Rebirth of the Entrepreneurship Era

v2 Chapter 416 Existence against the sky

Xu Yiyang's stock is indeed still losing money.

That night, Nvidia's share price rose slightly, and the closing price was $29.4.

Xu Yiyang's current stock market value is 545 million, and it has returned 9 million, and still has a loss of 15 million.

Then it was a weekend.

On Saturday, Xu Yiyang paid out of his pocket and took everyone to the Ocean Park, and then went to Victoria Harbour to take a cruise to watch the night view and go to the hotel for food.

After Chen Wei's incident, Xu Yiyang told his classmates that his father had paid himself hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong dollars, so he took the money and took everyone to have fun in Hong Kong.

Everyone was amazed at the high compensation that Xu Yiyang received, but they didn't know that this was actually only one percent of Chen Ziqiang's compensation.

Xu Yiyang and everyone Changwan's performance is not visible at all. They are someone who just lost 15 million US dollars in the stock market.

While he was celebrating the weekend with everyone, the debate between him and Eric Chou was still fermenting, and it had spread to the mainland.

Many television stations in the mainland reported this news.

Even CCTV is reporting on this debate among college students, not to mention other TV media.

Xu Yiyang's tongue-in-cheek fight with Eric Chou has excellent eloquence, clear logic, and thorough analysis.

Coupled with the facts and reasoning all the time, it caused an explosive effect in the mainland.

As a result, Xu Yiyang suddenly became a national star, and once again became the object of national attention...

Countless young people are almost enthusiastic after watching his video, all of them are hoping to learn English well, and in the future, like him, will win glory for the mainland and even for the country.

His celebrity effect has greatly surpassed Han Han, who had just created influence before.

China Overseas has a deep fryer.

The principal stayed up all night in excitement.

The teachers, students and leaders of China Overseas are more involved in watching Xu Yiyang's video than watching the Olympics.

Not only China Overseas, but almost all college students across the country have become Xu Yiyang fans.

Combined with Xu Yiyang's previous work of fighting fires, donating money, and establishing self-service fire stations, he has almost become the most famous youth in the country.

Even, many people are in their hearts to question the soul of "the same nine meanings, He Ruxiu".

Yingzhou is also fried.

In Yingzhou, Xu Yiyang has long been a celebrity.

When everyone saw his news report at the Hong Kong University exchange meeting, they admired him even more.

Many elementary and middle school students who have attended classes at Jiayang Education, or are currently taking classes, are extremely proud and inspired.

Even the headquarters of Jiayang Education in Yingzhou, as well as its branches in various regions have been smashed.

Countless parents are scrambling to register for their children, but now, any branch of Jiayang Education does not have any extra places.

Xu Yiyang didn't know how far this matter has fermented in the Mainland.

There are not many people who know his Hong Kong temporary mobile phone number. He listened to his parents and sisters saying that he was on TV again, and they were very proud of themselves.

More, he doesn't know much.

In fact, for Xu Yiyang, this incident was just a small episode.

Moreover, he is only passively countering, not deliberately trying to deal with anyone.

Therefore, it passed and passed, and he didn't think about it anymore.

He is thinking about one thing now, Nvidia, when will your two-way Titan's strength be brought into play?

The buddies are waiting anxiously.


After the weekend, on Monday, March 6, 2000, US stocks opened again.

Nvidia withered for a day, closing price 29.25, Xu Yiyang lost more than 2 million.

The total loss now is more than 17 million.

For several days in a row, Xu Yiyang was a little confused. What was going on?

Shouldn't Nvidia go up like a two-way Titan?

Could it be that the time has not come yet?

However, he did not panic at all.

In the last life, I have studied the Internet bubble with my mentor, and the most researched one is Nvidia!

So Xu Yiyang has full confidence.

When he was already popular in the mainland, on March 7th, Nvidia's two-way Titan finally began to show off.

How did you show off?

As soon as the stock opened, it went straight to $37.5! At the highest time, it rushed all the way to 43.5 dollars!

Xu Yiyang stayed up all night and looked stupid.

At the close of the market, the stock price fell back from its peak, staying at $41.6, but even so, the single-day stock price increase reached an astonishing 42.41%...

The total market value of Xu Yiyang’s stocks soared to 772 million U.S. dollars, earning 210 million U.S. dollars...

Xu Yiyang finally breathed a sigh of relief, NVIDIA's anti-sky market is about to begin!

210 million dollars! The rounding is almost 2 billion RMB!

Moreover, this is cash that can be cashed at any time!

I really want to thank the second son of the Li family!

If he hadn't sent him $276 million in ammunition in time, he could only watch the market pass by and couldn't catch it.

However, Xu Yiyang also admired him, and he actually flicked Li Zekai and accepted his suggestion to mortgage his shares!

The US stock market closed in the early morning of March 8th in Hong Kong. Xu Yiyang slept for a few hours without falling asleep, and his excited mouth was grinning behind his ears.

Xu Yiyang was always in a daze when he went to class at Hong Kong University.

Shen Lele asked him what was wrong, and he said that he had a dream and that he had made 200 million US dollars.

After hearing this, Shen Lele shook his head and said that he was crazy about money.

Then, Shen Lele said: "My mother told me that you are now a star, and many schools have issued the slogan of learning Xu Yiyang, leading students to learn English actively."

Xu Yiyang asked in surprise: "Is there anything else?"

Shen Lele looked at him like an idiot: "Don't you know you have been on CCTV? And you have been on CCTV several times."

After that, she smacked her lips and said, "My mother said, "You finished lunch in the morning, afternoon in the morning, in the evening after noon, and in the evening after the evening. A lot of experts and scholars who didn't know where came out to praise you," Oh my god, I'm almost going to heaven to praise you."

"Fuck..." Xu Yiyang asked in surprise: "Is there such a big influence?"

Ning Ruolin came over and interjected: "Xu Yiyang, your influence is not really that big now, but very big..."

As he said, the beautiful eyes glowed with radiance, turning around Xu Yiyang.

"Okay..." Xu Yiyang scratched his head: "I really didn't want to be famous by this..."

Xu Yiyang actually doesn't want to be famous all over the country.

What he thinks now is don't get paid attention and make a fortune in silence. If too much attention is paid, many secrets cannot be hidden.

He also didn't expect that he would be able to pretend to be this way when he pretended to be forced in Hong Kong University.

Therefore, he now particularly hopes that reports on this debate in the Mainland can stop as soon as possible, and the related enthusiasm can be immediately reduced.

However, the truth is that he thinks too much.

The proud Yingzhou TV station once again took out the video of Xu Yiyang's translation for the German Lauter, and also reported it to CCTV.

Also reported to CCTV is Xu Yiyang's Jiayang Education.

In order to let the people of the whole country know how powerful Xu Yiyang, a genius who came out of Yingzhou, is, Yingzhou TV has made a special feature for Jiayang Education.

They not only interviewed many students and parents of Jiayang Education in Yingzhou, but even traveled all over Qilu, ran all the cities, interviewing students and parents of Jiayang Education and Jiayang Education everywhere.

Jiayang Education itself has an excellent reputation in Qilu. It is the conscience of the training industry because of its low price, superior environment, all-out teaching, high teaching quality, and good teaching attitude.

And the point is that Xu Yiyang did it all by himself!

After CCTV saw these materials, Xu Yiyang became even more shocked.

It turns out that this kid is so powerful, there are traces to follow!

As early as this time last year, they were already on the bank of the Yellow River, and they were already talking to foreign guests!

They even set up a large-scale training center themselves!

The seventeen Jiayang Education branches throughout Qilu are incredibly large!

Even in a first-tier city, it is an extremely successful entrepreneurial case, not to mention that it grew out of a very small city, and it was started by an 18-year-old guy!

It seems that Xu Yiyang's ability to fight back the blind and arrogant Eric Chou in Hong Kong University has a clear growth trajectory.

Therefore, CCTV immediately made a series of news about how the genius grew, and continued to report in depth.

And with the in-depth report of CCTV, the video of "English genius" Xu Yiyang, translating to foreign guests during the winter vacation of the third year of high school, has been popular all over the country...

With him, there is Jiayang Education, which he founded by himself.

The reporter interviewed the principals, teachers, and parents of Yingzhou No. 1 Middle School, and captured the full trajectory of Xu Yiyang's Jiayang education and the rise of UU reading in Yingzhou.

In the beginning, it was Yingzhou No. 1 High School who lent the audio-visual classroom to Xu Yiyang and set up an English training class;

Immediately afterwards, Xu Yiyang rented the Children's Palace and established Jiayang Education;

Then, Jiayang Education went out of Yingzhou and opened two branches in two surrounding cities;

In the future, Jiayang Education entered the two big cities of Quancheng and Qingdao, and entered more Qilu cities, eventually spreading across the province.

It's really a step by step, very solid.

What's interesting is that Xu Yiyang's Tusky costume was also exposed to the people of the whole country because of this media exposure.

CCTV is very interested in these cute, humorous, and full of cartoon image costumes that are spurred by learning. After a careful understanding, it turns out that these are original cartoon images created by Xu Yiyang.

Even Xu Yiyang bought a clothing factory specifically to produce Tusky clothing.

Later, CCTV reporters came to Guancheng Garment and interviewed Li Xuan’s father, Factory Manager Li. After learning that it was Xu Yiyang’s investment that brought the garment factory that was on the verge of bankruptcy back to life, its scale was getting bigger and bigger, and it solved the problem of a large number of laid-off workers. After the employment problem, CCTV followed suit and found a training course for technicians invested by Guancheng Garment...

Guancheng Garment Co., Ltd. paid for its own money, effort, personnel, and equipment. It organized such a training course for technicians, training a large number of garment workers, half of them digested by themselves, and half of them were transported to the southern garment industry concentrated areas for employment. This approach and the whole set of operating concepts , It stunned CCTV reporters.

No one can believe that such a large, healthy and socially responsible industrial chain was all developed by Xu Yiyang before he went to university...

This young man is simply an existence against the sky!

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