Peerless White Emperor

Chapter 1349 id dialogue

Ye Cang scratched his growing white hair and walked downstairs. He came to the main seat and sat down. He stretched out his hand and took a bun with fairy bean fragrance. When he took a bite, the most fish oil overflowed. Although it was hot, he couldn't stop at all. "By the way, Tomorrow is Senior Lin Lan's big wedding, don't forget, Lao Liang just communicated with me."

"This is a big business, and it's a big battle for our food city to break into the top high-end market." Ye Cang took a sip of soy milk.

"City Lord, don't worry, we have some. After breakfast, we will go to Tianjian Sect to prepare." Li Lao, as the default second-in-command of the Food City, smiled.

"City Lord Bai, I started cooking this soup a month ago, just for tomorrow, Xiao Chen, bald donkey, tomorrow we must decide the winner!" Zhang Lao looked at Chen Shang, Ellie and Jing Xuan. .

"Hmph, it's up to you." Chen Shang-Ai Li had been experimenting with ingredients from the manor for two months, just for Lin Lan's big wedding to witness the return of the Ruyi Dao, and Jing Xuan shook it with a smile. Shaking his head, he turned to Pharaoh.

"Shut up, don't talk!" Old Wang said immediately, it's not a good thing to talk with a bald head.

"Okay, Big Brother Wang." Jing Xuan nodded obediently, and the ambiguous atmosphere made everyone look at Old Wang.

"Have you ever fought with him?" Pharaoh's wife gestured with a bayonet.

"Definitely not!" Old Wang quickly denied it, while Zeng Yunli, his ex-girlfriend, rolled her eyes, "Sister Mei, you dare to believe what he says."

Pharaoh was about to continue explaining, looking at his wife's somewhat contemptuous eyes, covering his forehead with a wry smile "..."

Zhang Zhengxiong and Bingyun looked at each other and stood up abruptly, "Brother, Xiaolong and I are going to get married, one day with you! Christmas!"

Zhang Zhengxiong's words made the audience stunned for a moment, and Bingyun covered his face, his face flushed.

Ye Cang felt a palpitation all over the place. The feeling was parting, reluctance, and there was no future. Tears flowed down unconsciously.

Li Mei looked at Ye Cang and her lips turned white, but seeing that line of tears, their brother's relationship was really good "Xiao Bai..."

Wu Na squeezed Ye Cang's left hand and moved it.

Ye Cang reacted and wiped away his tears, "I made everyone laugh, okay! That's great! Lele, hurry up and inform Song Xin that we will get married together on Christmas!"

"Okay, Brother Xiaobai." Lin Le nodded his head very simply, and then communicated to Song Xin, "A Xin, Brother Xiaobai asked me to hold a wedding with him and Brother Xiaoxiong for Christmas, you..."

"I do! I do!" Song Xin burst into tears and interrupted Lin Le directly.

"Don't interrupt people, wait, where did I say." Lin Le began to organize his thoughts, and Xiao Ye Tian sighed, "Would you like to?"

"Yes, are you willing?" Lin Le said sincerely.

"I would."

"Assistant! Assistant! Hurry up and cancel all my trips! Lele, he's going to marry me! Lele, he's going to marry me!" Song Xin was at a loss, her eyes filled with tears of joy.

Lin Le hung up the communication and reached out to Ye Cang to say OK.

Everyone started cheering and blessing. Ye Cang smiled and watched Zhang Zhengxiong pull up Bingyun, who was blushing about to bleed, and hugged him. Lin Le reached out and touched Bingyun's face, embarrassed, embarrassed.

The feeling of palpitations is swept away, am I not here for it? Guard them, build a happy family, yeah, what's there to regret? Xue, the promise to you has been fulfilled, Ah Xiong, he has grown up.

"Yeah, I've grown up." The iron-faced, white-haired voice sounded in his mind.

"Yeah." Ye Cang was not too surprised.

"But you betrayed her." Tie Mian's white-haired words made Ye Cang stunned for a moment. His eyes lingered on Ci Mei and Wu Na. Snow flashed in his mind. From the realization to the end, until now, "Betrayal? ? I just chose to let go of my obsessions and go to the unknown future. The moment I decided, I saw her, she was in a new family, very happy, although it may be just a dream, from me and her From the end of time, to the point where I understand that I am taking a step forward, my time moves again, everything is like this, dependent origination, emptiness of nature."

"The origin is empty, the origin is empty, haha, you are just my phantom, as long as I don't decide the fate, nothing will change!"

Ye Cang was silent for a while, then smiled again, "Then let this 'phantom' that has 'existed' disappear, the real Ye Cang."

"You know that time, and you can't change everything. Your existence is only a part of my resurrection snow, and it's just a part of my fulfillment of the promise..." The voice gradually faded away.

Ye Cang looked at the happy dining table again, and stood up and coaxed Wu Na, Li Mei, Zhang Zhengxiong, Lin Le and the others, with reluctance in their eyes, holding the crystal from the future in his hand and murmured, "Can't you change...? , what do you see in the future, is it me, or is it... me?"

Endless Purgatory.

"Going to the future..." Tie Mian Ye Cang kept thinking back to the past, hoping to resurrect Xue and return to that family. The drops under the mask fell into the hellfire. Compared with the pain of longing, the pain of endless purgatory was unnecessary for him. "Without the snow, I would rather not have the so-called future."

The white-clothed fairy in the distance became weaker and weaker. From the initial stunnedness, to jealousy, to acceptance, the inner demons who were eager and curious about love continued to devour her soul, what exactly is love, and what does it feel like to be loved.

Eternal Heart.

Dasha stared at the heart of eternity, and there were countless pictures flashing inside, and the figures of the four people were intertwined. "Hope is the source of origin, and hope has no origin. It represents the future, and the future is the beginning of destruction, destruction. It is the result of original sin, no, no, original sin leads to hope, hope leads to origin, origin is accompanied by destruction, and it is not right, destruction is the result of original sin, but it is the beginning of hope, the four forces seem related and unrelated , the four forces seem to be closed loops, but they are not in a loop, they are chaotically intertwined, orderly chaos, disorderly chaos.”

Dasha collapsed on the girl's sofa, she couldn't figure it out at all, it was the same as if she didn't read it, she shook her head, no matter what, she must keep the Book of Hope as Xiaocang's, and ensure that the direction of hope is the future, only then can you escape from eternity To get the possibility of liberation, you must ensure this possibility.

But it may be too difficult to ensure this. The power of the self is so strong that it can directly confront me. Like the devil who got the original sin, it is simply a monster that destroys the world. It is the most powerful void creature I have ever seen. It is not much different from the Void Origin Soul King, but the Void Origin Soul King is a collection of voids. He has no consciousness of 'human' and only exists for the sake of being swallowed by the void. This guy has extreme self-consciousness, love and hate.

Xiao Cang is just his soul and soul, can his contract with Xiao Cang really keep him?

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