Raiders Counterattack [Quick Transmigration]

Chapter 133

    The aliens were repelled, and the whole country cheered.

    In the mourning service for the martyrs, everyone stopped and faced the sky in silence.

    "We will always remember this day, remember these martyrs who died in the battle. It was they who rushed to the forefront that they won today's victory." The city that is being rebuilt In the middle, the sound of the broadcast resounded in the sky, fell into everyone's ears, and melted into their hearts.

    At this point, "Alien Invasion" is officially completed.

    "Congratulations, it's over." Chu Qianze spoke first, breaking the quiet atmosphere in the crew.

    "Everyone has worked hard, everyone has worked hard!" He Ran echoed, and all the staff responded, and the atmosphere immediately became warm.

    Looking at Shen Hezhi who was staring at the mausoleum in a daze on the set, Chu Qianze walked over and patted him on the shoulder, "What are you thinking, so fascinated."

    Shen Hezhi came back to his senses and held the hand on his shoulder, "It's nothing, I feel that these things are made quite similar."

    "Really?" Chu Qianze followed Shen Hezhi's line of sight and looked at the small table next to it, on which was a plaque with his name engraved and a badge symbolizing military merit, "What are these things? It's beautiful, you might as well see me more when you have time."

    Being surrounded by these words, Shen Hezhi's melancholy dissipated, "That's right, you are much prettier than them."

    "Right, two eyes, one nose and one mouth." Chu Qianze leaned over and couldn't help laughing twice.

    "What are you whispering there? Come and drive over, red envelopes!" Seeing the two of them crooked together and not knowing what to say, He Wan couldn't help but feel a pain in the ass. Anyway, in the crew, pay attention to the image.

    "There is still a red envelope at the end?" Chu Qianze raised his eyebrows in surprise.

    "Yeah, let's go, let's go over." Shen Hezhi pulled the person to go there.

    "Xiao Chu, this is your red envelope." He Zhu handed over the red paper bag: "I have eaten enough for this dinner, I am too lazy to invite any more, so I just give the money directly, ha, Spend what you want to do."

    Chu Qianze took the red paper bag and weighed it, it was not light! "Thank you Director He, you are so real."


    Seeing that He Ran wanted to talk about acting again, Shen Hezhi spread his hands: "Where is my red envelope?"

    The originally brewing emotions were interrupted, He Tan couldn't help rolling his eyes, "What's the hurry, this is yours!"

     Taking the red envelope, Shen Hezhi put it directly in his pocket: "Thank you, Director He."

    "No thanks, just don't talk." He Zhu put his eyes on Chu Qianze: "Little Chu, if you have an idea, call me and let me know."

    "Okay, thank you Director He." Chu Qianze responded.

    We chatted a few more words, and gave the closing remarks. The crew ended work and everyone went home.

    Chu Qianze walked back, remembering how positive He Ran announced the end, he couldn't help laughing: "He Dao's painting style is really different, straightforward."

    Shen Hezhi agrees with this point, "He does things in a hurry and is very straightforward."

    Walking, Shen Hezhi seemed unintentional: "What's your plan next?"

    Chu Qianze thought for a while, "Sleep and rest."

    "Then how about going somewhere with me before that?" Shen Hezhi walked two steps to Chu Qianze and turned to face him.

    "Okay, I am very happy." Chu Qianze said.

    "Follow me." He took Chu Qianze's hand, opened the car door, and dragged him into the car.

    Chu Qianze was pushed to sit on the seat, the seat belt was automatically buckled, and then there was the sound of the motor starting, and the street scene that quickly retreated.

    Glancing at the person next to her, Chu Qianze thought for a moment but remained silent, waiting for the other person to reveal the secret.

    "Why don't you ask about the situation?" Shen Hezhi took the initiative to speak.

    "Um, where are you taking me?" I thought I didn't want to ask.

    "Secret," Shen Hezhi put his index finger on his lips with a slightly sly expression, "You will know when you get there."

    So you won't say anything if you ask. Chu Qianze snorted, resting his palm on his chin, and looked at Shen Hezhi like that.

    Shen Hezhi felt this gaze, and was stared at and almost confessed, but he managed to control it with years of willpower.


    This... just as he was about to say his words, the broadcast prompted to reach the destination, pay attention to the parking position.

    Shen Hezhi hurriedly closed his mouth and coughed softly: "We're there, let's get off."

    Looking at the opened car door, Chu Qianze glanced at him, stepped out, and saw a huge logo.

    Shen Hezhi came out, let the car automatically enter the parking space, and took the people out.

     Walking into the building, the two took the elevator upstairs and came to a jewelry store.

    "The ring I ordered before was said to be ready." Shen Hezhi said to the waiter.

    "Please show your ID," said the waiter.

    Shen Hezhi opened his brain and showed the proof.

    "Please wait a moment." Seeing the proof clearly, the waiter walked back with a smile on his face, and when he came out, he was holding a tray with two small boxes with exquisite workmanship on it.

    After placing the tray on the table, the waiter turned and left, leaving space for two.

    Chu Qianze watched Shen Hezhi pick up the box, open it, and put it in front of him.

    "Would you like to wear this?" Shen Hezhi adjusted his voice to make himself appear more natural.


    "Be the first?" Shen Hezhi realized something, looked at Chu Qianze's pocket, and quickly put the ring on the other's ring finger.

    "This is mine first." You can't rob.

    Listening to the other party's subtext clearly, Chu Qianze nodded helplessly: "Okay, don't rob."

    While speaking, he opened another box and put the ring on Shen Hezhi.

    "How do you know my finger size?"

    Shen Hezhi hesitated, "Measure by hand."

    No wonder I always hold hands from time to time and like to stare at my hands in a daze.

    Chu Qianze touched his pocket and took out something, it was a necklace.

    Shen Hezhi took it over and glanced at it. On it was a pendant with a badge pattern, which was a symbol of Chu Qianze's glory and a unique design.

    In an instant, what Hu Jia said before, he wanted to propose marriage with a badge, resounded in his mind.

    Romantic as a man...and so on.

    "I don't know where I got it before, so I asked the system to make a copy of it according to my memory. It looks quite similar." Chu Qianze took his hand back and kicked it into his pocket. Randomly.

    "At the small stall next to these memorial halls, one for twenty yuan and two for thirty yuan." Shen Hezhi put the necklace around his neck.


    Chu Qianze narrowed his eyes.


    "That must be different from mine."

    Chu Qianze was not convinced, "I carved this according to memory, and I also conducted a review and comparison, which directly achieves the effect of mixing the fake with the real. Those street stall goods can be compared with..." This comparison ?

    Before he finished speaking, he was sealed by Shen Hezhi's lips, and the two were entangled.

    After the kiss, Shen He's fingers rubbed the necklace, and felt that he liked everything.

    "I'll take good care of it," he promised.


    "According to the process, are you going on vacation next?"

    Chu Qianze suddenly understood what the big screen said, maybe he would change his mind.

    "Of course I'm very happy, there are many very interesting attractions in this world, we can all go to play." Shen Hezhi opened his brain and began to navigate various tourist destination recommendations.

    "Have you all played?" Chu Qianze raised his eyes and asked with some questions.

    "Part of it, I sometimes travel to various places for a while in order to find the feeling of acting."

    "In this case," Chu Qianze expressed his understanding, "then let's go to another place first."

    "Small system, can you contact the big screen and tell it that I agree to take over."

    [That's Master Brain. 】System correction wording.

     "Okay, please contact your master." Chu Qianze changed his words.

    "Wait," Shen Hezhi grabbed Chu Qianze's arm and asked, "What's the situation?"

    "Take you on vacation." As soon as Chu Qianze finished speaking, the surrounding environment jumped to the void space, and the main brain was standing on the mechanical support.

    "Yo, long time no see~" He waved his hand as a greeting.

    [Long time no see. 】

    【Congratulations on keeping the clouds open. 】These words were addressed to Shen Hezhi.

    Shen Hezhi's face was as usual, but his body was secretly tense, "Thank you."

    [No need to be vigilant, according to calculations, the profit of cooperating with you is greater. 】

    "It's a straightforward conversation," Chu Qianze laughed, came to the main head, reached out and knocked on the bracket, "How about it, are you still used to it?"

    【Amazing design. 】

    【You agree to be my heir? 】

    "Yeah, after all, you have helped me a lot." Chu Qianze put his arm on Shen Hezhi's shoulder, lying on top of him. "I also gave a task reminder or something."

    [The products of Shen Hezhi's subconscious, I just materialized them into tasks. 】

    Hearing this, Shen Hezhi's eyes froze, suddenly remembering something, his knuckles brushed the tip of his nose, looking a little embarrassed.

    [Some are the wishes of the original owner of your borrowed identity, and some are the wishes of Shen Hezhi. Of course, the world also needs a complete emotional line, which can be regarded as taking advantage of the trend. 】


    [Sign the contract. 】

     A scroll appeared in front of him, with various clauses densely written on it.

    Chu Qianze took a look at his rights, obligations and responsibilities after breach of contract, and determined that they were all within a reasonable range. "How about it, can I sign it?"

    Shen Hezhi took it over, but started from the first item seriously.

     】The main brain's mood fluctuated a little, but he was a little helpless.

    "There are not many people who have been tricked by you, I am one."

    Shen Hezhi's speech skills, one eye and ten lines, converge the content and analyze it in his mind.

    [It was a small accident...] Guangnao's tone was a little weak.

    [There will always be black swan events. 】

    "I have some doubts here." Shen Hezhi pointed to a clause and raised his opinion.

    [Can be changed. 】The master agreed readily.

    One person and one master chatted seriously, Chu Qianze transformed into a sofa and moved it to Shen Hezhi, paralyzed up and took the person into his arms by the way.

    Shen Hezhi paused slightly, glanced at Chu Qianze, but let him do what he did.

    [...Any questions? 】

    "okok, no problem." Chu Qianze wrote his name and pressed his handprint. "According to the above, I can take him with me, right?"

    [Yes. 】

    "Congratulations, I can finally retire." Looking at the contract branded on his wrist, Chu Qianze said directly.

    [Happy. 】

    Taking off such a big burden, the main brain suddenly felt relaxed, as if the data cleaning was completed. 【I wish you a happy honeymoon. 】

    Then disappeared.

    Chu Qianze raised his finger slightly, and suddenly windows appeared in the air, which were the passages of various worlds. "Where do you want to play?"

    Looking at the ancient world, and at the western fantasy world, Shen Hezhi was rarely in a tangle.

    "Then let's draw lots." Chu Qianze suggested.

    Looking at the window that appeared in front of him, Chu Qianze looked at the person next to him for advice.

    Shen Hezhi nodded, saying yes.


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