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National Hokage: Double Divine Might is Drawn at the Beginning
Author: 小小王@
Alternative names:全民火影:开局抽到双神威
Genre: Fan-Fiction

National Hokage: Double Divine Might is Drawn at the Beginning

Note: Shenwei will slowly open his eyes from a hook jade, can’t wait to stumble in! ! !

Su Bai traveled to a world where the whole people practiced ninjutsu to fight against Warcraft. At the beginning, not only did he get the Shenwei Sharonyan, but he also obtained the bonus point system, which can make him stronger!

“Ding, after the water attribute is added, it will be upgraded to full level!”

“Ding, after the earth attribute is added to the full level!”

“Ding, the fusion of water and earth attributes, you have awakened Mu Dun!”

Passerby: “Isn’t it? We can’t even beat A-level monsters. Su Bai has already pressed the S-level monster hammer with one hand?”

S-Class Warcraft: Beast, I was almost beaten to death by Su Bai today.

Su Bai: Susuo Tao Buddha asked if you were afraid?

This article is not an invincible start to the brainless cool article, the rhythm is slow and hot, and it focuses on describing the growth process. The early stage is a little dull, but after chapter 50, it is guaranteed that the ignition will burst, and if it does not burn, you can hammer the little dog’s head!

(I haven’t seen Naruto or read it, and it has nothing to do with the original story)…


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