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Planet Escape
Alternative names:星球逃亡
Genre: Sci-fi

Planet Escape

The end of the world comes, the earth deviates from its orbit and gradually flies out of the solar system.

The meteorite rain hits the earth, the mysterious matter causes the evolution of the earth’s species, and humankind has ushered in the era of black technology evolution.

Disasters such as the Ice Age, the drift of the continental shelf, the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano, etc., forced humans to build spaceships to flee the earth. As a result, it was not accidental that everything happened on the earth was discovered during interstellar travel.

Xiang Qian, the black technology controller who followed the survivor spacecraft to leave the home planet after the catastrophe, was reborn before the disaster after the human mother ship exploded.

“In this life, I must take the earth to the horizon and look for the unknown answer.” Xiang Qian.


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