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Quick Transmigration: Seducing the Wolf Boss
Author: Jun Sheng
Alternative names:快穿系统:攻略狼性boss
Genre: Sci-fi

Quick Transmigration: Seducing the Wolf Boss

In order to chase down and kill her own murderer, Xia Yichu reached an agreement with the 233 system, and she will travel through the world to complete the task, and The 233 system helped her return to the original world.
However, Xia Yichu often encountered a broken BOSS while he was on his way to do the task. He did n’t agree with each other on the wall, the bed, the various patterns, and kept talking.
System: Please use one word to describe the other person’s impression in your heart.
Xia Yichu: Competent.
Shen Jiaye: Mine.

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