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Pirates: One Way All the Way
Alternative names:海贼之一道一路
Genre: Fan-Fiction

Pirates: One Way All the Way

…Our great Marshal Mosa, in the year 1500 of the Haiyuan calendar, when he was only 15 years old, was deeply touched after witnessing the opening of the era of the great pirates, and made up his mind to fight for the peace of the blue ocean for the rest of his life, and formally proposed the “Construction” The Prosperous Belt of the Great Route and the Road of the Sea Train”…

In the classroom, the female teacher, whose freckles were all excited, read the textbook in a reverent tone.

Passing by Mosa…

…who is she talking about?

When we go back, we must tell the people in the propaganda department, we must reject this kind of false propaganda, we must seek truth from facts, we have a bottom line and a sense of social responsibility… Well, go back and add chicken legs to the person who wrote this paragraph


1 The biggest golden finger is to have a good father~

There are not many manuscripts in the 2 Dongfa books, so… well, 300,000… This is the last dignity of the handicapped party!

I clicked it in at 3 o’clock. After reading the ten chapters, I’ll leave~ I don’t need money anyway, so let’s watch a little bit~ [Weak and pitiful and helpless (T ^ T)]

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