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My Wife Poke Me
Author: 华素卿
Alternative names:听时太太撒个娇
Genre: Romance

My Wife Poke Me

After the new film, Tang Shinian was invited to participate in a variety show, which included a game, ‘The most important person to call’

Tang Shinian entered a string of numbers, the phone lit up, the magnetic and doting voice of a man could be heard, “Miss me?”

In her previous life, she was framed, swallowed her anger and eventually died.

After her rebirth, she was escorted by a gangster, flying wildly into the sky, and opened the road to revenge.

White lotus? Oh no, don’t fear.

Later, Tang Shinian became pregnant …

Mr. Shi: retire from acting, give birth to my children.

Tang Shinian: No.

Mr. Shi: Well then, let’s have a bunch.

Tang Shinian: …

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