People In Konoha, Anbe Tortured Ninjas For Ten Years!

Chapter 847: so-called noble

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When the three generations agreed to this problem, they did not realize the seriousness of the matter.

This is not a three-generation issue at all.

If it were anyone else, he would never have thought that Qingyu had left a lot of routines here.

Just these routines...

If it is placed in the real world, it is not unusual at all, because many businesses will ask many people to occupy the space at the moment of opening.

This creates a look that they are hot.

People always have a herd mentality.

When the vast majority of people think that he is good, then it will bring a kind of inducement to people innately, making people think that he is good.

Now Qingyu is using this kind of method that is almost commonplace in the real world, because when any shop is just opening, it is absolutely impossible to leave his home empty.

The store is like this, the more people there are, the more people there are, and the less people there are, the more people there are.

Now that Yile Ramen has changed to a membership system, people have doubts about this matter. It can be seen that when there are many people in it, there will be no such thoughts.

Instead, they will rethink whether they are not keeping up with the trend.

After seeing such a scene, the three generations actually had some doubts about themselves.

At any time, the mode of membership-only shop is almost unseen in the ninja world. For him, it can be regarded as a first-of-its-kind mode.

It is precisely because this is enough to subvert many of his cognitions.

When people encounter something they have not seen, they still have some ideas in their hearts, and they will take the lead in rejecting them when they are instinctive, because they will feel that it may not be suitable for them, but when they find many After recognition, people will reflect on whether or not something happened to them.

This is a very strange idea.

But it really exists.

Even the three generations now have almost the same feeling.

When Sandai just learned that Ichiro Ramen has changed to a membership-only shop, and only members can go in and eat noodles, they were also greatly surprised.

He just thinks this model is too outrageous.

A normal business store would never look like this.

This even made him think that Yile Ramen wanted to harvest a wave of members and then run away quickly?

It was just such a thought that flickered in his heart, because he had never seen such a method before, and he had never heard of such a statement as cutting leeks.

But at this time, he can't care so much, because his goal is not to eat noodles or melons, but to solve these things that are occupying the vortex of public opinion.

The solution that the three generations can think of is also very simple and rude, that is to start directly from people's curiosity.

Now people are most curious about things related to Xiaonan and many questions related to Xiaonan are what they are curious about.

Then just need to solve this curious place.

The three generations thought in their hearts. Solving this problem is not particularly difficult, as long as the person who has the problem is solved.

At least at this time, the third generation did not pay special attention to this matter. He just felt that the problems that occurred in Xiaonan were not so unsolvable.

So what the three generations are thinking now is to fundamentally solve this problem.

By his means, let the whole thing come to an end.

In this way, people will no longer be curious about Xiaonan's affairs.

Knowing the corresponding, it can re-lead the public opinion on the events of Danzo and Orochimaru.


It is not difficult for him to cause public opinion on the events of Danzo and Orochimaru to cause a whirlpool of public opinion.

It just didn't occur to him at first that he could do this.

Now that he understood what was going on, he had a strong idea in his heart.

At least for now he already knows how to choose.

But at this time, Xiaonan's incident broke out, attracting the attention of most people.

Such a thing directly caused the incident of Danzo and Orochimaru to lose their appeal to the public.

The three generations are very clear that if the public opinion cannot be reversed at a time when people care most, then the final effect that may be achieved will be in vain.

If it is placed in the third generation a few days ago, then even if he can't become Hokage, he has no idea, everything is acceptable, but at this time, after the reminder of Mr. Tobirama, he is now rekindled the power of Hokage. Start your own fire of hope.

So now the three generations cannot accept failure in such a way.

The mentality of the third generation has already made plans. He knows that this time the competition is very late, and all kinds of situations are extremely unfavorable to him, so what he can do now is to go all out to strive for it, so that he can In such an environment, he regained his qualifications to compete for the position of Hokage.

This kind of thing is actually not easy.

At least for Sandai himself, when he felt that he was able to stand on the same level as Namikaze Minato again, it was already a victory.

Now he is working harder to compete, not just for the position of Hokage.

It is an opportunity to stand together and compete for the position of Hokage.

This opportunity is actually not easy.

So now he wants to succeed very much. From now on, he will work very hard to get back this position, even if it is just a chance to compete together again.

It is precisely because of this.

Three generations after encountering these things.

He still thinks it can be solved.

So he was going to apply for a membership card for Yile Ramen.

Even if you can't eat noodles here right now, it's okay after a while.

It's just that at this time, the three generations don't know at all, waiting for him is a position that will never be given up.

Ichiro Ramen was already full of people.

According to normal logic, these people are having lunch and can leave as long as lunch is over.


These people on the scene are not normal people.

Normal people will leave after eating, so there will be more vacancies here, and then three generations can continue to enter.

As long as you go in, you can see Xiaonan.

Then get an up-close look at what's going on.

Now I feel that he is still Hokage, although nominally, he will give up his position of Hokage to the fourth generation, but this is still a few days later.

The handover of Hokage has not been officially carried out yet.

Although the people of Konoha Village already think that he is no longer Hokage, but at this time, he still holds the greatest power, and he can completely solve the problems that Xiaonan may have.

The third generation still attaches great importance to Xiaonan's affairs. He feels that Xiaonan is nothing more than a rebellion who entered Konoha Village. As long as this matter is resolved, it will not cause such a big storm, nor will it Make people more curious.


The three generations came here this time, in fact, they wanted to solve the problem.

Solve this matter involving Xiaonan.

After all, in his cognition, Xiao Nan's matter is definitely not a complicated matter, so it won't be particularly troublesome to deal with.


Just let him talk about Xiaonan's affairs after finishing.

Then the public opinion generated by the Xiaonan incident will naturally dissipate, and then the incidents of Danzang and Orochimaru can be presented again.

In this way he can achieve his own purpose again.


There is a requirement to do so.

That is to be fast.

The third generation must complete these in the first time, so that all public opinions can be reduced, so that the public opinion vortex of Danzo and Orochimaru can be re-raised without being affected.

So for three generations.

Such is the situation now.

He can wait.

Can't wait to wait.

He had to settle Xiao Nan's time today.


If you continue to procrastinate like this.

It is very unfavorable for him to regain the position of Hokage.

"I'm going to apply for a membership card now."

Through the curtain of Yile Ramen, the third generation said to Xiaonan inside. What he wanted to express was very simple, that is, to apply for a membership card of Yile Ramen and become a member of Yile Ramen.

It's like the key to open this door.

If he is not a ramen member, he cannot enter a ramen, and there is no way to see Xiaonan.

So the premise of all this requires him to become a ramen member first.

As for putting money into it.

The three generations have already made plans in their hearts.

Doing so is already the best solution.

Whether or not he will continue to use this membership card in the future.

It can be said that it is very worthwhile to spend this money to settle the current situation, otherwise, various problems are likely to occur.

Now time is the most important thing.

There was not much time left for him.

The third generation must turn everything around before Namikaze Minato officially becomes Hokage, otherwise, after he does these things, the final result is to accompany him.


After Xiao Nan heard the words of the third generation, he was quite shocked.

She did not expect that someone would really come to apply for a membership card at this time.

It seems that everything has been calculated by Aoba.

It was all carried out according to the Qingyu plan, and there was almost no deviation. The matter of someone applying for a membership card yesterday has already been calculated.

I have to say this is really neat.

Xiaonan had never seen someone like Qingyu before.

Even if there are so many talents in Xiao's organization, she has never seen so many people like Qingyu who can calculate so many people. This is almost all possibilities have been calculated.

the most important is…

When Xiao Nan saw his mission book, he was still a little surprised.

Because it is not only written on it, there will definitely be someone who will handle the membership of Yile Ramen, and it is clearly marked on it. If the person who comes to handle it is the third generation of Hokage Sarutobi, then you must not show any surprise. .

After Xiao Nan saw the words marked on the task book, there were actually many question marks in his heart, because he felt that this kind of thing was not very possible.

After all, no matter what angle you look at.

The fact that three generations can come here to apply for membership cards is very outrageous.


Xiao Nan didn't take it too seriously.

But she still had a little bit of hope in her heart.

Aoba, who is looking forward to it, can tell all the things that he expected before.

"To apply for a membership card now requires a one-time deposit of 30,000 yen."

Xiao Nan said slowly, after Qing Yu's reminder, they have now directly raised the threshold.

At that time, they all felt that Qing Yu's idea was a little crazy.

Especially at this point in time.

It is already very difficult for the people of Konoha Village to apply for membership. And also for such a high-priced membership.

Thinking about this kind of thing makes people feel outrageous.

At least in their opinion.

Even if the previous threshold of 10,000 yen is used as the threshold, there may not be many people who will become members of Yile Ramen again, not to mention that the threshold has been tripled.


At that time, Aoba's answer was also very simple.

Only two words.


Aoba hopes that members of Ichiro Ramen can remind people of some vanity in their hearts.

It is easy to cause some psychological comparisons. UU Reading

after all.

The membership threshold of Yile Ramen has been raised, so that fewer people can apply for membership than before.

In this way, being able to become a member of Yile Ramen is also a symbol of noble status to a certain extent.

After all, only members can enter and eat at Yile Ramen.

People who have registered for membership can walk into a ramen with their heads held high in front of everyone's attention.

In this way, people's vanity can be greatly satisfied.

It can also reflect some hierarchies.


Everywhere is hierarchical.

The continuous hierarchy divides this world of high and low.

The hierarchy in the ninja world is actually far higher than the real world.

Only ninjas are divided into three grades.

Ordinary people have long accepted this feeling.

Aoba is now using this method to divide the people of Konoha Village into two types, one is those who can become members of Yile Ramen, and the other is those who cannot become members of Yile Ramen.

Such a division looks a lot like bullying the rich.

Anyone with a little sense of reason might be able to see through this trick, but for Aoba, this is just the beginning.

Xiao Nan's incident was nothing but an appetizer that officially brought a ramen member to the stage of history.

In the follow-up, he has more steps to take care of these people bit by bit.


After hearing Xiao Nan's words, the third generation couldn't help but tremble. He didn't expect this member to be so expensive. It was beyond his imagination.

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