Niu Fei Zai Xia

Chapter 1241 Multiple preparation

"The emperor is back to the palace -"

With the long **** of the eunuch, the main entrance of the palace opened.

"The quasi-weekly leader and a group of Xuanwu women will go along with the main entrance." Xuanwu Huang said on the dragon.

"According to the purpose." The eunuch's general manager should give a voice and convey it.

Hearing the words conveyed by the eunuch, a group of Xuanwu women will be sincere and fearful, and hurry to hold a punch.

At this time, Wu Hao was the leader of the military. It was a half-martial, but she was very happy not to be blessed.

Xuanwu Emperor gave this a high honor, but it is definitely not working, and it is definitely trying to make us work hard. Wu Hao’s belly stunned and did not take this favor as a matter of fact.

Although the Princess Qing returned to the palace together, even the princess could not walk the main entrance without favor. She did not get the Xuanwu Emperor's blunt call, even if she was a full-time commander, she could only return to Changqing Palace with her heart.

In Changqing Palace, the princess of the princess is looking forward to the direction of the outer palace, worrying about whether his sweetheart will be in danger.

She is also very familiar with herself, knowing that if she is reluctant to go because of a state of mind problem, it is not good to reveal the true identity of Zhou Ruruo.

The princess of the princess of the Qing princess caressed the front of the chest and felt the beating of the heart.

Don't let me worry too much, even if this heart is what you gave me...

It’s so late, Xuanwu Emperor will also call Xuanwu female and her into the outer palace. Although there is no attempt, but...

The princess of Qing thought of a possibility. She had just joined hands with Zhou Ruruo to stimulate the effect of the Xuanwu cavalry and played the role of medicine. Is the Xuanwu Emperor still wanting Zhou Yuruo and other women to be...

The night is deep, and the candlelight will project a bright yellow princess in front of the window. If there is a painter who is afraid to paint a big hair, he will look forward to a picture of a deep sorrowful woman who is looking forward to the return of the monarch.

How bright is the princess, the idea is indeed consistent with the thoughts of Xuanwu Emperor.

Xuanwu Emperor returned to the palace, but did not continue to summon Zhou Ruoruo and several Xuanwu females in the inner palace Yangxinge, but in the outer palace Shuming Xuan, the night column to give wine.

After enjoying some drinks, after eating a little something, Xuanwu Huang said: "Today's night is deep, you should not go back, just rest in the outer palace. Yaoqing pool has not been activated in the past years, it will be given to you to enjoy. ”

"Xie Huang Shang." Wu Hao, including the female general and other people, thanked, but the heart beat the drums.

They are very sensitive to this kind of bathing. Yaoqing Pool is used by the women who have the opportunity to be promoted to the shackles. Although the Xuanwu Emperor has not selected women for many years, and the women and Zhou Ruoruo's body are not to be defiled, it is inevitable that people can easily think about it.

The Xuanwu Emperor took a bit of their uncomfortableness and immediately added: "Oh, I am going back to the inner palace. You are sleeping in the palace of the emperor, and all the attendants around are temporarily removed. Only the waitress and the maid are staying." ”

The attendant naturally said that the eunuch, etc., he said in such a discourse, the girls secretly took a breath.

It is not the show of women, just the grace of the emperor. It’s just a deep meaning... Don’t guess wrong. Some thoughts of Xuanwu women will begin to understand the profound meaning of the arrangement, but the speculation is uncertain.

However, Xuanwuhuang’s next words can further affirm the speculation: “Put five horses on the school ground just to the Qihuang Palace, and wait outside the palace door.”

Xuanwu Emperor ordered this sentence, and the dragon drive went to the inner palace. The **** and others also left in accordance with the instructions of the emperor, leaving only the palace ladies and female guards.

This woman will almost understand. Xuanwu Huang is here...

Wu Hao rounded the eyes and looked at the direction of Xuanwu Huangyuan. I couldn’t help but want to pick a thumb: Niu, this is a blatant way for Laozi to open the harem!

Then turned to look at a few female military commanders, I saw the female face one face flushed. But there are also daring, a pair of wonderful eyes seem to flash to Wu Hao in a flash.

Wow, is this me? Wu Hao screamed in the heart.

The Tang woman will hesitate for a moment and will say to other women: "The emperor gave the bath, and the pool was ready. I waited for the bath. Then... I would like to negotiate with Zhou."

"Yes." The women will correct their looks.

Everyone knows that the meaning of Xuanwu Emperor is to let the ladies and Zhou Ruo try to see if they can make contact with the body to produce the effect of activating the Xuanwu cavalry.

Xuanwu Emperor returned to the inner palace, but did not go to the temple, but in the Yangxin Pavilion.

"The pass is clear."

"According to the purpose." The **** commander told him to go down and asked the Xuanwu Emperor softly: "The emperor, you must appease the princess."

Xuanwu Huang smiled and said: "You know my thoughts."

"On the side of the emperor, I have been waiting for a long time. I can always try to figure out one or two." The general manager tried to find out: "Just think that the princess of the Qing princess is just outside, it is not easy."

"That is." Xuanwu Emperor sighed: "How important is the Xuanwu cavalry, although the rush is not enough for the battlefield to kill, but a hundred years ago the Xuanwu cavalry was the world, so it appeared in my country, it is a good sign! ”

"The emperor said that it is God's will to bless, the emperor will be able to dominate the world..." The flatterer's flattering immediately followed.

If there is a psychologist, it will be inferred that this is the Xuanwu Emperor's urgency, or to some extent similar to the previous deaf children's support ~ ~ seeking psychological self-comfort.

After a short time, Princess Qing came to the Yangxin Temple.

"You and my father and daughter do not need a guest." Xuanwu Emperor prevented the Qing Princess from bowing.

Princess Qing Qing is a few steps forward: "I don't know what the father changed his daughter to do?"

"Qing Shantou, you are smart and snowy, don't you know?"

The princess of the Qing Princess drooped down and gave a cup of tea to the table of Xuanwu Emperor: "Father, the daughter knows."

"What can you have grievances about the arrangement of the father?"

"Daughter doesn't know what the grievances the father said?" The princess did not lift the head, so she stood by.

"You and Zhou Yiruo have something to do, the father knows. But now Zhou Yuruo is arranged by the father and a group of women, it is the origin of resentment." Xuanwu Huang rarely said so clearly, smiled: "You dare not have resentment."

"Father Huang Jinyu Yuyan, what is what it is." Qing Princess still does not look up.

"Well, since you said yes, then the father must try to calm your grievances." Xuanwu Huangdao: "Come on, plan!"

Princess Qing was shocked and looked up.

Immediately, a civilian **** took the four treasures of the study and waited for the emperor's words to draw up the script.

"If you say that Zhou Jia's daughter-in-law, there are many literary martial arts, and the Princess of Marriage is given a good marriage.

The princess of the Qing Princess was amazed by the fact that the lips were difficult to meet. But more is worrying. The DPRK has never had an example of a female horse.

The Xuanwu Emperor said again: "With the golden dragon placard as the bottom, write this 诏, for the dark 诏, with the Qing Princess."

The princess of the Qing Dynasty slowed down.

"Qinger, you will keep this script. If someone is in trouble, such as marriage and forced marriage, it will be difficult. You will show it." The Xuanwu Emperor has a deep meaning.

Qing Princess immediately understood the multiple intentions of this script.

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