear. Couldn't find a quiet place to rest for a while.

    The school is not big, only a few buildings and a playground, but there is a long and narrow passage between the playground and the teaching building, with a bicycle shed at one end and a school fence at the other end, relatively speaking It's relatively quiet. Since she discovered this place, she likes to come here at noon to sit for a while, in a daze.

    Sometimes there are students passing by, but the children are thin-skinned, they will be embarrassed when they see someone here, and they will drag their friends to find other places to chat.

    In a blink of an eye, I have been here for more than a week, my daily life and its regularity, I go to school during the day, go to the stall to do my homework after school, help clean up after I finish it, and go home and sleep at night, You don't need to think about other issues at all, you don't get bored, and your life is simple and fulfilling.

    This should be the life she yearns for the most after going to work. The pressure of life is not on herself, so she doesn't need to think so much, just finish the things in front of her.

    At noon that day, when she came to rest in the aisle as usual, several boys in high school uniforms nimbly turned in from the fence. The fence of the school is not high, and there is no protection on it. As long as you are agile, you can easily get in, and there is no surveillance here. It is indeed an excellent place to skip school.

    He Zining didn't take it seriously, and when she was about to see it, she suddenly saw one of the boys who looked very much like Lu Fang, and she had also seen pictures of Lu Fang when he was in school , this is exactly the same.

    But did He Zining and Lu Fang go to the same school? Why didn't she know, she had only heard Lu Fang said that he went to City A to live with his grandfather when he was in high school, and joined the army after graduation. What happened to the people he saw before him?

    The boys were surprised when they saw He Zining squatting here, and one of them wondered, "Why are there still people?"

    Another person patted him on the shoulder and urged him: "It's about time, don't think about chatting up, if you don't go back to the old class, you'll get angry."

    He Zining was about to leave when a few people passed by when the dean of the school suddenly appeared at the aisle, "What are you guys doing here?"

    As soon as the boys saw the teacher, they panicked for a moment, and they didn't know who took out a small red and white box from their pockets and threw it at He Zining's feet. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see that it was a pack of cigarettes.

    It’s really hard to learn to smoke at a young age. Although she secretly criticized it, she quietly picked up the cigarette and hid it on her body.

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