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My Wife Is A Village Tyrant
Author: Nan Mu
Genre: Romance

My Wife Is A Village Tyrant

She turned 15 years old once again. In her previous life, she had turned into a pile of cannon fodder. This time, she was the one who controlled her life. Sprinkle the best, knock down the dregs, kick away the wicked; open the fields, farms, wineries, banks, make rich all the way; "It's just that Uncle Han Ah Qian from the mountains … When did he start thinking about that?" A-Li, marry me, and you'll be his aunt. I'll accompany you in torturing him. "Well, how did he know who her enemy was?" A-Li, marry me. You will be the head mother of the Gu family, and the matter of his marriage will be up to you. "What do you think, how about we give him a strong man?" Prime Minister, is this your uncle? That was abnormal!


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