Novel info
Reborn Favorite Star Wife
Author: 雨疏影
Alternative names:重生之明星宠妻
Genre: Josei, Romance

Reborn Favorite Star Wife

In the last life, Jiang Xi, who loves acting, devoted her heart and soul to Yuan Jinchen, and she worked hard for her acting skills, and finally gave up to become a first-line star for him. As a result, the Yuan Jinchen brought another woman to their house, intimate in front of her, so she accidentally fell to the floor and died.

In this life, she re-entered the showbiz circle. Jiang Xi said that she would live for herself. She would not give up her career for the scum. The person who harmed her in the last life stood at a low place to bear her dazzling light. But Star Road is not a thoroughfare, beauty and acting skills are not enough to support her to go on smoothly. She needed a backstage that would give her stability.

“So when you marry me, I’ll be your backstage .” Jiang Xi just blinked and agreed. Jiang Xi, who marries Qin Cheng in a low-key manner, is starry, and occasionally there are a few jumping clowns to make trouble.


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