Rebirth: National Crown Prince

Chapter 731 Final side story

   Chapter 731 Final Extra Story

   Seven years later.

   "Father, I think you are very suitable for dying alone." The five-year-old girl's eyes were cold, and she was completely carved out of the same mold as Wan Yihan.

  Wan Yihan pinched his brows and eyes, only to feel pain in his heart, what kind of sin did he do in his previous life, with such a daughter.

   Ren Wanwan sneered: "You deserve it."

  Wan Yihan said helplessly: "Okay, I deserve it, I'm wrong, I shouldn't be angry with you."

   Ren Wanwan glanced at him and snorted coldly: "Since I married you, you have to take care of me in everything, which is too domineering."

  Wan Yihan frowned, he didn't quite understand: "Is there any?"

   Seeing Wan Yihan's appearance, Ren Wanwan became even more angry, she said yin and yang strangely, "Isn't there any?"

   "Whenever I go out, you have to find someone to follow me. You know who I have met and talked to, and I have no personal space at all!"

  The daughter's name is Wan Lin. She glanced at her mother and said to her father, "Father, you shouldn't care about your mother, she is an independent personality."

   Ren Wanwan smiled suddenly, she pinched the little guy's cheek: "It's still my baby who knows that it hurts me."

Wan Yihan glanced at Wan Lin nonchalantly. As for his daughter, since she was born, their father and daughter have been at odds with each other, just because they have the same domineering personality and the same possessiveness, it can be said, Most people who are infected with the blood of tens of thousands of families are monsters. His father is, his brother is, and his niece is also, including him.

  Wan Yihan has never been a good person. He is a monster. Compared with his father and elder brother, he is just more restrained, because smart monsters never show their original appearance to others.

   So, this daughter of his seems to be too tender in his eyes.

   "Okay, I don't care about you." Wan Yihan said casually.

   "Really?" Ren Wanwan looked at him in disbelief.

  Wan Yi nodded coldly, "Well, I will do what I say."

   "That's what you said." Ren Wanwan said vigilantly, "Next time if you care about me, I'll run away from home."

"Will not."

   will not give you that chance.

   Wan Yihan's eyes deepened.

  Wan Lin sneered in her heart, no wonder her mother was eaten to death by her father, just because prey can only be prey, and hunters have always had the patience to wait for prey.


  Wan Lin's tombstone and Bai Fengqing's tombstone are next to each other.

   Every year when Wan Lin and Bai Fengqing celebrate their funerals, the three members of Wan Yihan's family will come to the cemetery to worship Wan Lin and the others.

  Wanlin can't be idle and likes to run around.

   In previous years, when worshipping, the entire cemetery was empty and almost no one could be seen, but Wan Lin saw a black car drive into the cemetery.

   The vehicle looks low-key and luxurious. Although Wan Lin can't tell what brand it is, it is estimated that the person in the car should be a rich man.

   After a while, Wan Lin saw the car door open.

Immediately, she saw a man wearing black sunglasses walking out. The man wore a wolf's tail and had several black ear studs on his ears. In the sunlight, the ear studs shone brightly. He was wearing a white T-shirt and black trousers. , I saw several large black skulls printed on the white T-shirt.

   "Mother." A soft and waxy voice sounded.

   "Give you flowers."

The speaker was a five-year-old, a little boy. He had fox eyes, round eyes, dark pupils, and extremely white skin. It was handed to the mother.

  The man took the flowers, and she took off her sunglasses, revealing a pair of fox eyes that resembled the little boy.

   "Thank you, Mozer."

   Moze is a little gentleman, he smiled slightly and curved the corners of his mouth: "You're welcome."

   "Let's go." A voice clear as ice sounded.

  Wan Lin saw another man walking out of the car. The man was in a suit and leather shoes. He looked extremely handsome and good-looking.

   "Mother, do you think grandpa will like me?"

   This is the first time Mo Ze went to see his grandfather.

  Wan Zexi smiled: "Mo Ze is so good, Grandpa will definitely like it."


   "Really." Wan Zexi patted his little head: "If he doesn't like you, go and tell your grandma."

   "But will Grandma hear me when I'm underground?"

   "Yes." Her voice was soft.

  Mo Yu suddenly said, "Axi, your uncle."

   Hearing this, Wan Zexi raised her eyes and looked over, and sure enough, in front of her parents' tombstones, they saw Wan Yihan and Ren Wanwan.

   in front of the tombstone.

  Wan Yihan looked at the photo of his brother on the tombstone with complicated eyes.

   In fact, he always wanted to ask his brother a sentence: "Is it worth it? I was willing to sacrifice my entire life for a woman."

   But until now, he gradually understood why his brother was so relentless in the first place.

  If Ren Wanwan left suddenly like his sister-in-law one day, he thought, his approach would not be any better than his brother.

   can only say that the word love is something that the world can never guess and understand.

   "Do you want to go there?" Mo Yu asked.

  Wan Zexi shook his head and said, "No need, let's go over when they leave, or we'll have to toss for a while."

   Although Mo Ze was curious, he was very well behaved and did not speak.

"who are you?"

  Wan Lin saw their family of three standing there, but couldn't get past, and she also saw that the place their eyes were looking at was exactly where her parents were, and she suddenly became vigilant in her heart.

   A family of three looked over at the same time, and the one who came into sight was a little girl who was quite beautiful.

   Looking at the little girl's stern face, Wan Zexi found it very funny, she put her index finger to her lips, "Don't be nervous, we are not bad people."

   "Why should I trust you?" Wan Lin snorted coldly, her face full of disdain.

   "Your father's name is Wan Yihan, right?"

   The cold and arrogant look of the little girl was carved out of the same mold as her uncle.

"what do you want to say in the end?"

  Wan Zexi is helpless, why is this girl so defensive, and how did her uncle teach her.

   Mo Ze frowned. Although he didn't like someone's attitude towards his mother, he still said in a good voice, "My mother is not a bad person, she just came to show me my grandfather."

   "Mother?" Wan Lin's face was a little weird: "Isn't he a man?"

   "Wan Lin!"

   is Ren Wanwan's cry.

  Wan Zexi breathed a sigh of relief: "Your mother is calling you, go back quickly!"

   Wan Lin thought, what a strange person.

   "Come." Wan Lin responded and ran over.

   They all got into the car and left.

  Wan Zexi and the others came to the tombstone.

   Look at the photo on the tombstone.

  Wan Zexi bent down and placed the flower in his hand in front of the tombstone.

  The atmosphere was silent for two seconds.

She said slowly: "Actually, I don't hate you, I've never hated you, I just blame you, why are you unwilling to give me even a little bit of affection, but I also understand that people in the Wan family are born with paranoia and infatuation , no one is an exception, grandpa is, you are, uncle is, including me."

  Xiao Hei told her seven years ago that after his wife originally died, Master Wan Lin should have wanted to follow him immediately, but the old master appeared in time to stop him.

  Grandpa said, it's okay to die for love, but at least you have to bring up the child, and you can't let her be born without her mother and father.

   In the end, Wan Lin was forced to agree.

   Xiao Hei also said that in fact, Master Wan Lin has always had you in his heart.

I remember one time, young master, you were bullied by your classmates and scolded by your teacher. After Master Wan Lin found out about it, although he didn’t see anything on the surface, he went to the principal behind your back in the end. He planned to Do the billing for you yourself.

  Master Wan Lin had a saying at that time, which I still remember to this day.

  Master Wan Lin said - "My son of Wan Lin, you are also worthy of bullying?"

   This sentence has been completely imprinted in Wan Zexi's heart until now.

  Wan Zexi came back to her senses. She looked at the handsome man in the photo, her brows and eyes gradually softened, and a smile was drawn at the corners of her mouth.

  Wan Lin, please allow me to call you father again.

  Father, if you have a next life, I hope you can find her mother again.

   "Grandpa." Mo Ze shouted softly, "My name is Mo Ze, I'm the one from Wan Zexi, you can call me Ozawa."

   He looked at the two photos on the tombstone, a handsome and ruthless man, and a gentle and beautiful woman, thinking to himself, grandma and grandpa are really a good match, just like his parents.

   When I go back.

   "Mo Yu."


"That girl Wan Ling called me yesterday to tell me that she plans to marry her master next month." Wan Zexi pursed her lips and smiled, her eyes were bright, and she said, "So I have to prepare in advance. Good congratulations, after all, I haven't seen this girl for a long time."

   "Well." Mo Yu looked at Wan Zexi, with a touch of softness hidden in his eyes, only to see him nodded slightly, and said softly, "We'll go with you."

  Wan Zexi smiled: "Okay."

   is over.

  The story of the Crown Prince ends here. Thank you for your company along the way. It is not easy to write here. I have stumbled along the way, there are joys and sorrows, but fortunately, you are with me.

   I don’t plan to use this account to write the new book. When I release the new book, I will notify the little cuties in the group.

   To be honest, I want to write an abusive article in the next book.

  Dark Shuangjiang's book has been abandoned due to special circumstances, and I don't plan to write it anymore. I don't need to read it, that's all.

  Goodbye Prince, goodbye Mo Yu.

   We are destined to meet again.

   (end of this chapter)

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