Naruto: Big Foodie

Chapter 1434

If it goes on like this, she will find it hard to control her feelings!

Thinking of this, Erina quickly dismissed the thought in her mind for a while, and focused all her attention on today's date.

Just like that, the two came to Echigoya, which is dedicated to tourists' yukatas.

Here, tourists can choose their favorite yukata according to their own preferences.

Erina looked at the dazzling array of designs on the shelf, and was at a loss for a moment.

In the end, he chose a set of yukata with simple and elegant patterns based on his usual preferences, but Yang Ming's side was much simpler. He directly chose a male yukata of similar color to Erina's set, and made them into a couple's outfit indirectly.

"I'll wait for you at the exit of the locker room."

Taking the yukata from the management staff, Yang Ming walked into the men's locker room with a smile on his face, while Erina looked at his back and couldn't help but be a little puzzled, isn't it just changing the yukata, is it worth him being so happy?

Holding the clothes she chose, she walked into the women's locker room, Erina changed her dress, put on a yukata, and put on a bun for her long hair. It didn't take too much time to complete the whole change. Pack.

However, just after she finished dressing and walked out of the women's locker room, Yang Ming had been waiting outside the locker room for a long time as he said before.

"Yang Ming, there is something on my face? Why are you staring at me all the time?"

"You are so beautiful in your yukata, I couldn't help but look at you twice."

Yang Ming is telling the truth, Erina is very beautiful, with a beautiful face, bright eyes and white teeth. Usually, he always sees her in school uniforms, and rarely sees clothes other than private clothes. Therefore, today, he saw her put on. Yukata, his eyes have been on her, never leaving for a moment.

"You said the same thing to other girls?" Erina teased him with a smile.

"I only told you about it."

Talking about this topic, Yang Ming's face was also stained with a faint blush. Although this answer was a bit embarrassing, in front of Erina, he would never lie.


Facing Yang Ming's serious answer, Erina was stunned, and after a while, she regained her voice and said, "Yang Ming, let's go play, we can't just waste the rare play. "

Maybe she was shy, or maybe it was difficult to express in words, Erina gathered up her courage, took Yang Ming's hand and walked towards the festival booth not far ahead, but after a few steps, she was pulled back by Yang Ming, His hands even changed positions, from the previous state of holding hands to holding his arms.

"There are more and more people now, be careful not to get scattered."

Yang Ming's words brought Erina back to the topic that Erina had shifted. To make matters worse, she had no room for objection.

God, Erina, wake up, these are obviously only interactions between husband and wife, why did it appear between her and Yang Ming? Holding hands is more intimate than holding hands! And in full view!


Although she felt that the situation was not right, Erina still took Yang Ming's arm and walked with him in the shopping street of Paradise.

Although hot springs are the main attraction of this hot spring park, there are all kinds of leisure facilities inside. Restaurants, specialty shops, snack shops, and festival stalls, as long as you can think of it, you can find it in the park.

For Erina, who has always been studying cooking and has no time to play, this is simply paradise. Not to mention the dessert shop that is very popular with girls, the festival booths alone firmly attracted her attention.

However, her playfulness made Yang Ming very uncomfortable. He clearly focused on him just now, how could he be distracted by the gadgets in the booth in a blink of an eye, which made his plan today How to implement it?

However, seeing the happy smile on Erina's face, Yang Ming also suppressed his jealousy and played with her.

Looping, fishing yo-yo, throwing shuriken, it takes a lot of time to play at each booth. Of course, during the play, Yang Ming met several girls who wanted to strike up a conversation with him, but in the end, they all Because of Erina's relationship with him, all of them retreated and did not dare to take another half step.

"What prize do you want, I'll help you win it back."

Since you want to play, you must invest in it.

In front of the booth where he threw darts to win prizes, Yang Ming noticed that Erina's eyes were always on the prize column, thinking that she must have hit a certain prize and was hesitating whether to participate. In this regard, he simply took the task directly Come here and help her achieve what she wants.

"I want that crystal mobile phone pendant." Erina pointed to the third prize on the prize column, which seemed to be more attractive to the crystal mobile phone chain than the first prize.

"Then choose it, but you can only choose one color each time you receive the prize. I'm afraid you will have to wait two rounds to collect them all."

Handing the barcode in his hand to the stall owner, Yang Ming, who received the darts, stood behind the preset yellow line in the stall and began to prepare to throw his first dart.

"I'm sorry to let you carry the burden alone. If two people participate together, the efficiency will be higher."

Erina never liked being a dodder, she picked up the barcode in her hand and brushed it, and received three darts from the stall owner.

The rules of this game are very simple. There are a total of three chances to receive the prize according to the sum of the points in the subtraction system, and three chances are more than enough for her. Except for the fancy mobile phone ornament, she can still win other prizes. s things.

"You~www.~ don't worry about me."

Seeing that there were more and more tourists in front of the booth, in order to avoid the prize being taken away, Yang Ming hurriedly threw the first dart, which happened to hit the triple area, and the second dart hit the double area. On the third dart, he took a deep breath and hit the highest multiple again.

In this way, his score target has exceeded the requirements of the third prize, not only can he buy that mobile phone ornament, but also other interesting things.

"It's amazing, Yang Ming, I can't see that you are actually a master of darts, no, I can't lose to you."

With Yang Ming's drive, Erina's playfulness also surged up. When the tourists in front finished playing, she also stood in front of the yellow line and began to attack the target prize.

And at this time, Yang Ming took advantage of the rise of her game and came to the booth's prize-receiving place to exchange the points for the prizes.

"This guest, in addition to your score, you can exchange your score for an additional prize."

The staff in charge of redemption reminded him intimately, hoping that Yang Ming would not have any regrets in redemption.

"Then change to another rabbit doll." After looking around on the prize column, from small toys to women's accessories, Yang Ming still felt that this prize was the most suitable for Erina.



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