Novel info
Naruto Shikigami Aizen (Sousuke Aizen of Naruto)
Author: Tibetan Sword
Alternative names:火影之蓝染忽右介 / Sousuke Aizen of Naruto

Naruto Shikigami Aizen (Sousuke Aizen of Naruto)

This novel is also known as Sousuke Aizen of Naruto

In the world of Naruto, let’s see how the blue dye sets off a huge shock!

Who is more powerful than the ten circles of the virtual circle! !! ? Who is more cunning than Tuanzang and Yousuke Lanran? !! ? Uchiha’s conspiracy is more thorough than that of blue dyed Ayasuke! !! ?

“No one stands in the sky from the beginning
Either you or me, even God
But the empty window period of the throne of this day is also over.
From now on, I stand on top ”

Lan Ran looked at the bright Ben Yu in front of her eyes, and smiled across the corner of her mouth.

“Is the world of a ninja? What a fun trip.”

Behind him, a young girl with a shower head and a costume bundle, Mirror Hua Shuiyue, knelt on the ground, and the black pupils reflected only one person’s existence.

Here is the strongest Soul Killer! For nothing! Step! Ghost Road!
Kill the fist and walk away from the ghost, and watch Lan Ran take control of Naruto and climb to the throne.


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