Reborn Beautiful Mage

Chapter 477

The white ice raccoon dog doesn't know that the magic elements of Tianshu need the power of the Lord.

So when the white ice raccoon dog opens the eternal tower to inherit the throne of Thor, the white ice raccoon dog almost feels that something is tearing her soul madly.

The pain is not tolerable at all!

And, you can't faint. White ice raccoon dog can almost clearly see that the power of Thor wakes up in her body, but soon, that power is engulfed by another endless black hole and taken away from her body!

The two forces are now leveling off.

But the white ice raccoon dog is also very clear that the power of the LORD God is not endless. If the power sealed in the seal of Thor is exhausted, the black hole will begin to devour the life of the white ice raccoon dog.

White ice raccoon dog how all did not expect to inherit the throne of Lord God will bear such pain.

At the same time, the white ice raccoon dog did not forget the verbs and nouns to greet the eighteen generations of her ancestors who wanted to pass the thunder god to her.

If it wasn't for the wrong time, the raccoon dog even wanted to drop two drops of golden peas to show her little daughter's delicacy.

Inside the eternal tower, it symbolizes the statue of Thor and lights up a cluster of life light at the same time.

Divine world, recovery!

And thousands of miles away, blue sea, Ocean City

At the same time, a jet of black light roared out of the Holy Spirit, just like a vigorous black dragon breaking the chain and hovering between heaven and earth.

The black dragon only stopped in the air for a moment, then suddenly turned its direction. The big mouth like a blood basin suddenly opened, and the black light column immediately fell on haimingzhu and swallowed it up.

The long blue hair has been dyed into ink, and the pupil of blue has been opened again, which has become the most beautiful red gem.

The laughter of haimingzhu resounds in the blue sea.

Everyone understood at this moment.

The broken border, the recovery of the divine world, the awakening of the blood demon king, and the white ice raccoon dog, safe and sound!

The six people headed by yelangshan all know very well that if only the white ice raccoon dog inherits the throne of God, even if it is the main God, the white ice raccoon dog can not afford to support Tianshu, which has been dry for nearly 100000 years.

Therefore, the light of life of the eternal tarneri just lit up, and the other six main statues lit up almost at the same time.

The black hole tearing the vitality of the raccoon dog gradually dissipated.

See white ice raccoon dog's clothes are soaked with sweat, although seven kill don't know what just happened, but it's not difficult to guess that white ice raccoon dog actually walked around in front of the gate of death.

"Are you all right?" Seven kill looks at the white ice raccoon dog.

Now that an agreement has been reached, Qisha naturally doesn't want to have an accident with the white ice raccoon dog.

Otherwise, even if haimingzhu is willing to give up, the other six gods will not let the demons go.

White ice raccoon dog can recognize the concern of seven kill words, smile and shake his head to seven kill, "to tell you the truth, I'm very bad! But I'm not hypocritical. Just leave me a life. "

Seven kill can't help laughing.

In this case, the white ice raccoon dog is still in the mood to talk and laugh.


Because of the awakening of the seven main gods, even if Hai Mingzhu takes back the sealed power of the blood demon king, the attack of the demons will have to stop temporarily, because Hai Mingzhu has received a message from Kun Peng.

White ice raccoon dog only brought a word to Hai Mingzhu, your sister is in my hand!

After returning to Tianshu from the divine world, the raccoon dog did not rush to the battlefield of Ocean City, but went to bailicheng.

Because the earth God is in Baili city.

As for the enmity between gods and demons, as well as the bargaining chips, white ice raccoon needs to negotiate with earth God and Baili Langyue.

Then, as expected, Hai Mingzhu withdrew his troops according to the requirements of the raccoon dog.

In addition, Hai Mingzhu, as the Lord of the demon world, promised that in his lifetime, he would never invade the divine world and Tianshu.

White ice raccoon dog also released seven kill as agreed.

Later, Bai Bing recalled the negotiation between her and Hai Mingzhu.

Because it was so smooth, the white ice raccoon dog had to doubt that the reason why Hai Mingzhu did not hesitate to use more power to search for a soul from another world to be reborn in Tianshu was that his original purpose was to hope that someone could help him quell the war between gods and demons.

Haimingzhu is not stupid. When she learned that the divine world is not suitable for the survival of the demons, haimingzhu had the idea of ending the war.

But after all, the demons kill thousands of Protoss.

The two realms of gods and demons have become irresistible, even to the point of immortality.

Even at that time, some people raised the idea of a truce. Not only haimingzhu didn't believe that the divine world would let the demons go, but also the earth God didn't believe haimingzhu was willing to give up.

So haimingzhu needs an outsider.

A person who can look at the war of gods and demons from the perspective of nothing to do with himself.

Only such people can judge current affairs from the most fair angle, and then persuade the gods and Demons not to go on fighting.Of course, these ideas are just white ice Raccoon's guess. White ice raccoon didn't check with Hai Mingzhu, because it's no longer necessary.

Then, white ice raccoon dog and yelanshan, because they are not familiar with the business of the divine world, give the earth God all the things that thunder god and Fire God should have undertaken.

Every time the raccoon dog sees the earth God holding a small hand like a baby, the raccoon dog always feels that the world is too crazy.

The white ice raccoon dog and the night Langshan did not settle in the divine world, because the white ice raccoon dog was pregnant.

Ji Wanqing and Nalan Yunqing have been waiting in the belly of white ice raccoon dog for several years. Naturally, they don't want white ice raccoon dog and ye Langshan to leave.

Ye Lanshan has always been a black sheep, so when she learned that the raccoon dog was pregnant, ye Lanshan ordered all the industries under the name of Ye family to put down their business and produce fireworks in large quantities.

Yelangshan really named his son Yebai.

On the day of the white full moon, the waning night also fulfilled its wish, and every street in Tianshu mainland was filled with fireworks.

The fireworks all over the sky block out the sun, and the beauty only makes people feel that the night is burning money

Then, the white ice raccoon dog only said, "the night is waning, you are such a loser, do your family know?"

In fact, the daughter who is not satisfied with the night is not satisfied with the night.

So, when Yebai nests in front of the white ice raccoon dog's chest and Baji is eating the welfare that belongs to him, yelanshan almost uses throwing to pull Yebai out of the white ice raccoon dog's arms and give it back to the nurse!

Because ye Lanshan dislikes her son's gender, not long after ye Bai's full moon, ye Lanshan begins her tireless human making campaign with the white ice raccoon dog.

The white ice raccoon dog became pregnant again and gave birth to a daughter.

Yelanshan really dotes on his daughter.

To say how much she dotes on her daughter, Bai Bing raccoon dog thinks that people say her daughter is her mother's little cotton padded jacket, while Ye Lan Shan obviously keeps her an army coat!

As the night goes on, white ice raccoon dog thinks that her baby daughter, only seven or eight years old, can embark on a long way to lose weight.

The children of raccoon dog and waning night can be regarded as the most noble existence in the world.

The night family has money. The white ice racoon dog is the princess of Tianshuang. The hundred Li family has an army. The white ice racoon dog and the night Langshan are the main gods.

So the white ice raccoon dog and the children at night are really a combination of the rich second generation, the official second generation, the Army second generation and the God second generation!

After the day is finally stable, the white ice raccoon dog has done a small tangled thing for her.

Life and death human flesh white bone!

The white ice raccoon dog has a black coral in its hand, but there are two people who want to revive the white ice raccoon dog.

Later, white ice raccoon dog once learned from Huo Li that it was Nalan Wenbin who controlled Charles to pretend to be the God of light in Guangming city.

Because Nalan Wenbin is suspicious, he thinks that although the white ice raccoon dog has been cursed for two lives, he has not lost his memory.

So Nalan Wenbin pretends to be the God of light and talks from the mouth of the white ice raccoon dog. In fact, as Nalan Wenbin guessed, the white ice raccoon dog has no amnesia.

So Nalan Wenbin died with Charles without any defense.

That bet, Nalan Wenbin lost, white ice raccoon since no amnesia, he is willing to give this life back to white ice raccoon.

Of course, this is only one side of the story, and there is another, more important reason why Nalan Wenbin was able to die calmly.

Nalan Wenbin really can't stand it. The hand on the shoulder of the white ice raccoon dog doesn't belong to him.

Instead of watching the white ice raccoon dog with other men, Nalan Wenbin is really willing to die.

Also from this aspect, the white ice raccoon dog revives another person besides Nalan Wenbin.

The man with eyes like the moon and people like the night.

Since the death of Lingzhi night, the night charm has become more and more lonely.

When the divine world revives, the night spirit keeps her statue in the eternal tower all day in a daze, ignoring the things that the dark God should have dealt with.

Nalan Wenbin side, white ice raccoon dog is already in debt, has nothing to do with life and death. Nalanhong has also accepted the news of nalanwenbin's death.

So the white ice raccoon dog doesn't want the night charm to be depressed all the time.

The life of the LORD God is endless. The night spirit should not be like this.

The white ice raccoon dog brings the rebirth Lingzhi night to the divine world.

When the white ice raccoon dog sees the tears overflowing from night charm's eyes because she is too happy, and hears night charm call her father, the white ice raccoon dog thinks her choice is right.

Seeing Ling Zhiye and Yemei holding together, the white ice raccoon dog comically approaches and puts one hand on Ling Zhiye's shoulder. The white ice raccoon dog pretends to sigh, "Alas, her father, since you hung up, her mother has lost her job."

Night charm knows that white ice raccoon dog is teasing himself, pretty cheeks faint a blush.

The white ice raccoon dog was even more amused.

Then, the white ice raccoon dog suddenly had a very evil idea in his heart.Will there be some kind of taboo love between the night charm and Lingzhi night?

White ice raccoon dog thinks she should have a lot of drama to watch.

Before long, Yebai came to find Baibing raccoon dog with his round sister.

Seeing that the raccoon dog has already given birth to a pair of children, Ling Zhiye also raised the feeling of teasing the raccoon dog.

Because his child's mother gave birth to a child, and the child's father, not him!

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