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Provoking Strawberry-flavored Little Milk A
Author: Luo Xiaopai
Alternative names:招惹草莓味的小奶A
Genre: Yuri

Provoking Strawberry-flavored Little Milk A

The Shen Tian of this book is the cub in “Wearing as a Scum in Ancient Dog Blood”, you can read it if you are interested.

At the age of four and a half, Lu Ningwan first met Shen Tian, ​​who was four years old. When she was still a child, she only felt that the little girl in front of her was like a little sun, trying her best to bring happiness to the children around her.

A few months later, Lu Ningwan’s parents were involved in a car accident. She was originally the daughter of heaven and was sentenced to be raised by her uncle’s family. From then on, she had a nightmare that lasted for more than ten years.

She was only accompanied by her snarky cousin, her dissolute cousin, and her uncle and aunt who only scolded her parents all day long after taking the shares of her parents. Lu Ningguan’s life was nowhere to be seen.

Until he was in elementary school, that little sun with light reappeared in Lu Ningguan’s life.

When Lu Ningwan is ill, Shen Tian will help her buy medicines;

Lu Ningguan is not happy anymore, Shen Tian will learn a lot of jokes to tell herself;

Even when Lu Ningwan came to Auntie for the first time, her eyes were red with fright, and it was the girl who was half a year younger than herself who ran and worked for her;

Many times in the future, she will shelter her from the wind and rain…

Until the two of them graduated from high school, when Shen Tian turned eighteen, the alpha who had just grown up was pushed against the corner by the bright and charming Omega. Lu Ningguan’s eyes and heart only pretended to be sullen and sweet, and her dark brown eyes were fixed. Looking at the person in front of him, he said in a very ambiguous tone in Shen Tian’s ear: “Shen Tian, ​​you provoke me first.”

Gentle and considerate little tits Ax possessive, royal sister O

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