Quick Transmigration: Heroine Arrives, Woman Rapidly Retreats!

Chapter 1 Systems and tasks

In the pure white space, a woman wearing a complex Chinese dress stood with her eyes closed. Her face was almost perfect, like a jade carving, and the look was a bit serious.

Not far from her, she is a group of adult-sized halos.

I don't know for a long time, the woman's eyelids trembled slightly and slowly opened.

At the beginning, she was a bit stunned, as if the huge amount of information suddenly popped up in her mind made her somewhat uncomfortable, and she quickly became clear.

The white light of the group has been quietly suspended in front of her. When she saw her, her body suddenly flashed and she made a human voice: "Hello, host No. 1. I am your partner, you can Call me a guide, or system."

The woman, known as the No. 1 nod, called out: "System." The two words called to save trouble.

The information in her mind has been absorbed at this time. At this time, she naturally understands what is in front of her and what her task is.

"So my task is to go to the world of missions and become the female host of the original world. I will suppress the female pedigrees who want to replace the female identity of the female lord, so that the female lord can successfully complete the life that should have been brilliant. ?"

The radiance of the system seems to be a little brighter: "Yes. Nowadays, those female pedigrees who don’t know where they come from are the ones who want to take the status of the female actor. I don’t know, the protagonist of every world. It is recognized by the laws of the world. The forcible deprivation of the fate of the woman of fate will only disturb the laws of the world and cause instability in the world. There will be no consequences for a while, and the time will be long. Serious, may cause the collapse of the entire world."

"The purpose of you on the 1st is to protect the airpower of the woman and maintain the stability of the world."

The woman nodded and suddenly asked: "The memory of my life in my mind, but really?"

In her memory, she became a woman named Gu Shengyin. She should have been honored and rich, but she was taken away by an outsider and finally died miserably.

Rao is her heart's perseverance, and she thinks that she can't stop her inner resentment and killing.

The system replied: "That is an illusory world. I just brought your consciousness into the body of the world's female lord Gu Sheng, and went through the whole world with her. You are both Gu Sheng and Gu Sheng."

The system said: "No. 1 is just a code name, the host can give itself a name."

The woman thought for a moment: "Gu Sheng is very fond of this name, just let it."

The system flashed white: "Okay, all the information I have already passed to your mind. If there is no problem, we can start the task directly."

On the 1st, no, Gu Sheng nodded, she smiled a little cold, her eyebrows picked, and matched her perfect face, but she showed a compelling color: "Of course no problem. Just right, I am also curious about those who are eager to kill the female leader."

After all, it is the memory of Gu Shengyin, she is inevitably affected, and there is a kind of rejection and dislike of those outsiders.

The system is inexplicably cold, and suddenly wants to put a wax on the outsiders who are going to face Gu Sheng.

This host seems to be irritating. But also, after all, that person created it personally...

"Ready to enter the world, three, two, one..."

Gu Sheng just lost his consciousness because he only felt dizzy in front of him.

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