Novel info
Realistic Mary Sue
Author: 吕天逸
Alternative names:写实派玛丽苏

Realistic Mary Sue

The protagonist is the editor of a women’s literature website.

Because of his straightforwardness, he has offended many authors of Mary Sue novels who want to sign.

“Sorry, your writing is exaggerated, and has not yet reached the signing standard.”

“Sorry, the plot of your work lacks logic and has not yet reached the contracting standard.”

The resentment of the rejected authors of Mary Sue novels gathered to bring the protagonist to the world of Mary Sue’s novels.

This is not the worst. The worst thing is that these authors’ exaggerated and terrible descriptions were faithfully restored by the novel world.

The protagonist rushes to the speed of a hundred meters every morning, looking for a toilet in a huge villa with an area of 100,000 square meters.

The protagonist did not dare to shed tears, and even dared not yawn hard, because the tears in the book were all diamonds, and the eyes would be embarrassed when he cried.

When the protagonist is happy, rose flowers float on top of his head. When he is not happy, cherry blossoms fall on his head. The protagonist resolutely shaved himself, but set the overbearing, and the hair grew out after ten seconds.

The protagonist’s father recharges the bus card of the protagonist every time for 10 million yuan. The protagonist wants his father to buy him a Ferrari. His father kindly refuses because the author did not write it.

The worst thing is that the protagonist has been engaged to Murong, the son of the world’s largest consortium. Murong is from a mixed country of eighteen countries. He is one year older than the protagonist. He claims that when he was a month old, he fell in love with the protagonist who was still a fertilized egg. Every time the protagonist sees him, he wants to beat him out, but he still has to be soft in Murong’s arms to follow the plot.

This is actually a Mary Sue novel with an anti-Mary Sue coat…


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