Novel info
Queen of Flowers
Author: Xiao Jing Hu
Alternative names:卖花女的皇后路

Queen of Flowers

Yong Ruo was a sensible and tough girl. She transmigrated into ancient times, into a poor, weak flower girl.

But she got a strange system for healing, beauty, birth control… and many more.

The problem was that the system was powered by contraceptive drugs.—” Contraceptive drugs system.”

Born in ancient times, she no longer fantasized about love. She just wanted to have a rich, stable life.

In order to collect the contraceptive medicine, she became a concubine of a prince and thus began the love that was destined to be broken.

She did not expect this Prince not only favored her- a mere concubine but also he refused to marry a real wife. He wanted to live with her for a lifetime and vowed not to marry anyone else.

‘Stressed! This is more than I bargained for!’

‘Won’t you marry a main wife when you became an emperor?’

‘Won’t you empty the side chambers?’

‘Can you live with a single person all your life?’

‘Can I not get pregnant? I don’t want any kids.’

Would the flower girl counter-attack to become a queen?


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