Novel info
Ninja World: I’m Not a Human Being!
Author: Lin Qinghuai
Alternative names:忍界:我干柿鬼鲛不做人了!
Genre: Fan-Fiction

Ninja World: I’m Not a Human Being!

Travel through the Naruto world and be reborn as a dried persimmon ghost shark.

“As a dam maintainer, I carry two hundred catties of lime with me, which is very reasonable and reasonable, right?”

“The so-called unlimited physique means that you are in charge of physique, and I am in charge of unlimited.”

I kidnapped and robbed, didn’t pay my debts, beat up the elderly, bullied children, attacked others without telling the truth, and often killed my superiors and employers…

But I know that I am a good ninja.

I have the heart of a bodhisattva, the face of a vajra, and the means of demons. I walk in the darkness of the ninja world, but I pursue a bright future where everyone is like a dragon.

I, the dried persimmon shark, was born a miscellaneous fish, and swore that one day, I would smash this boring world dominated by blood theory.


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