Novel info
Pirates: I Resurrected Roger
Author: please hit me
Alternative names:海贼:我复活了罗杰
Genre: Fan-Fiction

Pirates: I Resurrected Roger

Through the pirate world, I can resurrect the dead and get one of its abilities.

It is said that pirates are immortal, I want to see, in addition to Roger, which other unlucky person has been written to death.

Luffy: “My brother is dead, I never won a game against him when I was a kid.”

Zoro: “My girlfriend died, and I never won a game against her when I was a kid.”

Sanji: “You still have a girlfriend? Ah, my mother died of illness.”

Usopp: “My mother died too.”

Nami: “It’s good to die, my mother was killed.”

Robin: “It’s okay, my mother was killed too.” Everyone: “???”

Whitebeard: “Zefa, I didn’t expect you to die. I was killed by your disciple. My son made up the knife. Who killed you?”

Zefa: “I was killed by my disciple! Let’s go get revenge together!”

Whitebeard: “Yes, but let’s fight first!”

The most chaotic confession in the pirate world..


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