Quick Transmigration: Heroine Arrives, Woman Rapidly Retreats!

Chapter 36 Giants VS VS born again (four)

"Big brother, I don't want to go see it." Gu Sheng was holding a handful of Cheng Boxuan's hand.

"Hello, you are also the major shareholder of the Cheng Group. Of course, people under the hand must know you." Cheng Boxuan is unambiguous.

Cheng Zhensheng and his wife loved women, and the Chengcheng Group, which has a big deal, left 20% of the shares to Cheng Xizhi.

Cheng Xizhi is not interested in business. Cheng Zhensheng and his wife did not intend to make their daughter a strong woman. These shares, even dividends, are enough to make Cheng Xizhi know how to live a princess life.

The Chengshi Group is headquartered in a commercial office building in downtown Huashi.

The new front desk looked at the perfect smile and sent the general manager into the elevator. Then he said excitedly to his companion: "Oh my God, the general manager is really handsome! But who is the girl next to him? It’s so small, but it’s so beautiful! It’s so gentle that the usual serious general manager laughs, it’s not a fiancee.”

Another girl took out the mirror and looked at the makeup on her face. Did she listen to her companions? He said with a smile: "What fiancee? You haven't heard of it, do we have a sister?"

The new front desk wondered: "Is the general manager's sister not coming to the company a few days ago?"

A few days ago, Cheng Yiru came to the company.

The old employee smiled and said: "One is a biological daughter, and the other is a foster daughter. You said, which is the sister of the general manager?"

Cheng Zhensheng and his wife always did not conceal the fact that the process was like raising a woman. Therefore, when Yuan chose to marry a person, he did not consider the process at all.

"Who is the girl next to your general manager?" In a suit, the imposing man looked at Gu Shengyin who was holding his hand on Cheng Boxuan.

The casual public relations manager was relieved, and he was arranged by the company to receive the Shaodong of the Yuan’s enterprise. The momentum on the other side is too terrible, and he has always had some breathlessness when he has always been used to the wind and rain.

When he saw that Yuan’s Shaodong was attracted to other things, he sighed and quickly replied: “That’s the youngest daughter of our chairman, the sister of the general manager, and Miss Cheng Xizhi.”

Cheng Xizhi.

Yuan Xu chanted this name several times in his heart. He always felt that Cheng Xizhi knew that there was an inexplicable sense of familiarity. After careful consideration, Yuan Xu determined that he had not seen her.

Looking back again, Cheng Chengzhi of the Cheng Group, isn’t that the girl who is interested in marriage at home?

Then she is the future wife of Yuanhang? I don't know why, Yuan Xu thought of this possibility, and there was some slight irritability in my heart.

It seems that during this time, the task is busy, he needs a good rest. Yuan Xu attributed this irritating mood to the fact that the work was too busy.

As if he had perceived something, Gu Sheng looked at it with doubt and turned to look at it, but only saw a back.

Shantou, Gu Sheng laughed because of some self-deprecating, she just thought that Ji Yun was watching her. But how is this possible? That person is different from himself. He is long gone.

Thinking of Ji Yun, Gu Sheng’s mood instantly fell.

"What's wrong, cherish?" Cheng Boxuan noticed that his sister was not right.

Gu Sheng shook his head because of shaking: "It's just a little tired."

Cheng Boxuan saw his sister's look, and there was no doubt: "Go there and go to my lounge for a while, then I will send you home later."

Gu Sheng nodded because of it.

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