Novel info
Rebirth in Hengdian
Author: YanYanXiaRi
Alternative names:重生在横店
Genre: Josei, Romance

Rebirth in Hengdian

In her previous life, Li Zixi lived in a film and television city and even played various small roles. In this life, she woke up and found herself becoming a senior student in film school.

From then on, the promotion of a supporting actress to heroine. On the way, she picked up a valuable loyal dog.

In one reality program, the program asks the guests to make a random call with their mobile phone. When Li Zixi’s turn arrived, someone called.

Property Management: “Is it Miss Li? Mr. Ye upstairs wants to complain about you, he says you threw his clothes out the door.”

Li Zixi didn’t have time to speak and only listened to another male voice through the phone.

Someone: “You tell her to come back quickly. If she doesn’t come now, I will post our relationship on Weibo! Hmmm… wait a minute, when you speak, have a better attitude towards her.”

Li Zixi: …


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