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Plan to Trap the Golden Thigh
Author: 水破长空
Alternative names:诱捕金主计划

Plan to Trap the Golden Thigh

Ji Nai-tang paid attention to Cen Muqi for 12 years. This secret love had been hidden in his heart. When he finally couldn’t hide it, he sent himself in front of Cen Muqi, pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger and step by step planning to trap the golden thigh.

Ji Nai-tang: It is not that I look good, it is that you make me look good.

Cen Muqi: It turns out that it is important to have a boyfriend who will take pictures.

Ji Nai-tang: But you are not my boyfriend~

Cen Muqi: Can I apply for it?

Ji Nai-tang: What are you applying for?

Cen Muqi: Applying to be your boyfriend!

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