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Red Rebels
Author: Chen Aiting
Alternative names:红叛军
Genre: Sports

Red Rebels

Murdoch’s acquisition of Manchester United in 1998 will become a reality. A group of young and passionate Red Devils fans will launch a rebellion. They set up a new club to replace Manchester United, which has long been rotten by the capital and does not know when it will be acquired by the big rich.

They set the team’s training ground at Manchester United’s rising Newton Heath; they dyed their jerseys with green and gold lines; they considered themselves the most direct inheritors of the Green Gold Army’s will and the spirit of the Red Devils; they honored themselves Called [Red Rebels]!

Because of the extreme love, I chose to betray!

Xiao Yu is the leader of the Red Rebels, but it is unknown that he is a 2010 traverser. He wants to use everything he knows to lead this group of rebel fanatics from the bottom of the English League. , Running all the way to the Premier League, and finally created a legend in football history that belongs to the fans and belongs to the Red Rebels!

Just to prove a word, even Ferguson admired a sentence that the famous Scottish coach Jokstein once said.

Without fans, football is nothing!


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