Poison Genius Consort 2: Emperor’s Swallow

Chapter 1099 End of the seventh night

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The 10th chapter of the end of the 1099

The money is much more aware of the consequences of making a mistake. It is because he is stupid.

Her eyes are really wet. She did not laugh at the past, and finally had to bear to laugh and comfort her. Later, they did not go to Yaowang, they went to Jinyang City. More money said that she would go to see the daughter-in-law of the future, maybe she would be pregnant.

Gold and Mu Linger found the cause of the plant plague in Shennong Valley. The plague was not caused by pests, nor was it maliciously poisoned, but the cause of the vegetation itself. Mu Linger decided to train a group of "forest doctors" for the Black Forest, and gold accompanied her to stay in Shennong Valley.

Mrs. Gu Taifu and Mrs. Min received the red rabbit and decided to leave two guards in the Shennong Valley as a guard, leaving a guard in the Wangwang Valley as a guardian. Ms. Qian deliberately wrote to Mrs. Min, suggesting that Mrs. Min will arrange two red rabbits as guards on both sides of the Great Hill Gate in Shennong Valley. Mrs. Min felt embarrassed and asked Mu Linger to know how much money she thought.

It is not a child's play that concerns the facade of Shennong Valley. Mrs. Min honestly said with Gu Taifu, Gu Taifu is not doing this is a big event, it is easy to be accurate. A lot of money is happy and anxious, I hope that all people who go to Shennong Valley to ask for medicine can see her red rabbit. After a long time, it has become an unwritten rule to feed the rabbits into the Shennong Valley. Of course, this is a follow-up.

Money has seen Tang Jing’s daughter more, and she is more anxious to want her children. Even her heart has always insisted on the natural pastoralism. Winter is coming to spring, and the money is finally pregnant. It didn't take long for Yan to have a joy. The little things are pregnant with the third child. After the small dust was collected, he agreed with his Yaner, and gave the first snow wolf to Azer, and the second snow wolf stayed beside him.

Unconsciously, "child care" has replaced "promoting" as a common topic. At the same time, the topic of "nuptial marriage" has never stopped, and there is always only one object: Xuanyuan Rui.

Gu Taifu was able to invite everyone to Yao Wanggu for the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, and sent an invitation letter and an appointment early. Everyone also responded to the invitation early, and even kept a deep understanding of Yun Xuanshui. The Qin Mo of the Classics has written back, but there are no news for Gu Shao and Bai Li Ming Chuan.

Time flies, July 7th and 7th.

The pregnant Yannai heard that there was a "Xiangqiaohui" activity outside the palace, and he tried to join in the fun. Unexpectedly, I don’t want to be alone. Jun Jiuchen knew about the risk of pregnancy. He experienced more difficulties in Tang Jing’s dystocia, and he was even more nervous. In the end, Yaner was given the killer of "consequences and self-sufficiency". However, Jun Jiuchen did not give in.

Yaner was in a hurry and said: "I want to invite my father and mother to live for a few days."

Jun Jiuchen’s expression of coldness has changed and is tense. For so long, he will still panic when he sees his father-in-law.

He took Yan Yan and disguised himself to take her out. From this Tanabata, Yan's killer is no longer "consequential conceit", but "shadow brother, I invited my father and mother to live for a few days, how?"

Much more money than a swallow, she has been sleepy for half a month. She usually sleeps halfway through lunch and sleeps. She has been a long time since she was a meal. She is still energetic. Nothing else, just because she gave her a piece of pure gold to create a piece of ornaments, she was very excited.

Tang Jing followed the old lady Zhang Luo's various sacrifices, and worshipped the seven mothers according to the customs of Jinyang City, praying for the gods to bless the children safe and healthy. If it was before, Tang Jing would only smile and watch the old lady tossing, but now she is the mother, she is the same as the head, but when it is good for the child, she is all personally. Cheng Yifei originally planned to pull out Tang Tangjing to go out for dinner. Now he is holding a daughter in one hand and watching them toss at the side.

The Tangmen and Ning are in the flower field of Houshan, Tangmen. Since the successor of Tangmen, Tangmen can be said to be aggressive and only want to spoil his wife. He has a small goal, and he is personally planting the small daisy that Tang Jing likes on the ten mountains of Tangmen. Mrs. Ning was particularly speechless about his plan and felt that Tangmen could be renamed in the future.

Today's Yaowang Valley can be lively.

In the tea room of Yan Guiya, Han Yuzheng and Qin Min played chess. If it was in the past, Qin Min would be sitting in the rules, but now she is like Han Han, and she is lazy. Neither of them has a sitting posture, but they have their own style, a noble and calm, and a comfortable one. Looking far away, it can be described as a beautiful figure that is pleasing to the eye.

This beautiful figure is a woman who sleeps on a bamboo mat, not someone else, it is Mu Linger. She was originally sitting on the side of Han Yu and watching chess. The result was hypnotized by chess. The gold sat cross-legged and quietly stood beside her.

Long Fei Ye and Gu Beiyue stood in front of the cliff on the cliff, and they were chatting about this strange person. The secrets of the millennium have gone with the dead, the truth is not all truth, but the secret is always a secret.

Lone Yunyuan and the "Yaner" in his heart, Lonely, Jiuli, Yi, Yujia, Northern Xinjiang, Dreams, Xuezu, Shennong Valley Medicine, Wang Ding, legendary origin, etc., how many secrets there are here, how many There is no way to detect the grievances and hatreds. Long Feiye and Gu Beiyue are the only ones who care the most, and that is the "Yunxuan Shui Jing".

"Yunxuan Shui Jing" is the Yi people's treasure, why can't the Yi people crack this wonderful book? Who created it? Why create? Why use image recording? In addition, "Yunxuan Shui Jing" mentioned that there is a shore in the ice sea, and there are thousands of miles in the fertile soil. Is this the speculation of the person who painted the "Xuan Xuanshui", or is it true? If there is a continent on both sides of the ice sea, what kind of world would it be? A thousand years ago, was there a connection between the two continents and the mainland?

Long Feiye and Gu Yunyuan both thought about it. At this time, the servant came over and sent a letter: "Gut, the King of Yu, wrote back."

"Small seven! Is he not coming back?"

Tanabata, not only the festival, Valentine's Day, but also the birth of Gu Qi. Gu Beiyue was overjoyed and quickly opened the letter. However, he was quickly disappointed.

In the letter, Gu Qishao said that he is not only happy birthday, but also happy every day. They all have a good holiday and don't have to worry about his birthday. He also said that he and his disciples along the ice coast, all the way to the east, free to let everyone do not forget. In the end, he asked Gu Beiyue to remind everyone that they should be good at repairing their temperament, staying forever, and living for thousands of years. Don't wait for them to come back and see all the elderly.

Gu Beiyue read the letter and turned to look at the dragon on the side of the night and handed in a letter. Seeing the expression of Gu Beiyue, Long is not too lazy to read the letter, he asked: "Do you not return?"

Gu Beiyue smiled helplessly: "Yes."

The dragon was not talking at night, and turned to look at Han Hao behind him.

Rui Erzhang Yunkong, Yaner and Nanchen Palm Xuankong, Gu Beiyue is hidden in the drug king Valley, he and he may be able to leave. He wondered, they are the same as the Gushao Shaohao who first set foot on the eastern side of the mainland, or go back to Gu Qihao, go west?


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