President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 2035 season finale

The stock of Ji's Group suddenly fell to the limit, and the speed was so fast that Ji Taoyang, the president, was unprepared. Looking at the downturn in the stock market, a large number of stockholders dumped their stocks, but were quickly acquired by a mysterious force.

Ji Taoyang suddenly had a horrified thought that his company might have been targeted, and he was engaged in a hostile takeover.

Within a week, all kinds of bad news came from the Jishi Group. First, the big customers in their hands refused to cooperate, and then it was reported that there was a problem with his company's taxation.

Ji Taoyang was so busy in an instant that the whole person was dizzy. Finally, half a month later, a mysterious acquisition group came to the door. They took out a 50% equity contract and negotiated the acquisition with Ji Taoyang. .

"Who are you guys on earth?"

Why do you want to engage in my company? "

Ji Taoyang was exhausted for the company's affairs for several days.

"Mr. Ji, your current company has only two ways to go. First, accept our acquisition, and second, go bankrupt automatically. You can think about it before you decide!"

The leading man said very seriously.

Ji Taoyang immediately thought, did he offend someone?

But he thinks he has no offenders who shouldn't be offended! "What if I don't choose all of them?"

Ji Taoyang immediately gave a cold snort.

"If Mr. Ji does not choose, then we can only force a purchase and transfer your tax evasion and tax evasion to the court. I believe Mr. Ji should be very clear about the consequences!"

Ji Taoyang was terrified. He didn't expect that the other party had even checked this out. Now, besides giving up the company, he went in and went to jail.

"Who is your boss anyway?

Who will take over my company in the future? "

Ji Taoyang said angrily, now that he hasn't even found out who is behind him.

"Mr. Ji does not care for the time being. In short, the Ji Group will be acquired by us."

Faced with the contract he was handed over, his company was acquired in less than half a month, and the other party was obviously wealthy and powerful.

Helpless, Ji Taoyang took the pen to sign, took the initiative to abandon the company, and agreed to the acquisition, but he really wanted to know whose hands his company would fall into in the future.

This incident immediately caused the entire Ji family to panic. The company they had run for so many years would be gone.

And Ji Leishan is still waiting for her father's company to support her! Now, father's company has been acquired?

The Ji family immediately held a meeting, and the old man Ji was so angry that he blamed the younger son for poor management. Ji Taoyang was really inhumane.

And Ji Taoli, who was discharged from the hospital, also went home. This time he passed life and death. He didn't expect that his brother would be cruel to him for the company.

In the future, he tried not to return to that home.

Three months later, Ji's Group re-listed, listed for a month, continuous daily limit, and instantaneous market value doubled.

At the same time, an important person appeared on the board of directors. Today, it was their mysterious president who had not appeared for a meeting. Many former shareholders were very curious as to who could have such a method, which immediately changed the company.

Before they could see her, they heard the sound of high-rooted shoes hitting the ground. Then, a slender figure stepped forward, behind her, followed by two capable male assistants.

And the face of this girl surprised many shareholders. How could this be possible?

Isn't this the second lady from Ji's family?

Isn't this Ji Taoli's daughter?

Ji Qingning sat down in the position of chief, and facing the eyes of all shareholders, she introduced herself in a beautiful voice, "Hello everyone, I am Ji Qingning, the new president of the Ji Group. From now on, I am here. The person in power."

This arrogance has caused all the shareholders present to cast a shocked look at her. Don't say anything, just because the company's market value has doubled several times, they dare not have any opinions on her.

"Our president also has an identity, the young grandmother of the Huangfu family. In the future, we invite shareholders to strongly support our wife's cause.

A capable man next to him said.

In the originally quiet conference room, there was a sudden crash. Did Ji Qingning and Huangfu Quanche remarry?

When did this happen?

The remarriage time was the day when Huangfu Quanche handed over the company’s acquisition contract to her. Ji Qingning agreed to remarry and took the position of Mrs. Huangfu. She was treated like this six years ago, but At that time, she didn't want to be this wife. Now, for the sake of her father, her son, and herself, she decided not to refuse to remarry.

This incident spread out of the company in an instant, and everyone in the Ji family was shocked. The person who acquired the Ji Group was actually Ji Qingning?

Ji Leishan was almost fainted. The people all of them looked down upon were sitting in the position of President of the Ji Group at the moment, enjoying the identity of Mrs. Huangfu.


Ji Qingning returned to the villa a little tired, and just put down her bag, a low male voice behind her smiled and asked, "Are you tired?"


Ji Qingning turned around, and the man suddenly hugged her, "I sent my son away tonight, my wife, you have been hiding from me until now, this is not fair to my husband."

Ji Qingning immediately resisted, "No way, no way, I'm tired, I'm so tired, I don't want to move."

"It's okay, I'll massage you for a while, so you feel comfortable."

After speaking, the man slammed her upstairs and hugged her.

"Hey, Huangfu Quanche, I don't want to..." The night is dark, and the bed is full of spring. Until now, the man has been full after his remarriage, but the woman who was tired just now was so tired that she fell asleep.

The man looked at her side tenderly and kissed her in her hair. He was a little annoyed. How could she not want to put such a sweet girl back then?

If there is any regret medicine to buy, he must buy it back, and wants to return it for the past five years.


Ji Qingning opened a pair of misty eyes and screamed at the man.

"Hmm! Husband will pour water for you."

The man immediately got out of bed and poured some water on her. He helped her drink a sip of water. The man smiled and kissed him, "Wife, are you still tired?"

"Don't come again, Huangfu Quanche, if you dare to come again, I will divorce tomorrow."

A certain man couldn't laugh or cry immediately, put his arms around her and coaxed, "Okay, no, no divorce, be good."

Ending, sprinkle flowers!

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